5 December 2010

Toyota FT 86 (FT HS) Hybrid Sports Concept at KLIMS 2010

This car has been dubted the Replacement for the legendary Toyota Corolla Coupe AE86 driven by Takumi in the animation series Initial D and subsequently in Project D.

This car first emerges at the Tokyo Motor show 2009 and now finally felllow malaysian have the chance to take a glance of the legendary much talk about Toyota FT86 concept car at KLIMS PWTC.

Lets cut the craps and go directly to the photos shall we?

The first thing i noticed on this Prototype Toyota FT86 (FT HS) is the Carbon fiber rims! Its a must have in this era!! *slurps*

Carbon Fiber Rims on the FT86 (FT HS)

Credit of this particular photo goes to my photog buddy Tong from http://tkyphoto.blogspot.com/

The Smexy Headlight of the FT86

Heard of News that this Toyota Ft86 currently being tested on the in Japan and America, whether this will be a production car in the future ... I very much hope so!

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