31 March 2011


Those who knew me well should know that I m a big fan of F1, since the day i picked up photography as my hobby i never missed any F1 race in Sepang since.

Last year F1 was a bomb! Sepang was literally flooded with F1 fans from all across the globe! China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, europe, USA, you name it there are they! Some barely made it on time! they came with their luggage indicating they barely touch down from the airport and head directly to Sepang International Circuit to catch part of the action. Talks about total dedication huh?

I remember i scene where fans were queuing for more than 3 hours to meet the drivers. I’ve seen how exciting it was but you will have to prepare yourselves for another round of an extravaganza Petronas F1 Exhibition 2011!

Even better news for Petronas F1 fans this season! Petronas has launched this facebook contest where the winner will stand a chance to meet the F1 drivers in person. WEEEE!!!!!

All you have to do to join this contest is : click this link : http://www.facebook.com/PETRONASMOTORSPORTS?sk=app_7146470109
  1. choose the most hansem pic of yourself and upload it.
  2. adjust the spacing and placement to fit your face to the space allocated.
  3. Once everything is in place click submit
  4. Share and get your friends to like it :)
This Facebook contest ends 3rd April, so be sure not to miss this chance of a lifetime!

Apart from the Facebook contest there is also PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX Showcase at KLCC concourse level from 2nd April till 10 April.

On the 6th April Fans of Schumacher and Nico will stand a chance to meet them there too!!! Check out their Facebook for further update on this!

There is also Exciting F1 merchandise, Latest F1 car display, Race simulator for fans to experience F1 racing! BEST of the BEST LA!!!

Will all these perks you will definitely see me in Sepang! And This year is somewhat special because I just Made it into Part of the Sepang F1 Offical Photographer! so be on a lookout for a handsome photographer ok? Come say hi and I will take pic for you! LOL!

Here is a cool and wacky Promo Video by Petronas F1 team for your to enjoy!

27 March 2011

FXDRIFT 2011 - Tony Angelo Crashed again!

FXOPEN drift 2011, it was 2nd round of battle between Ariff Johanis from team GOOD YEAR and Tony Angelo from Drift Alliance USA. The first was given an OMT from the judges. Round 2 started with Ariff in the lead and Angelo suppose to follow from behind.

This mishap happened at turn one, Angelo seems to have under steered and head straight towards ariff's S13's rear. Yesterday Angelo totalled a S14 at the same turn.

Below are the photographs of the accident, please pardon the blur images as shutter speed were set at low for drift panning.

Is it because of the weather or Angelo is not used to the right hand driving? Whatever it is, Angelo dont seems to be able to unleash his "fierce-ness" in FXDRIFT. One would expect much more from the founder of Drift Alliance USA.

Good news is both Ariff and Angelo walked away unharmed. This is surely one hell of a drift!

FXOPEN Drift Series 2011

There are 2 major crashes happened at FXOPEN drift during practice session. The qualifying round which were suppose to start today at 4pm were postponed to tomorrow 11am most probably is caused by the crashes.

Tony Angelo from USA, who is also the founder of Drift Alliance USA crashed his car during practise run at Speed City Serdang ealier today.

Hopefully he will be able to find a replacement drift car for tomorrow qualifying round.

Another drifter by the name of Rocker also crashed his car at the same turn. Fortunately both drivers escaped unhurt.

The last I heard, the turn where all tthese accidents happened were widen at the end of the day. Lets hope tomorrow will be a more interesting day for all of us.

11 March 2011

Tsunami Hits Japan After 8.9 Earth Quake

Latest Update :

KLcomplaints6:34pm via TweetDeck

RT @amptraffic: Malaysian Metereology Department confirmed that the tsunami is not going to hit Penang. #KLcomplaints->East coast friend?

hazlinhassan5:48pm via Web

RT @vvianho From Kyodo: BREAKING NEWS: Fire breaks out at turbine building of Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Pref.

CincauHangus5:43pm via Twitter for iPhone

NOW: Japan hit by 8.8/8.9 magnitude earthquake. 12 aftershocks measuring >6 magnitude followed.

kellster 5:18pm via Twitter for iPhone
Taiwan is next. CNN just confirmed it. :(

kellster 5:31pm via Twitter for iPhone
CNN just said it is going to hit Taiwan in 10 minutes. Next is Indonesia and Phillipines and Hawaii.

Estimated tsunami arrival time Via cnn. Gmt time. AUS 1535-1845, NZ 1720-2215, Fiji 1537

5:04pm received unconfirmed news that philippines just got hit

MissyCheerio4:51pm via TweetDeck

RT @kusahafiez: 6.6 scale earthquake just hit Samar, Philippines!

satkuru4:38pm via TweetDeck

RT @malaysiandigest: Tsunami to Hit Philippines at Around 05:00 PM#WorldNews http://bit.ly/gZEQp4

RojaksWingz4:37pm via HootSuite

Tsunami watch update. Waves to hit San Francisco ETA 8:08am.

RojaksWingz4:35pm via HootSuite

It seems Sabah and Labuan will feel the effects from6:49PM onwards. Friends thr, pls be safe.

RojaksWingz4:28pm via HootSuite

Taiwan Tsunami officials, the cause of Tsunami from japan is ready to strike Taiwan coast area at any moment. estimates time at 5.30pm.

This is a dark day for Japan, below are the footage taken during the earthquake and during the tsunami attacks.

Ealier today japan were hit by earthquake measured 8.9 soon after that it was hit by tsunami.

10 meters tsunami hits sendai airport

Japanese seeking shelter in stadium from Tsunami

Live Update on Japan situation still can be seen on Al jazeera in this link http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/

I pray for those poor ppl in japan.

Free hand job and get paid In China Sperm Bank!

For all you hamsap lou out there, there is a new extra reason to go to China now!!! Free Hand Job (TFK/Volcano message) and after "happy ending" they will pay you instead of you paying them!!! Where to find?!!! kakakakaka!!!

NO Bruff you wan! you dont briff you read on and see la! even got gibe lu address in Shanghai where you can go and enjoy free Volcano message and get paid after that! Shiokness!!! kakakaa!

Varsity students making fast bucks with sperm donation

UNIVERSITY students in Guang Dong, China are making fast money by donating their sperm, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Some students donated their sperm as they needed the money to buy new handphones and laptops, it reported.

Each successful donor would be given 300 yuan (about RM140) each time, and they would have to donate 10 times. Donation is done every five to 10 days.

In total, they would be given about RM1,385 during the whole period, and the amount was about the same as the university scholarship for a year.

According to the report, 95% of the donors were university students or graduates, mostly those with Masters and doctorate degrees.

After reading this news in today The Star, and with the help of Google ... i started to dig deeper ... And this is what i found!

First you need to go for a health check, then 4 days prior your visit to the “free-hand-job-then-get-paid-paradise” you must abstain from sex and masturbation.

You can go 4-5 times a month, and each time you will get maximum 3 hand jobs. You will also get paid RMB200 ( US$30 ) at the end of each session for your kindness.

Address for whoever wants to give it a go: No 145 Shan Dong Zhong Lu, Ren Ji Hospital, Building 1, 7th FL, near Fu Zhou Lu, Shanghai, China. [Source]

WOOHHHOOO!!! FREE Happy ending!!!

Webuy the better bulk buying decision

Its abit late for me to learn about webuy.com.my, I will tell you why abit later. Good things should be shared right?

Shall I shall then! … I found this great bulk buying/group buying website that redefine the meaning of “power in numbers!” the more peeple the more power mah! In this case bargaining power la lol

wats so spesel about webuy.com.my?

Well, lets see …
  1. The will put up new deals every 3 days max! It can be as good as 1 new deal / day!
  2. Min discount is 50% max is up to 90%! keng chow!
  3. The deal is only ON if got enuff buyers, if not enuff they wont bruff u wan n they wont charge u oso!
  4. They also will make sure u get the best deal ever! If not it will not be put up in webuy website.
  5. They QC their merchant kaw kaw before they allow them to participate in their program, so u can be sure that u will be getting quality product/services.
  6. You can even suggest to them (via their facebook at http://www.facebook.com/webuynow ) what kinda services/products discounts you are looking for and if there is enough demands … they will do the job for you.

Now... that will make the job for a bargain hunter like me (in particular) a lot easier! They do the hunting and I only need to choose which one suits me best only! Shiok-ness!

For facebook users, you definitely gotta add them into your wall and get updates whenever there is new deals available! You dont even have to login to their website everday to hunt for new deals! Best anot?!

Dont have facebook? Nemai! U login and subscribe to their email serbis also same one, everytime got new deal they will email to your inbox, so you definitely wont miss a deal!

Now I tell you about my story … n why its abit late in learning about webuy.com.my

Last week based on my friend's recommendation I makan at this place called 32 Bistro n Bar at puchong. My fwen told me their tapas (kinda like dimsum for spanish) dem nice one. So I also ajak him go with me and agreed to give him a treat la.

I must say their tapas is really nice tho! We tried a few different kinda tapas and each cost us about RM13 to RM19 per plate.

This is the damages I kena!

This morning I was introduce to webuy.com.my and I found out they have the same offer at 32 bistro n bar also!!! ARGHH!!!

Each tapas only for RM6!!!! %$#^&^##$!!!! Imagine my frustrations when I saw that!

OMG!!! if I know about this ealier I would be able to save ….. RM42!!! ot eat twice as much as that!!! DAMN!!! rugi rugi!!

But nemai!! I shall go back again!!! bcoz the tapas very nais leh! Kakaka but its ALSO now the tapas is so much more affordable ledi!!!!

Who want go with me? .. A-A system ah!

Tapas! Here I kambing again!!! Wait for me ah!!!!

Wait wait my flen! That’s not all!!

For this week, got an interesting deal lor! Webuy.com.my is giving away an iPad 3G + WiFi at RM 0!!! WAHLAU EH!!! NOT JOKING YOU LOR!!!


All you have to do is klik “BUY BUY BUY” for this deal and the moment it hits 1k people the deal is on lah! After the end of the deal then we is know who the lucky barger that will be walking home with the iPad la KAKAKAKA!!! I feel it’s going to be me la! Don’t briff me? Faster klik on BUY la, we see who is right or wrong leng mou?

Fai titi KLIK HERE “link” and get RM 5 cledit becos you are my fwen!

10 March 2011

Inspiring One Liner from Facebook

‎"A girl is said to be grown up when she starts wearing a bra. A boy is grown up when he starts removing it."

"The irony of a blow job is that even if you have her at your feet she's got you by the balls."

"When I was born, I got a choice- A big dick or a good memory. I'm not able to remember what I chose"

"A wife is a sex object. Everytime you ask for sex, she objects!"

Canon Pixma MX318 - the Correct Way to Reset Ink Counter

I got a Canon MX318 all in one fax, printer, copier and scanner which I bought about 9 months ago.

Because of economic reason, we stopped using the "original ink cartridges" after the one that comes with the printer ran out. Its also for enviromental reason also.

Less cartidges thrown = less waste = better for mother earth! :)

Then something happened this morning, the Pixma MX318 refused to print our faxes, instead all the faxes we directed to the built in memory.

A simple check reveals that there were some kinda error displayed on the LCD screen.

it says "recommend New B-CRT" (black cartridge) and "recommend New C-CRT" (Color Cartridge)

But this is the thing, i m using CISS (continuous Ink supply System) and i checked my ink level .. they are still kinda full.

Then i realised this is due to the fact that Canon preprogrammed their printer to act like this after certain page counts! This is to force you to buy new ink cartridges from them or else you will not be able to print or use your printer anymore.

I am wondering, when we purchase the printer .. do we actually own it ... or the ownership still belongs to canon? why do they still controlling our printer and forcing us to do things their way even after we bought the printer? Something to ponder upon.

Anyway I start googling the term "Canon MX318 cartridge reset" and lemme tell you this. None of the existing "TIPS" available on the net is useful! They all looked like they were copied and paste from a single source and it dont bloody work! Waste more than an hour trying to do as told by those stupid websites.

I m gonna show you the correct way to go thru this "obstacle" set by Canon to make our life difficult. this is what you have to do :

Press MENU button until FAX SETTING menu shows
Select RX SETTING, press ok.
Auto Print RX : ON, press ok
Print When No Ink: ON, press Ok

The steps abive is to tell your PIXMA MX318 to bypass the rule and keep printing even tho it suspect the ink cartridge is empty. That actually solved the problem!

So there you go! As simple as that!

8 March 2011

MAS food ranked No.6 in Skyscanner Airline Food Awards

The world's taste bud is changing, more towards asia/mediteranean side kinda flavors.

Skyscanner recently came out with a list of Airline food Award winner and below is the Top 10 of the list.

The top ten highest scoring airlines (in ranking order) were:

1. Emirates
2. Lufthansa
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Aeroflot
5. Qatar
6. Malaysia Airlines
7. Thai Airways
8. Etihad
9. KLM
10. Air France

Our National Carrier Malaysian Airlines - MAS is at spot no.6!!!

It was also quote in the articles released in their website
Skyscanner Director Barry Smith said: “Airlines are definitely placing more importance on the quality of food they serve. Although there are some notable exceptions, airlines are making huge efforts to provide good-quality meals, with many even appointing celebrity chefs as consultants.
“It is interesting to see these Middle Eastern and Asian airlines ranking so highly. Airline food is notorious for being bland and perhaps it is the use of these strong eastern flavours and spices that is contributing to their popularity. Possibly it’s also because exotic flavours get people in a holiday mood!”

It seems that Airlines all over the world is beginning to invest more efforts into culinary improvements as part of the whole package deal. I think that is the ideal way instead of focusing on price war where customers are treated like thrash and the level of service is actually next to none.

I admit, at first the idea of cheap fares actually thrills me ... but after experiencing "Cheap fare" from our Budget carrier ... i rather pay abit more and be threated like an actual human being ....) at least i dont have to dig for small change everytime i ask for a drink :P

Congratulation MAS!!! You guys made us Proud! Keep it up yo!

6 March 2011

Home Made Char Siu Recipe

A bunch of us close fwens/bloggers recently form an official club called the #tkssgang TKSS here stands for Tok kok Sing Song. Needless to say ayam the expert who came out with that name one la! Ofcoz this is one very exclusive gang where membership is very hard to get one. So far none new members been accepted into the gang since its formation ... few tried n perished lol!

The objective of this gang is very simple acherly ... once a month we will gather and do wat we do best. We tok kok n sing song and make sure everyone go home with a painful stomach and jaws.

So, yesday was the potluck session in one of our VIP member (dale) house, and since he just moved in not long ago ... our gang decided to give him a house warming gift. An Oven!

Then someone said must officiated the opening of this oven with pork lard if not ...NOT ONG one! So, the holy task is passed on to me (coz i dem keng L33T in cooking ma!)

Also this post is a spesel dedication to my facebook fwen (Su Kim) who is an aunty residing in Melbourne. She begged me long long to teach her how to make this very traditional home made char siu ledi lol! *waves to Su Kim*

this is the msg from sukim hehe

Ok enuff craps! Lets begin!

1. u need pork! I mean Pork belly strips! 3 layers one ... makes sure the meat and the fats are of equal percentage or else it wont turn out nice one.

2. You need to clean the pork and de-skin it. If you dont want the trouble, simply ask the butcher to do it for you. I did it to show off my sharp knife n to show off my knife skill oni! LOL!

3. get a bowl, put the skinned 3 layered pork in there, the first ingredient to add is sugar. No need measurement. the more the merrier. but tat also depends on how much pork u gonna make also la. In short there wont be any measurement here (heck i also dint measure all the stuffs i put in also ... so i will use the term "to taste" to illustrate my point lol)

4. Vinegar! bet you dunno Char siu got vinegar one rite? Yes it does! the vinegar is the substance tat makes the melts/caramelized sugar sticks on to the meat. without vinegar the sugar wont stick and your outside of the char siu wont be crispy. But for vinegar u gotta be careful .. you dont wanna ended up with sour char siu rite? furthermore its just to make the sugar sticks on tot he meat only. So here is wat you do with vinegar, use 1 "chinese soup spoon" of vinegar to every pork strip u have, 1 pork strip is about 500-600 grams. Understand ar?

5. Black thick soya sauce. (hak yau) this is only to add color to your finish product and make it stickier for the sugar to stick on to the pork in the beginning.

6. Light Soya sos, the salty one! again this is to taste. the more you put the tastier it will become. but if you overdo it ... your charsiu will taste like bacons ledi lol

This is how the whole thing would look like when you are done putting sugar, black soya sos, vinegar and light soya sos innit.

7. then you mix them all up in the bowl, cover it up and put it in the fridge overnite. The longer you marinate the pork the tastier it will become.

8. Take the marinated char siu outta fridge 2-3 hours before putting it into the oven this is so it can go back to the room temperature and its easier to bake/roast

9. Preheat your oven to 250C for 10 minutes before putting in the pork. Bake for about ... 1 hour at 200C (actually depends on how many strips of pork you put into the oven also ... so this might vary as well ... u sit there n look after the charsiu to be safe lol!) Make sure you rest the char siu on a wire mesh and not put them in a baking tray. If you put them in the tray, they will :
  1. stick to the tray and burnt
  2. the surface will not be crispy bcoz it is soaked all the time in the sauce/gravy/lard
So use a wire mesh, rest the pork on the wire mesh and place a tray at the bottom to collect all the "sauce" this can be use as gravy for rice later. Dem tasty one!

And this is the bake/raosted/bbq OMFGBBQ OHSEM GUDNESSGRACIOUS CHAR SIU!!!!

Testimonial from #TKSSGang members

Happy trying!!! if derno den u go facebook find me la! When u add me pls use secret code : wingz is hansem! if not i wont apoof u wan ah! LMAO!

Quote of the day : u dont need expensive/sophisticated ingredients to create great tasty food. most of the time it only requires passions :P