23 January 2007

London WC1 Superloo Toilet Empire in the Making

If you derno yet, we malaysia is boasting our self cleaning toilet that charges the desperate user RM1 for every 15 minutes of usage. Claimed to be self cleaning and have very powerfool computer built into the to process the amount of human waste and feces this cubicle cost abour RM400k a piece!

But if you think that is grand enuff ... think again!

Now there is this newly opened Superloo situated in London called WC1 this concept superloo is the result of a frustrated woman when she went looking for a clean toilet during one of her shopping trip.

This is what they are offering inside the WC1 Superloo :

Welcome WC1, the world's first ever multi million-pound ladies only ultra-luxurious powder room, loo and retail retreat, designed and dedicated to providing a first class convenience for discerning women looking to relax, revitalise and indulge.

A revival of the old Victorian powder room concept, this glamorous boutique haven, found on London's Oxford Street, has been created with impeccable cleanliness and the pursuit of beauty in mind.

Now, women of all ages can escape from the hustle and bustle of the UK's busiest high street and enjoy five star facilities and discreet and attentive service in a stunning environment. In addition, products are available for purchase from high end beauty brands such as Aromatherapy Associates as well as WC1's own ‘Rescue' range of emergency products.

Whether shopping, polishing up after work or simply taking five minutes to relax between meetings, WC1 provides all that a woman needs to transform herself from the inside out at any time of day.

Unlike anything ever seen before, this sleek urban sanctuary features a luxurious powder room with deep seating, large mirrors and considerate lighting. Ambient lounge music creates a relaxing atmosphere while fresh flowers add a dash of sweetness to the air. In addition, there are oversized, air-conditioned loo cubicles big enough to comfortably change from a suit to an evening dress. Sterilised and sealed after every visit, each cubicle also comes equipped with soft white towels and premium soaps and hand creams.

The ultimate powder room destination, WC1 celebrates the requirements of women everywhere, providing her with a home from home environment and enabling her to polish and preen to perfection in the way she is naturally accustomed - total, unadulterated luxury!

WC1 costs £5 per visit (with £2 redeemable on product purchases over £10 for a limited period) and is found at 439 - 441 Oxford Street (opposite Selfridges), London W1C 2PW. For further information visit www. wc1.co.uk. Opening hours are from 8am until 9pm from Monday to Saturday and from 12 noon until 6pm on Sunday.

At RM35 (£5) bucks a pop .... it somehow made the RM1 per entry Msia self cleaning toilet looks like a small toy la! KAKAKAKA!!!

Too bad WC1 is only open for women ... i wonder if i pretend to be ahkua will they lemme go in anot?? hmmm ..... it might work you know? You dont belif you ask Ahuei la!! shes claimed to be ori ahkua so she sure knows wan!! LMAO!!!


  1. Anonymous4:50 pm

    wah... 5 pounds a visit.. but then it'll actually work la, cos it's in UK.. if opened in m'sia ar, most probably close 'shop' after a while wan.. where got m'sians wanna pay 35 bucks to enter a toilet.. i for sure won't go lor.. go also go once to try it out only... XD

  2. Anonymous5:22 pm

    WaT ahKua!? I tElL u SeCReT u TeLl pPl!!! =P


    i baru call dem..dey say as long as u got nen nen can masuk ledi..i derno about sumo men la..they got quite huge nens oso!

    huauahhaha :P

  3. Anonymous5:58 pm

    when wanna make one for huei and i? WHAHAHAH

  4. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Wah, when they gonna built a toilet for guys want?

  5. Anonymous8:29 pm

    woi lanjiao, you dont go kutuk my favorite gomen and their super duper cun cun projeck ar ... niama ... ISA you then u tau ...

    its for you own good also ... now people have it, we also have it ma ...

  6. Anonymous9:17 pm

    I don't mind sleep in the WC1 lor.

  7. Anonymous2:38 pm

    makes me want to OR si for weeks to come....


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