23 December 2010

Makeup Studio Caught Plagiarizing photos from other Photo Studio

I really salute this Misaki Beauty Makeup Studio! If they have a studio, why they kenot take own pic? or izzit make up studio dont have photography service one? Is tat why they are stealing other ppl's Photos and use it as their own advertisements?

I seriously hope that Misaki Beauty Studio can be abit more intelligent ... use other ppl's (Chris's Fong's) photo and put it on the front page of a national newspaper is not exactly an intelligent act ok?

The worst part is ... Chris Fong was mistakenly blamed to be the one who copied Misaki instead! Luckily Misaki got pwnED at the end by a recording of a telephone conversation admitting that its Chris Fong's photos and Misaki never took that particular photo of the client! Watch the below video to find out more!

Excerpt taken from the below video ...

无良化妆师 Joanne Teoh,欺压同行,行为可耻,天地不容 - Video

无良化妆师 Joanne Teoh,为人奸险,不知廉耻,颠倒是非,贼喊捉贼,无良奸商。本人看不过眼,决定爆料,让大家. Watch Video about Joanne Teoh,Misaki beauty &Make-up studio,Misaki Joanne

Unscrupulous makeup artist Joanne Teoh, bullying peers, shameful behavior.

Unscrupulous makeup artist Joanne Teoh, treacherous woman, no sense of shame, right and wrong, n unscrupulous profiteers. I could not bear watching, decided to brake the news, so that everyone will know bout her. Watch Video about Joanne Teoh, Misaki beauty & Make-up studio, Misaki Joanne

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