29 January 2007

Your Monday Life Saver!

Cynthia got an extra ticket she wanna get rid of for the Little Britain Live show in Melbourne. Click HERE for more infos

Hello good mOAning! Its Monday and yea you dont need me to tell you that Monday is the suckiest day of the week right? If you got a doter and you named her Monday ... she will remain dateless for the rest of her life LOL!!! that is how bad Monday is!

Anyway, Today is your Lucky Monday! I got a treat for you guys! Guys only ok? Ok lar prolly Lesbo would like, who knows rite?

Anyway guys ... I found this super chun video and I think it should be Safe For Work (if you are not sure, show it to your boss 1st ok? then see whether he likes it anot. If he likes it then its Work Safe! If your boss is a woman then you are farkED! Well if your boss is really a woman you are seriously farked anyway so maybe you could watch this during lunch time la!)

OK OK ... back to business, Today we got this Pole Dance Video!!!! Who dun like pole dance wan??!!! Handsup!!!!

Which man with balls of steels DO NOT like pole dancing girls in skimpy outfits??!!! HANDSUP!!!

Nah hes the video for your sucky Monday!

Pole Dance Practice - video powered by Metacafe

Now that you are done watching the video, Your Monday still sucks anot? If it still do, then maybe you need to go to the toilet n TFK la!!! LOL!


  1. Anonymous2:44 pm

    wadafak? this clown from circus wan ark?

  2. Anonymous9:01 pm

    mahai!! i wan i wan! im a lesbian!!
    so sexcited watching it..maciam sotong wei

  3. Anonymous1:22 pm

    i also wanna learn, man!
    very strong arms, though ... fuh


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