11 March 2011

Tsunami Hits Japan After 8.9 Earth Quake

Latest Update :

KLcomplaints6:34pm via TweetDeck

RT @amptraffic: Malaysian Metereology Department confirmed that the tsunami is not going to hit Penang. #KLcomplaints->East coast friend?

hazlinhassan5:48pm via Web

RT @vvianho From Kyodo: BREAKING NEWS: Fire breaks out at turbine building of Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Pref.

CincauHangus5:43pm via Twitter for iPhone

NOW: Japan hit by 8.8/8.9 magnitude earthquake. 12 aftershocks measuring >6 magnitude followed.

kellster 5:18pm via Twitter for iPhone
Taiwan is next. CNN just confirmed it. :(

kellster 5:31pm via Twitter for iPhone
CNN just said it is going to hit Taiwan in 10 minutes. Next is Indonesia and Phillipines and Hawaii.

Estimated tsunami arrival time Via cnn. Gmt time. AUS 1535-1845, NZ 1720-2215, Fiji 1537

5:04pm received unconfirmed news that philippines just got hit

MissyCheerio4:51pm via TweetDeck

RT @kusahafiez: 6.6 scale earthquake just hit Samar, Philippines!

satkuru4:38pm via TweetDeck

RT @malaysiandigest: Tsunami to Hit Philippines at Around 05:00 PM#WorldNews http://bit.ly/gZEQp4

RojaksWingz4:37pm via HootSuite

Tsunami watch update. Waves to hit San Francisco ETA 8:08am.

RojaksWingz4:35pm via HootSuite

It seems Sabah and Labuan will feel the effects from6:49PM onwards. Friends thr, pls be safe.

RojaksWingz4:28pm via HootSuite

Taiwan Tsunami officials, the cause of Tsunami from japan is ready to strike Taiwan coast area at any moment. estimates time at 5.30pm.

This is a dark day for Japan, below are the footage taken during the earthquake and during the tsunami attacks.

Ealier today japan were hit by earthquake measured 8.9 soon after that it was hit by tsunami.

10 meters tsunami hits sendai airport

Japanese seeking shelter in stadium from Tsunami

Live Update on Japan situation still can be seen on Al jazeera in this link http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/

I pray for those poor ppl in japan.

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  1. Hope it makes people not involved in such a horrendous diaster, some time to stop, & re-think what things are truly important in life & how happy we should be for our health, the health of our children, our homes still standing & family nearby, or at least safe. We take too much for granted when there is so much hurt going on in the world.


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