8 November 2010

Where is GOD?

Last time when they are still virgins ... Elik n Dale dem notti one. Everytime anything go wrong in the village sure they do one! Tat is how notti they both are!

The whole village tat time dem hing Kristian la ... so temple all close down no business ... then one day Elik's n Dale's parents heard got one new priest come to the church to work edi ... this priest dem powderfool one ... at the last village he worked in ... he sucksesfooly turned all the gangsta into Priest also ... u say powderfool anot?

So both their parents also wanna send Elik n Dale to the Priest so he can do his magic on them n turn them into pussies la LOL!

The day has kam ... Elik n Dale were sent together gether to the Priest .... the priest then bling them into am empty room with only 2 chairs ... asked them to sit down and proceed with the pussy-fying porcess lol!

The Priest Suddenly shout loud loud at them

Priest : WHERE IS GOD?!!!

Elik n Dale omos shat (past tense for shit la!) in their pants that time let the priest sked 9 dou .... befoh they can recuperate the priest again shout at them

Priest : WHERE IS GOD?!!!

Now Elik n Dale dem 9 stoned edi ... their eyes opened wide wide, mouth also opened wide wide n their balls shrunk! Befoh they can finish mindfuck with themself the Priest raised his voice and shout at their fugly face again ...

Priest : WHERE IS GODDD??!?!!?

This time his voice is like thunder .... this time both Elik n Dale beh tahan edi ... Elik screamed like a girl n run out of the room like a faggot while Dale following behind him running like a faggot too (but less faggot then Elik la .. Elik more faggoty one) WUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Both these faggots run back to Elik's house n hide in the closet whole nite... (god knows wtf they both doing in the closet tat nite) den the nx morning kan ... Elik's oldman found both of them in the closet la ... his oldman kick them out of the closet and start interrogating them ...

Elik's fader : WTF u both doing in the closet whole nite?!
Elik : daddy (see??! i told u hes sissy one .. so old edi still call daddy lol!) this time really hailat man!
Elik's fader : Why hailat?! WTF u do tis time? i thot i sent u to the priest to be pussified one?
Elik : Daddy this time its very very big wok wan!!!
Elik's fader : then stop being a pussy n tell me wat u did la MCH!
Elik : GOD is missing and the Priest think WE KIDNAPPED HIM!!!
Dale : *nods nods*


  1. No wonder this Elik a bit a bit emo and that Dale always wear pink. Now I know why d...

  2. Wakakaka... good one!


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