9 November 2010

Cheap Roaming Calls from Celcom

WOOHOO!!! Its Year end!!!! Time for holiday!!!

Unlike most of the peeple i know ... I do not have the luxury to pre-plan my holiday 1 year in advance! Not even 6 months in advance! In my line of work ... I derno wat the eff is gonna happen next week also!

Sad to say its bcoz of this its very difficult for me to get those RM1 air tixs tat certain airline is offering, so my holiday is normally not a cheap one lor .... cause all last minit book mah! Hotel also last minit ... suma last minit so suma also kenot get cheap! Buden expensip anot ... a man gotta get his holiday also rite? die die must get one! if not really can die wan! LOL!

I heard my fwen told me Cambodia dem worth to visit leh! very cheap and safe he said, but most of the time, its not the air tixs and hotels or the tour bills i m worried about ... its my phone bills! I m internet addict lol! wherever i go I will tweet n Fb n youtube n sms ... not to mention the amount of phonecalls i made in a day ... can you imagine if i were to do that when i am having my holiday in another country? I can die of pokainess when i kambek to Msia la! LOL!

But my Celcom fwen tell me no worry .... bcoz from Nov 1st till 28th Feb 2010 they got spesel the offer! Suma Celcom mia customers can get dirt cheap lowest roaming rate when calling from/accepting calls in countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Cambodia!!!

Wah Cambodia ngam me wei! kam kam we look at the plice first ... tok no use wan ... see plice is better! lol!

WAH LAU EH!! You got see anot? Lowest international call is oni RM0.30/min!!! Cheaper than my current telco mia post paid local call!!! How can lidis?!! Sommo Celcom is with Axiata group wan ... Axiata group hor dem the powderful one wokeh? they got lotsa members in whole Asia thus making their coverage very the wide wide! hehe

Unlimited Internet only RM38/day! WAH!!! tat is even better!!! Can skype whole day with boiprens/gerprens n only pay RM38/day! This is the ultimate savings man! lidis every month go holiday also no sked lol!

Dun briff? Nah u goan see their website youself la → Celcom Roaming Promotion

So now I no need sked forgot to bring map or kenot call opis while i m on my holiday ledi la! Best of all is I dont have to return to Msia worrying about my phone bills!

Tenkot for Celcom!!

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