30 November 2010

What does Cars and Women have in common?

We knew why men like cars ledi .. there is no doubt bout it ... now why do we like women also? What does cars n women have in common?

I tink hor .. this question itself is as old as the first car ever created in 1885 by a german basket (thanks to him we gotta live with global warming huh?) anyway ... back to the ori question on what does cars and women have in common?

Well, this is prolly why :

Women are the best vehicles in the world because:
  • 2 beautiful headlights in front (they came in different size also!)
  • 2 great bumpers at the back (2! not only 1! our car oni got 1 rear bumper!)
  • Self-lubricating when hot (wont burn a gasket! LOL!)
  • Finger touch ignition, (keyless entry!)
  • Automatic engine oil change every month (erm ... tis one need to expren meh?)
  • Any type of pistons fit (if u derno tis one then u dun die also no use!)
  • Multiple seating styles & adjustments (karma sutra rings a bell?)
  • Great accessories (erm tis one really depends on age of the women tho lol)
  • Highest mileage: 9 months with just 5 ml refill (tis is not applicable to everyone ok?! some mileage very bad one! pour 1 liter also nothing happen!!! LMAO!!)
And GENITALmen .... that's why we MEN are dying to get a ride!!! LMAO!

26 November 2010

SHOUT! Awards 2010

Tenkiu to Siren Media I got meself few VIP tickets to XSHOUT! awards last weekend! Dem happening sial! Met lotsa fehmes local celebrities on the purper carpet!!!

Lucky for me ... i went early! dapat VIP parking also best!

The event were also broadcast life thru 8TV, wuah i hope my face got appear in TV lol! too bad i m not at home see see whether my face got appear anot la!

Because this event was brodcast life on 8TV kan, there were lotsa briefings before the show starts. they also got spesel designated area where they place the "screamers" and those bargers really can scream one sial!

before the show starts

The Screamers!

Screamers grabbing light sticks


Its the packed!!!

Let the show begin!!!

Live broadcasting Starts!

Celebrities of the nite

Ocean of light sticks!


Upin & Ipin

Raja Lawak


CUCI the musical!

For those who missed it, here is a list of nominations for each category of Shout! Awards 2010:

Rockstar Award

Azlan & The Typewriter
Faizal Tahir
Meet Uncle Hussein
Pop Shuvit

Popstar Award

Dato 'Siti Nurhaliza & Kris Kristofferson
Jaclyn Victor
Mizz Nina
Zee Avi

Vocal Power Award

Azlan & The Typewriter
Dato 'Siti Nurhaliza & Kris Kristofferson
Faizal Tahir
Jaclyn Victor
Rithan (Deja Voodoo spells)

Flava Award

DJ Fuzz & Malique
Joe Flizzow
Mizz Nina

Music Video Award

Prom Queen (Bunkface)
Osaka (Disagree)
Do It, Money (Joe Flizzow)
Mirage (aircraft)
Distress (EAR Project)
Cosmic Love (The Fabulous Cats)

Break Out Award (Best New Act)

Azlan & The Typewriter
Mizz Nina
Zee Avi

Best On Screen Chemistry Award

Afdlin & Kate Jasmay (Papadom)
Upin & Ipin (Upin & Ipin)
Remy Ishak & Tiz Zaqyah (Nur Kasih)
Farid Kamil & Lisa Surihani (The Legend of Devil Boy)
Giler Wakaka & Crew Battle Crew (Showdown 2010)
Afdlin & Rashidi Ishak (Stamp)

Fresh TV Series (New TV Series)

Adamaya (MIG Productions)
Arjuna (KRU Studios)
Blogger Boy (Red Communications Sdn Bhd)
Turbulent Heart Sara (Suhan Movies & Tradings Sdn Bhd)
Nur Kasih (Flimscape)
Qalesya (Nusantara Seni Karya Sdn Bhd)

Breakthrough Feature Award

Wash The Musical (Tall Order Productions)
Geng: The Adventure Begins (Les' Copaque Production)
Devil Boy legend (Sharad Khan)
Papadom (Gayathri Su-Lin Pillai)
Razor blade (Lina Tan)
Stamps (Gayatri Su-Lin Pillai)

Favorite TV Programs

Young priests
One In A Million Years 3
Raja Lawak 4
Anugerah Juara Lagu 24
Showdown 2010

Favorite TV Personality Awards

Ally Iskandar (AJL 24)
Early Ashaari (Fuhh!)
Aznil Haji Nawawi (Do not Forget Lyrics)
Daphne Iking (The Breakfast Show)
Henry Golding (8TV Quickie)
Zizan Raja Lawak (Raja Lawak 4)

Coolest Radio Announcer Award

Faizal Ismail (HotFM AM Krew)
Hafiz Hatim (FlyFM Night Flight)
Jeremy Teo (RedFM Evenings)
Hunny Madu (FlyFM Mix Chart)
Fara Fauzana (HotFM AM Krew)
Richard Ward Hair Phat (FlyFM Morning Show)

Favorite Radio Show Award

The Red FM Breakfast Show with JD & Dilly (Dilly & JD)
Fly FM Morning Show (Phabes, Ben & Nadia)
Malaysia's Hottest Music - Hot 10 @ 10 (Hunny Madu)
Fly FM Mix Chart (Hunny Madu)
Hot FM AM Krew (Fara, Faizal & AG)
Fly FM Rush Hour (Jules & Prem)

Hot Chick Award

Maya Karin
Mizz Nina
Nora Danish
Nur Fazura
Scha Al-Yahya
Imran Vanidah

Hot Guy Award

Faizal Tahir
Farid Kamil
Hans Isaac
Henry Golding
Remy Ishak
Sam Shaheizy

Mobile Artiste of The Year Award

6ixth Sense - Cinta Khatimah
Aril - Staring
Saleem - Tinggal Kenangan
6ixth Sense - Tanpa
Yuna - Dan Actually
Alif Satar - Simply Beautiful

For the full list of winners in each category, click on...

Here are the full results winning Shout! Awards 2010 :

1. Rockstar Award Winner - BUNKFACE

2. Favourite TV Personality Award - Raja Lawak Zizan

3. Local Feature Breakthrough Award - The Legend of Devil Boy

4. PopStar Award - Yuna

5. Power Vocal Award - Faizal Tahir

6. Fresh TV Series Award - Nur Kasih

7. Favourite TV Program Award - Showdown 2010.

8. Video Music Awards - BUNKFACE

9. Flava Award - Mizz Nina

10. Hot Guy Award - Henry Golding

11. Hot Chick Award - Scha Al Yahya

12. Coolest Radio Annoucer Award - Babes Phat Fly FM

13. Favourite Radio Show Award - Hot FM AM Krew

14. Best On-Screen Chemistry Award - Papadom

15. Mobile Artiste of The Year Award - Sixth Sense

16. Break Out Award - Yunalis Zarai

17. The Ultimate Award - Yunalis Zarai.

Congratulations to all the winners! You deserve them! :)

BIG TENKIU TO CELCOM XPLAY! for such a great show!!

25 November 2010

Everyone Connects 1st Birthday Party!!

TM throw a party at the Curve last sunday to commemorates the 1st anniversary of the EC campaign, if you derno ... EC stands for Everyone Connects. The campaign is based on 3 principles ... which is Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.

For those who missed out of the fun, here is what you have been missing!

Still remember the paper cut guy n girl who fall in love in the EC MV one year ago? well they used to be in black n white last year but this year they got more colors! lol!

They even have games for everyone who attended the party at the curve.

The crowds going crazy over the thousands of balloons EC released onto them

Wacky Host keeping everybody entertained throughout the party

Just look at the crowds!!!

Watch this video of wat EC been up to within the year

Also you should really goto the new EC website at http://www.everyoneconnects.net/twec/Intro.aspx and experience it yourself! Macam macam ade you! I met a new frend in there also! shes a ger! *wink wink*

TM EC is best!!

24 November 2010

Blue Moon Apollo 13

Anyone still remembered Apollo 13 the movie? If you do then you will definitely Remember this song which is featured in the movie by the name of Blue Moon.

This song were sang by a numbers of popular singer such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Billy Eckstine, Elvis Presley, and many more but my fav version would be the one from Dean Martin.

This song remained as one of my few favorite song throughout the years, I hope you flers will like it too.

Blue Moon

Blue moon, you saw me standin' alone
Without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own
Blue moon, you knew just what I was there for
You heard me sayin' a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper "please adore me"
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper "please adore me"
And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

18 November 2010

Celcom XPLAY Shout PARTEH!

Remember the Celcom XPLAY Shout event? Well, it happened last Saturday night at Library at e@Curve, and the crowd was awesome!

The main reason to that is that it's free flow beer all night long... how cool is that?

Those of you who check in FourSquare stand a chance to win a brand new Blackberry Torch too yo!

Mizz Nina was in the house! Along with other local bands such as Hujan and Disagree. They were having Battle of the Bands competition as well..

For Celcom customers who missed out on the pre-party exclusively by Xplay, you stand a chance to win FREE passes to the Shout! Awards on 20th November at Stadium Bukit Jalil, simply by just downloading 3 Call Me Tones of the Mobile Content Award 2010 nominees from http://www.channelx.com.my/.

For Xpax Facebook fans, just email your full name, IC and phone number to gotx@xpax.com.my with “Shout! Award Free Passes” as the subject header & you’ll stand a chance to get 2 passes to catch the Shout! Awards LIVE & meet top local artistes! Don’t miss out on one of KL’s hottest award shows!