27 December 2010

Suzuki Cup Football Goes Hitech! Laser targetting system to help in scoring!

Sports is becoming more and more dependant on the creation and application of latest available technology, Soccer/football are not spared either! This can be seen in last night's Suzuki cup foootball match between Malaysia and Indonesia as shown in the photo below.

Also from the video below, one can clearly see how laser pointers are used to help each team players score goal for their home country.

From this trend, we can assume tat the next major football match will definitely be another laser warfare and football players will have to wear seafty goggle in order to prevent themself from going blind lol!

23 December 2010

Makeup Studio Caught Plagiarizing photos from other Photo Studio

I really salute this Misaki Beauty Makeup Studio! If they have a studio, why they kenot take own pic? or izzit make up studio dont have photography service one? Is tat why they are stealing other ppl's Photos and use it as their own advertisements?

I seriously hope that Misaki Beauty Studio can be abit more intelligent ... use other ppl's (Chris's Fong's) photo and put it on the front page of a national newspaper is not exactly an intelligent act ok?

The worst part is ... Chris Fong was mistakenly blamed to be the one who copied Misaki instead! Luckily Misaki got pwnED at the end by a recording of a telephone conversation admitting that its Chris Fong's photos and Misaki never took that particular photo of the client! Watch the below video to find out more!

Excerpt taken from the below video ...

无良化妆师 Joanne Teoh,欺压同行,行为可耻,天地不容 - Video

无良化妆师 Joanne Teoh,为人奸险,不知廉耻,颠倒是非,贼喊捉贼,无良奸商。本人看不过眼,决定爆料,让大家. Watch Video about Joanne Teoh,Misaki beauty &Make-up studio,Misaki Joanne

Unscrupulous makeup artist Joanne Teoh, bullying peers, shameful behavior.

Unscrupulous makeup artist Joanne Teoh, treacherous woman, no sense of shame, right and wrong, n unscrupulous profiteers. I could not bear watching, decided to brake the news, so that everyone will know bout her. Watch Video about Joanne Teoh, Misaki beauty & Make-up studio, Misaki Joanne

22 December 2010

Girl Who suicide at Pavilion on the Dec 19th Identified

Remembered this case? it happened on the 2nd of April 2010 ... a 23 yrs old girl rammed into the BHP petrol station at Tmn Midah and killed a man ...

Well .. you guessed right! This is the same as the 23 yrs old girl who suicide at Pavilion on the 18th Dec 2010 ... just 1 day before she is scheduled to attend court on the hearing of her case....

here in excerpt taken from China press (translated with google translator of coz)

Hard to let go of people killed suspect Polly suicide before trial

Female suicide Shopping
(Kuala Lumpur, 21 News) 2 days ago from Long City, a famous shopping mallsuicide of Chinese woman Guo Baoli, in March this year, involving a fatal car accident; she was the day before the court, falls to commit suicide.

Falls dead before the witness had said she could not forget the accident occurred, I believe she can not escape the conscience, only an end in the pre-trial life.

Kuala Lumpur deputy traffic police deputy director of the Ronin IPCC confirmed todayby the advisory, the deceased and 9 months ago a death crash driver is the sameone who did not rule out the deceased committed suicide on motivation and on thecourt.

This year at 22:30 on March 28, 23-year-old Guo Baoli driving modern cars MetalCheras via a petrol station in the garden when he suddenly, and a car collided andcrashed into the petrol station, resulting in an oil is Tim 32-year-old witch-Americanman was killed Mohamed Joris.

After the crash, Guo Baoli sustained minor injuries, hospital treatment. After the car accident case, the network spread over 1 minute and 37 seconds of CCTV videoscreen, the name of "add fuel to any petrol station please be careful"in the title, alertthe public.

On the other hand, the deceased funeral today by the Guangdong Yishan, sent to theCheras crematorium for cremation.

Family of the deceased do not want to respondents, and that just want to let the dead good to go.

18 December 2010

Ferrari F430 Accident on Road to Genting Highland

Got these photos from my FB wall, apparently there are taken from ZTH, so credit of the photos goes to them.

The said accident happened on the road to Genting Highland. If this can happen to a Ferrari F430, just imagine what this road can do to your ride if you are reckless ....

Ferrari F430 climbed the curb on a road to Genting highland

I cant figure out how the F430 managed to be in such a position, can you?

OH! and this is not just an ordinary Ferrari F430 ... this is a Scuderia Ferrari!! Wat is Scuderia Ferrari? kinda like EVO for lancer lidat la! En?

16 December 2010

The Star Online Blooper

I think someone in the star online is dem sleepy yesday lol!

Ignore then 1st part of the news .. the blooper is at the 2nd part of the news. Can see anot?

If kenot nemai ... i blow up n highlighted the blooper part for you. I first realised something wrong when i read few times also derno wtf they trying to say lol!

13 December 2010

Zero To Hundred Time to Attack 2010 Finale

Attended the Finale of ZTH Time to Attack at serdang last sunday, it was such a effing hot day, which is actually good news and bad news. Good news is there is plenty of sunlight and the bad news is I m getting roasted alive under the sun!

The Time To Attack 2010 Series New record is now at 2:19!

Enuff craps! I’ll let the photos do the talking!  (click on the photo to enlarge)


Its always easier (ALOT easier to pan in 2D i.e. – the side of the car) because you wont face so much of DOF (depth of field) issue when your image is flat and the distance of the moving object (in this case its a track car) is the same from headlight to the rear.

But when the car is in its perspective view (like most photos below) thats when you will face issue with your DOF, because certain part of the car is now nearer to your camera and certain part is actually further. The camera cannot focus ar different point at the same time. This is call Perspective Panning

11 December 2010

ZTH Time to Attack Motorsports Photography Contest by Autodetailer.co

Great news for Motorsport Photographers/enthusiasts!

Autodetailer.co in collaboration with Zerotohundred.com is holding a photography contest during the ZTH Time to Attack event at Sepang F1 track this coming Sunday 12th December 2010 from 12pm to 5pm.

For those who are interested to participate, this is how this contest works. *excerpt taken from autodetailer's fb wall*

Check out the latest automotive photography contest in town!

This is a photo community effort to cultivate more photographers in the area of automotive photography & motorsports. I believe with some grassroots motivation and guidance we can have ourselves a stellar field of photographers in the arena. The contest is a pro-bono effort and is non-profit. There are no entry fees and all levels of photographic talents are invited. We have managed to source sponsorship prizes from an iPod Touch, Crumpler bags, Manfrotto monopods and many more to a value of over $7,000. The contest will have 8 main categories, namely:

1. Best Panning Shot
2. Best Action Shot
3. Best Behind-The-Scenes Pit Shot
4. Best Artistic Automotive Shot
5. Best Photoshop®-processed image
6. Best Lighting Shot
7. Best Creative Shot from a Mobile Phone
8. Best Overall Image that captures the TTA Series 2010 (to be used for next year's TTA Series)

This will be a contest judged on photographic quality & technical knowledge so we won't be allowing butt shots and other time wasters.

Location: Time To Attack Sepang: Finale 2010
Time: 8am to 6pm
Equipment: All digital photographic devices i.e. SLR's, EVIL's, Prosumer, Digicams, Handphones & Mobile Devices.
Details: AutoDetailer Studio FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AutoDetailer-Studio/148771698484106

Contest Mechanics:
1. Visit the AutoDetailer Studio FaceBook page.
2. "Like" it to participate and receive updates.
3. Read the instructions and rules provided.
4. Images are to be emailed with the relevant information.
5. Judges will select 12 best photos for each category
6. Images will be displayed on FaceBook for you and your friends to vote.
7. Highest number of "Likes" win

It's that easy!

P.S. You can enter all categories simultaneously but are limited to a maximum of one entry per category.

See you there!

7 December 2010

The White Celica

With the help a my buddy photographers we captured a few interesting images of my white Chili Car at a secret carpark location somewhere in KL.