30 July 2006

Pu nia buhh...


eh some of you guys can stay out of trouble bo.... ask for some simple favour also kenot is it now... knn ah.. this time really no face to give liao la... already kena marah by my tau ke lah... teng lei lou fai ar.....

is like this geh....

tau keh pei yan tiu/no syok/no mood = i kena tiu 2 x ganda summore not the syok type wo........

and then... go holiday in phukiket never buy anything back for me woh..

and then have to OT 9 9 then kenot claim woh... fu lat arr...

summor waste my effort put fahwer here there to deco the tempat keje... mou yi hei mia taukeh.. summore this linpeh dunno sei go where dy.. also another mou yi hei colleague...

then the fler who impersonate Jeff Ooi and another blogger now damn mou seng kak la.. camou other ppl name then now my boss ham hoi me say i ask that fella sabo him wo.... my boss like to post his underwear mia brand, his prada mia vibrator, his two sided gucci dildo, his son mia funky slippers... kwan lei pei si meh....yoh... u dun like then dun komen lo... the blog his one mar.. not yours also... he founder ma.. he wan wipe his hingus all over it muh let him lor... why wan komen then kasi him panas jek..? why???

tiu lor(high note)?!?!?!... u tell me.. tiu or not..

summore kenot pok chui at my boss woh... if i kena fired or i kenot quit my job geh... i never study mar... only he will employ me geh.. so if kena terminated ...sure have to char tau hak sik liao.. become pengemis... tiu....

Please la.. dont irritate me liao lar.. please... i have enough to sei liao geh..

Very simple... dont like .... u can drop us a suggestion.. but dont komen like your grandfather can do better ok.. ..and if you think your grandpa indeed can do better.... please keep it to yourself cos we dont wanna know lar ok and simply because my ancestor is still the best geh.. *i lap you thai koong and thai por..*

set bor??? eh sai bor? simple small request ok... kam sia, sekian tima kacih, ten chu.

sleepi tim....

I Can't SWIM!!

This story is about the time when Ah Beng was studying in the Amalika. He has this rich friend called Bill that owns a boat. One day Ah Beng went to meet Bill in a bar. He went in and sees Bill sitting at the end of the bar counter with a great big smile on his face.

Ah Beng asked "Oi Bill, why are you so farkin happy?"

"Well Beng, I gotta tell ya... Yesterday I was out waxin' my boat, just waxin' my boat, and a redhead came up to me...with tits out to here, Beng, tits out to here!" answered Bill.

"She says 'Can I have a ride in your boat?' I said 'Sure you can have a ride in my boat.' So I took her way out. I turned off the key and I said 'It's either screw or swim!' She couldn't swim, Ah Beng, she couldn't swim!!"

The next day Ah Beng goes drinking with Bill again. He sees Bill sitting at the end of the bar counter with a bigger smile on his face.

Ah Beng asks again "So, why are you so farking happy again today?"

"Well Ah Bengl...I gotta tell ya...Yesterday I was out waxin' my boat, just waxin' my boat and a BEAUTIFUL brunette came up to me... with tits out to here, and curves like a Coke bottle!! She said 'Can I have a ride in your boat?' 'Sure you can have a ride in my boat.' So I took her way out, way out...much further than the last one. I turned off the key and I said 'Its either screw or swim!' She couldn't swim!!, Bill, she couldn't swim!!!!"

Suddenly Ah Beng has this great idea. He says to Bill, "Oi Bill, since we all flen flen... how bout I bollow your boat for a day?"

Bill says, "Well... I don't know..."

"I'll even help you wax it! How bout that?" says Ah Beng.

"Ok, but take good care of her alright?"

A couple days pass and Bill walks into the bar and sees Ah Beng down there cryin over a beer. Bill says "Hey Ah Beng, what are you so sad for?.. You didn't wreck my boat did you???!"

"No, no, your boat is in excellent condition. Nicely waxed and evelithing".

"Then what's wrong?" Bill asked.

"Well.... Yesterday I was waxing your boat lor, just waxing only, and then the most desirable BLOND came up to me... Her tits was like bursting out of her dress... Her figures has tight curves like a Felahli (Ferrari)... She came up and says 'Can I have a ride in your boat?' So I answered 'Sure of course you can have a ride...' (but you will be riding me soon too .. heheh, thought Ah Beng)"

"So I took her way, way, WAY out... I turned off the key, and looked at her tits and said 'Its either screw or swim!!'. She pulled down her pants.... she had a dick, Bill !!! She had a GREAT BIG DICK!!! And I can't swim, Bill...I CAN'T SWIM !!!"

Internet Trolls and Lifeless Bastards!

An Example of trolls and lifeless bastard on a Sunday Afternoon.

Date and Time : 06-07-30 17:53:19
IP address :
Nick Used : Long Fu Mun
Jeff, I agree... I long time Bo Song reading Wingz boring posts adi. He thot his blog is so CLEVER and FUNNY but he is actually a shallow boring self-important ashole blogger with nothing to say

Reply : Lung Liahmah, boh song dont read lar kau hai! read mudhai read? go read liahmah la! ask liahpah make a blog let u read lar! if liahpah sei 9 jor then ask liahpoh make la! hamkahlin! got so many ppl die why you not yet die? just now hujan ledi, if u die now easier for ppl to dig 9 your lobang to tanam you!

Date and Time : 06-07-30 17:36:12
IP :
Nick Used : Jeff Ooi
This blog is called "A Bunch of Funny Comedian Who Wanna Save The World with Supplies of Daily Jokes, Junks, Funny Videos and Funny Craps" not "Wingz family Vacation blog". Wingz is spoiling rojaks.

Reply : bobo, spoil your farking dickhead la! you stupid moronic retard!! this is my blog lar sohai!!! you dont sik siu siu barn toi piu lar! you dont even fucking know i own this blog and yet u barking non stop here for what fark? you goan ask your mader make you one blog lar!!! then u goan bark at your mader ... sau pei lar go play far far ... you got ask your mader for permission to come online anot? you finish your homework anot??!!!

Date and Time : 06-07-30 17:34:52
IP :
Nick Used : Jeff Ooi
Im going to post this one more time under my real name and if you delete this YOU ARE A FARKING PUSSY.

Reply : bobo, Niahmah jau pussy lar ... sohai!!! you fartwan hamkahlink! people dont get pussy for deleting your retarded komen one lar haipot ... sau pei lar!!! wuahahahaha!!!

Date and Time :06-07-30 17:32:28
IP :
Nick Used : Don Wong
Ham ga ling! Fuk you lah bobo!

The last 3 comments belongs to the same people and this ASSLESS fucker I know who you are .... bcoz only that retard thinks this blogs does not belongs to me, anyone want his email? Maybe I should send this ip and his email to Mimos and let them find 9 him huh?

He thinks he used other ppl's blog and nick (Pisang and Jeffooi) to flame me lar I wont know its him la konon .... i dont blame him ... ppl lidat have very low IQ, so i m not suprised if he derno he can be traced one. Be kind to retards like him ok?

Who know mimos mia email address ar? I wanna email them these IP la.


Knot Post This!!! Knot Post That!!! Farkiu La!

This post is a spesel dedication to those ungrateful mofo who has been komplening and setting rules on my blog of what i shud and shud not post. Normally i would just ignore those trolls but tonite i dem sien and looking for ppl to fark! So if you are not one of the trolls then no nid to read .... no nid to waste your time ok?

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Recently I have been getting this kinda comments in my posts, I derno when, why or how they suddenly became my blogging boss ledi without me knowing it but one thing for sure .... I dint get a farking cent of salary from them either. Now trend heng self proclaimed Boss ka?

I post it here 2 of the latest *spesel* comments for you guys to read.

Long Fu Mun said...

Dear Wingz:
Stop posting your vacation photos. I thought this was a comedy blog, it is now being ruined by your self-centeredness.
If I wanted to see this slice of life kind of shit I'd visit Xia Zue's blog, not rojaks.


Anonymous said...
What an irritatingly moralising post.
Your blog used to be funny but it has really jumped the shark as of late.

Like i said too many times before, i love to make people laugh .... but these kinda people do not understand one thing about jokes.

Everytime 10 people laughed at a joke there will be 10 others who will think the joke isnt funny at all. So a joke can be funny and unfunny at the same time depending on what angle and what kinda mood u r in when you are reading the joke (also depends on whether u love that kinda jokes anot la)

On top of that I wanna tell you guys that I m not God of Laughters .... I CANT post farkingly insanely, hillarious jokes every single day! If you think you can do exactly that, then please go ahead and create your own funny blog and gimme the link ... i will make sure i goan read everyday and then at the end of the day i dont farking care how much effort you put on that post i will fark u kaw kaw!!! Then we will see who will have the last laugh.

You go watch movie also kena buy ticket lar! that one also no gerenti you will come out laughing, if the movie is not funny then too bad you aint getting your money back either! if lidat u komplen then acceptable la! at least you are paying to watch the movie right anot?

This blog totally FOC wan .... come read, luffed ledi pat-pat your ass straight logoff ledi (some nice flers will leave comments) majority (99.9%) are silent readers, they do not leave any comments ..... I m fine with that but now getting abit lebih ledi ...... now they start requesting and start making rules of what i can post and what i cant post liow wor!!! Lidat i might as well change position with them la! They blog and i read la! After i finish reading then I start making sohai request lar ok anot? How? chun boh?

If not lidis lar ... you (Lung Fu Mun) make me an offer lar, you tell me how much you gonna pay me per post IF I post according to what you want to read lor .... ok anot lidis?

I eagerly awaits your lucrative offer ok? faitit make your offer!!

If not then FARKIU la!


29 July 2006

Light and Easy Weekend - Sunshine Bay Resort PD

Photographs were taken last weekend in PD, we stayed in Sunshine Bay Resort for the first time.

Many tenkiu to my taikor Ahpek for introducing his frend who is also an agent to this place to us, we got 3 nice units of 2 bedroom apartment to ourself for RM170 each.

FYI, this is not a full service resort/hotel but rather it is kinda like those apartment style and please dont expect the kinda anmenities/services you would get from a hotel.

Room are air conditioned but the living room arent, some unit comes with microwave and some came with a gas stove, you can cook here if you want all you need to do is to bring your own food as all the other stuffs like cooking utensils, woks, ladle, forks, spoons, plates and bowls are provided with the apartment.

They even have BBQ pit, but its not free ... RM30 for the pit rental and you hafta bring your own charcoal and food of coz.

How do I rate this place? Definitely Good value for money!!

Below are some of the pics i took the other day, enjoy!

2 Monsters at play

Pic taken from the balcony

another pic from the balcony

the L shape swimming pool

I think thats the jetty of something lidat

Jetski very expensive! RM100 for 30 minutes!!!

Small Lagoon behind the roadside pub

Lil Devil all wrapped up

Lil Devil in the pool

Lil Monster attacking the pool

Some aunty on the beach with her kids (looks like 5xmom rite?)

Corus Paradise Hotel/apartment just next to us

Seaweed/grass being washed ashore .... u think bcoz of tsunami in Indonesia?

Lil Devil building sandcastle

roadside pub

Orange on the beach

someone leading Lil Devil to the sea

Art on the beach

Lil Deil enjoying the waves

2 monsters playing on the beach

a bunch of funny teens posing on the beach

little do they know their face will end up here lol!

Cute anot?

and sommo

and sommo

My brother and my oldman

Small monster and big monster


Dead coconut trunk


28 July 2006

My Favourite Car Wash Place

Belif it anot, this car wash is rumoured to be located in Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang area .... This is one Car Wash I dont mind to go to .... DAILY!!

I m wondering ... you think they charging how much per wash ar? You think they only wash cars or they willing to wash the driver skali ?

Piaoker come come I wash you clean clean!!!

Wuah this one looks like my dreamgal ... Pak Suet Kung G

Look at that pairs of headlights!!!!! Laubeihuet SIAL!!!!

Phuiyo!!! siap posing doggy style SIAL!!! Mun lei Sei erm SEI!!!!

Korkor!!! come ler we wash car together gether ......

Rear View .... i mean the car lar!!!

This pic triggered my internal alarm system and my whole body goes

Korkor jai u wait har ... very soon your turn liow ler ....

Korkor-jai ah .... you want me or Kelly to wash you your car jek?

Rub rub rub ..... stroke stroke stroke up, down, up, down

WUAH!!! you see! The Queue behind us so long ledi!!! whole Bukit Bintang
Traffic jam!!!
Thanks to Rojaks Daily for the free advertisement!!!

Seriously, I derno where this place is ... if you know please lemme know ok? we go wash car together gether!!!!

Who want go with us pls sign up in the comment section!!!! We convoy go Wash Cars!!!!

Thanks to LMF for the tips and pics