9 January 2007

What is Deductive Reasoning?

One day Ahbeng's new neighbour is moving in and thats when he learn about "Deductive Reasoning" .... What is Deductive Reasoning? Well you gotta read the below conversation between Ahbeng and his new neighbour to find out for yourself.

Ahbeng : Alo! Welcome to our garden ... Moving in har?
John : Yar ... people around here all very frendly, nice neighbourhood.
Ahbeng : Yar ... what you do one har?
John : I teach Deductive Reasoning in an University around here.
Ahbeng : Deductive what?
John : Dedutive Reasoning.
Ahbeng : Err ... soli hor but what is Deductive Reasoning har?
John : Oh! Its very simple really, Lemme give you an example of Deductive Reasoning.
Ahbeng : Ok tenkiu.
John : I see you have a dog house, so I deduce that you have a dog.
Ahbeng : Ngam!
John : Since you have a dog, so I deduce you have a family.
Ahbeng : Ngam also!
John : Since you have a family I deduce you have a wife also.
Ahbeng : Wuah! Ngam also wor!
John : And since you have a wife I can deduce that you are not a homosexual guy.
Ahbeng : WUAH!! All also CHUN!!! You very smart lah!!

After learning what is meant by "Deductive Reasoning" Ahbeng then say goodbye to John and head back to the house. He then goan show off to his wife what he learnt from John just now.

Ahbeng : Ahlian! Ahlian! We got a new neighbour leh! He is angmoh, very cleber also!
Ahlian : Izzit? How cleber ar?
Ahbeng : He hor, teaching in university one leh!
Ahlian : Wuah! He teach what one har?
Ahbeng : He teaching "Deductive Reasoning" one.
Ahlian : What is Deductive Reasoning ar?
Ahbeng : Deductive Reasoning means if that fler dont have dog house then he is GAY wan!


  1. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Wah lao..! dont know ah beng dot dot or the angmoh dot dot..ler... hahhahaa....

  2. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Wah lau, Ah Beng damn smart! Fast learner oso!

  3. Anonymous4:42 pm

    wuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh hahahhahahahahhahaha!!!!!! dem good deduction! hahahahhahaha

  4. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Ah Beng is damn cleber! Luckily I don't have dog if not ah beng thinks I'm gay. Kakaka...


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