8 March 2011

MAS food ranked No.6 in Skyscanner Airline Food Awards

The world's taste bud is changing, more towards asia/mediteranean side kinda flavors.

Skyscanner recently came out with a list of Airline food Award winner and below is the Top 10 of the list.

The top ten highest scoring airlines (in ranking order) were:

1. Emirates
2. Lufthansa
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Aeroflot
5. Qatar
6. Malaysia Airlines
7. Thai Airways
8. Etihad
9. KLM
10. Air France

Our National Carrier Malaysian Airlines - MAS is at spot no.6!!!

It was also quote in the articles released in their website
Skyscanner Director Barry Smith said: “Airlines are definitely placing more importance on the quality of food they serve. Although there are some notable exceptions, airlines are making huge efforts to provide good-quality meals, with many even appointing celebrity chefs as consultants.
“It is interesting to see these Middle Eastern and Asian airlines ranking so highly. Airline food is notorious for being bland and perhaps it is the use of these strong eastern flavours and spices that is contributing to their popularity. Possibly it’s also because exotic flavours get people in a holiday mood!”

It seems that Airlines all over the world is beginning to invest more efforts into culinary improvements as part of the whole package deal. I think that is the ideal way instead of focusing on price war where customers are treated like thrash and the level of service is actually next to none.

I admit, at first the idea of cheap fares actually thrills me ... but after experiencing "Cheap fare" from our Budget carrier ... i rather pay abit more and be threated like an actual human being ....) at least i dont have to dig for small change everytime i ask for a drink :P

Congratulation MAS!!! You guys made us Proud! Keep it up yo!

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