18 December 2010

Ferrari F430 Accident on Road to Genting Highland

Got these photos from my FB wall, apparently there are taken from ZTH, so credit of the photos goes to them.

The said accident happened on the road to Genting Highland. If this can happen to a Ferrari F430, just imagine what this road can do to your ride if you are reckless ....

Ferrari F430 climbed the curb on a road to Genting highland

I cant figure out how the F430 managed to be in such a position, can you?

OH! and this is not just an ordinary Ferrari F430 ... this is a Scuderia Ferrari!! Wat is Scuderia Ferrari? kinda like EVO for lancer lidat la! En?


  1. His luck sure very very 'sui'. Money goes to casino no more now the car also dun want. Give me sell better.

  2. certain stretch very deceiving. . .only those regular will know whr. . .

  3. It looks terrible. I hope no one was seriously hurt from this accident.

  4. Anonymous1:28 am

    The car on the picture is a Ferrari 430 Scuderia - not as you say a Scuderia Ferrari.. "Scuderia Ferrari" is a name commonly used about the Formula 1 team known as "Scuderia Ferrari"..


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