27 March 2011

FXDRIFT 2011 - Tony Angelo Crashed again!

FXOPEN drift 2011, it was 2nd round of battle between Ariff Johanis from team GOOD YEAR and Tony Angelo from Drift Alliance USA. The first was given an OMT from the judges. Round 2 started with Ariff in the lead and Angelo suppose to follow from behind.

This mishap happened at turn one, Angelo seems to have under steered and head straight towards ariff's S13's rear. Yesterday Angelo totalled a S14 at the same turn.

Below are the photographs of the accident, please pardon the blur images as shutter speed were set at low for drift panning.

Is it because of the weather or Angelo is not used to the right hand driving? Whatever it is, Angelo dont seems to be able to unleash his "fierce-ness" in FXDRIFT. One would expect much more from the founder of Drift Alliance USA.

Good news is both Ariff and Angelo walked away unharmed. This is surely one hell of a drift!

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