27 January 2007

Smartest Woman Driver On Planet Earth!!!!

I derno bout you guys but I HAVE tremendous respects for women drivers. I really do! Just the other day i saw this woman driver, the way she drives reminded me of the Japanese suicide kamikaze pilot of WWII and I have lotsa respect for kamikaze pilot also!

You know most of us men misunderstood women, as a driver i mean. You see women driver is more adventurous than men driver. Thats explains why women drivers refused to get out of a junction when there are absolutely no car anywhere within the 300 meters radius but when you finally get into 5 meters radius THEN she only try to get out from the junction. That is challenging i tell u!!! that kinda driving requires both skills and braveness lemme tell u that!

So, the next time you see a women driver on the road .... smile at her and let her go first ... we men are just no match for them!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

You want more prove??!!! Then you watch the video below yourself la!

Stupid Woman Driver - video powered by Metacafe

To all women drivers in Malaysia, have a great weekend and pulexz dont wreck my car!!!


  1. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Aiyo sueh nya that first car. LOL

  2. Anonymous2:18 pm

    wow, she's the one of those (woman) great driver in the world. U have my respect :)

  3. Anonymous3:33 pm

    wtf, what is she trying to do, think out of the box, jst like sleeping cobra said

  4. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Wah liao wat kind of driver is she lor? Spoil all the ladies driver reputation!! Guess oni she is brainless la tat is why she is named the smartest???

  5. Anonymous2:00 am

    lucky she was not driving lorry

  6. Anonymous2:16 am

    LOL... she can be driver of the year!

  7. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Ini Jacky Chan punya stunt crew la !

  8. *lmao*
    i cant even drive that way...COOL~!!!maybe she just know how to reverse on right hand side...


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