2 November 2010

MAS new Boeing 737-800 with a Boeing Sky Interior

Got an email from my buddy in MAS (Malaysia Airline System) last week about the invitation to shoot newly arrived Boeing 737-800 touching down from Seattle at Subang Airport.

What I wasnt told is that, this is the world's first delivery of the new B737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior.

I was only been told that the B737-800 will do a touch and go, turn around at 1,000 feet and make its landing. After which we will be able to walk in to experience first hand the all new Skyline interior of the aircraft.

The All new MAS Boeing 737-800

First touch down

Proceeding to take off again

Taking off! Completing the planned touch and go

Air brakes, flaps

Taxi-ing to the Welcome party

Water Canon Salute to welcome new family member

Business class seat, full leather!

Entertainment system of the new MAS B737-800

Personal USB port and Power point on the business class seat

All LEDs lightings, its all about energy savings and enviromental friendly.

All leather seats even the economy/coach class also is leather!

Cockpit of the B737-800

Overhead compartment are now "slimmer" and extra tall passengers will be able to stand up without hitting their head.

The plane lavatory (toilet) is probably the only place i would check out when i flying long distance.

Not bad! very ergonomic!

I seen it touch and go, landed, go into the aircraft to check everything out ... now there is only one thing left to do! I wanna fly in it! That would be fun!! :)

A big Thank you to MAS for the invitation!


  1. wow.. kewl!! that Water Canon Salute looks cute!! hehe

  2. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Thanks for sharing bro. That cockpit photo is quite rare. :)


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