25 January 2007

How to Get Free Beer

The super kukujiao man is gonna go down south again to help the Johor Flood victim again, if you got a few bucks to spare please give it for good cause ok? Details of the donation can be found HERE

One day two drunk flers were lepaking around the stretch of pubs in Bukit Bintang, not being able to get high enuff one of them suggested to the other fler :

Fros : Oi jom! lets go drink again!
Ace : Ok! Come!!

Fros then reached into his pocket and digged out RM 2.20 only.

Fros : How much you have? I left RM2.20 only
Ace : Err ... i erly erly alredi pokai la!
Fros : Diu! lidat how to mabuk?
Ace : Hmm ... I got this trick that might work! ... its lidis one .. jejejum jejejum yada yadayada
Fros : Yea that might work!

Fros then take his RM2.20 goto 7-11 buy one hotdog and put it into his pants.

Fros : Ok Ace kautim ledi! come lets go!

They went into one pub and begin drinking like no tomorrow lidat untill one point the bar tender tell them :

Bar tender : excuse me sir ... but can you please pay your bill first before your order more beer?
Upon hearing this Fros unzip his fly and pull out his "hotdog" then Ace fast fast kneel down and start sucking it passionately. The Bar tender saw this ledi fast fast ask boucer to kick them out before they scared off all the other customers.

Both of them kena throw out into the street but they are happy and satisfied to get free beer. So they went to bar after bar using the same trick to get free beers and byt he time they are totally wasted they just sit at the side of the street feeling high.

Ace : Mch!!! this is best man!!! My hot dog trick is the best!!! Lets do this again tomorrow!!! *HIC!*
Fros : Yea ... actually i forgot to tell u, at the second bar i suddenly farking hungry and I ate the hotdog!


  1. Anonymous10:48 am

    Ughhh...obscene obscene!!

  2. Anonymous12:14 pm


  3. OK. Condemn liao ! LOL!

  4. LOL. eh. den girls tarak trick wan ar???

  5. Anonymous12:41 pm

    ahaha.. it took me 1 second to think.. then only i start laughing.. i din know ace like hotdog.. hahahahah...

  6. Oi!!

    where got hotdog?
    It's lap cheong 1. Long and thick -.-

  7. Anonymous3:09 pm

    wakakakakaka!!!!! y dat day they never apply in that restaurant ah?

  8. Anonymous5:24 pm

    bwahahahaaa!!! sohai.

  9. Anonymous10:02 pm

    wah that means he was really drunk la...hahaha... still can continue with the 'sucking the hotdog' trick.. XD
    or maybe he was sober?? :O

  10. Anonymous12:51 am

    Tiu lor!!! why U go tell??

  11. Anonymous12:58 am


    tho it's a bit gross at the end

  12. Anonymous9:18 am

    wingz..u do that wif ppl wan izittt?? or u the one kena con? kakkaka

  13. Anonymous5:06 pm

    huei u and wingz don do tht wan mer?!!
    u told me u got kkc wan wor!!!
    wingz like it tim!

    ops...i shouldnt have spill it out

    OH well =P


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