22 December 2010

Girl Who suicide at Pavilion on the Dec 19th Identified

Remembered this case? it happened on the 2nd of April 2010 ... a 23 yrs old girl rammed into the BHP petrol station at Tmn Midah and killed a man ...

Well .. you guessed right! This is the same as the 23 yrs old girl who suicide at Pavilion on the 18th Dec 2010 ... just 1 day before she is scheduled to attend court on the hearing of her case....

here in excerpt taken from China press (translated with google translator of coz)

Hard to let go of people killed suspect Polly suicide before trial

Female suicide Shopping
(Kuala Lumpur, 21 News) 2 days ago from Long City, a famous shopping mallsuicide of Chinese woman Guo Baoli, in March this year, involving a fatal car accident; she was the day before the court, falls to commit suicide.

Falls dead before the witness had said she could not forget the accident occurred, I believe she can not escape the conscience, only an end in the pre-trial life.

Kuala Lumpur deputy traffic police deputy director of the Ronin IPCC confirmed todayby the advisory, the deceased and 9 months ago a death crash driver is the sameone who did not rule out the deceased committed suicide on motivation and on thecourt.

This year at 22:30 on March 28, 23-year-old Guo Baoli driving modern cars MetalCheras via a petrol station in the garden when he suddenly, and a car collided andcrashed into the petrol station, resulting in an oil is Tim 32-year-old witch-Americanman was killed Mohamed Joris.

After the crash, Guo Baoli sustained minor injuries, hospital treatment. After the car accident case, the network spread over 1 minute and 37 seconds of CCTV videoscreen, the name of "add fuel to any petrol station please be careful"in the title, alertthe public.

On the other hand, the deceased funeral today by the Guangdong Yishan, sent to theCheras crematorium for cremation.

Family of the deceased do not want to respondents, and that just want to let the dead good to go.


  1. the translation really kanasai la. u use google ah?

  2. It's a very sad story but the translation made it like a joke.. =.=colourful

  3. yang dilanggar sedih, yang melanggar pun sedih. berhati2la bila di jalanraya, bila jadi macam nie tidak ada siapa pun yg untung.

  4. yg dilanggar sedih, yg melanggar pun sedih pengakhirannya. berhati2la bila di jalanraya dn memandulah dgn bertanggungjawab. anyone know how she committed suicide?


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