13 January 2007

Kukujiao To The Rescue!!!

Johor flooded again today and our Super-kukujiao-man frend gone down south for another rescue mission!! This man is very Noble ... i heard lotsa ho-ha but never see any action from the top gun also! MCH!

If you dint have a clue on what i m toking about, lemme give u a summary la. One day while we were chatting, Earl Ku (his real name) suddenly told me that he will run a campaign within us bloggers & readers see who is willing to donate then we pool all the donation together and then we doonate to the Johor flood victims la.

And as of yesterday he managed to collect close to RM1.6k altogether, he packed his bags, bought lotsa stuffs with the money and head down south with his buddy on 4x4 trucks. This fler dem terror la! not like those top guns ... all tok no action mch! Same place can flood two times wan??!!! MCH!! WTF they doing up there wan??!!!

Kukujiao, I salute lu la!!! kambek in one piece ok?!

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