11 March 2011

Webuy the better bulk buying decision

Its abit late for me to learn about webuy.com.my, I will tell you why abit later. Good things should be shared right?

Shall I shall then! … I found this great bulk buying/group buying website that redefine the meaning of “power in numbers!” the more peeple the more power mah! In this case bargaining power la lol

wats so spesel about webuy.com.my?

Well, lets see …
  1. The will put up new deals every 3 days max! It can be as good as 1 new deal / day!
  2. Min discount is 50% max is up to 90%! keng chow!
  3. The deal is only ON if got enuff buyers, if not enuff they wont bruff u wan n they wont charge u oso!
  4. They also will make sure u get the best deal ever! If not it will not be put up in webuy website.
  5. They QC their merchant kaw kaw before they allow them to participate in their program, so u can be sure that u will be getting quality product/services.
  6. You can even suggest to them (via their facebook at http://www.facebook.com/webuynow ) what kinda services/products discounts you are looking for and if there is enough demands … they will do the job for you.

Now... that will make the job for a bargain hunter like me (in particular) a lot easier! They do the hunting and I only need to choose which one suits me best only! Shiok-ness!

For facebook users, you definitely gotta add them into your wall and get updates whenever there is new deals available! You dont even have to login to their website everday to hunt for new deals! Best anot?!

Dont have facebook? Nemai! U login and subscribe to their email serbis also same one, everytime got new deal they will email to your inbox, so you definitely wont miss a deal!

Now I tell you about my story … n why its abit late in learning about webuy.com.my

Last week based on my friend's recommendation I makan at this place called 32 Bistro n Bar at puchong. My fwen told me their tapas (kinda like dimsum for spanish) dem nice one. So I also ajak him go with me and agreed to give him a treat la.

I must say their tapas is really nice tho! We tried a few different kinda tapas and each cost us about RM13 to RM19 per plate.

This is the damages I kena!

This morning I was introduce to webuy.com.my and I found out they have the same offer at 32 bistro n bar also!!! ARGHH!!!

Each tapas only for RM6!!!! %$#^&^##$!!!! Imagine my frustrations when I saw that!

OMG!!! if I know about this ealier I would be able to save ….. RM42!!! ot eat twice as much as that!!! DAMN!!! rugi rugi!!

But nemai!! I shall go back again!!! bcoz the tapas very nais leh! Kakaka but its ALSO now the tapas is so much more affordable ledi!!!!

Who want go with me? .. A-A system ah!

Tapas! Here I kambing again!!! Wait for me ah!!!!

Wait wait my flen! That’s not all!!

For this week, got an interesting deal lor! Webuy.com.my is giving away an iPad 3G + WiFi at RM 0!!! WAHLAU EH!!! NOT JOKING YOU LOR!!!


All you have to do is klik “BUY BUY BUY” for this deal and the moment it hits 1k people the deal is on lah! After the end of the deal then we is know who the lucky barger that will be walking home with the iPad la KAKAKAKA!!! I feel it’s going to be me la! Don’t briff me? Faster klik on BUY la, we see who is right or wrong leng mou?

Fai titi KLIK HERE “link” and get RM 5 cledit becos you are my fwen!

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