9 July 2006

Worldcup Teaser

Imagine this ....

You are living in Eulope then u got stuck in the terrible traffic jam ..... you know you couldnt make it on time to see the kickoff between France and Italy.

Then suddenly you saw this message board and on the board they are saying something lidis :

GO FRANCE GO!!! I sapot sama lu!!!!

But if you are going to work in the morning rush hour and got stuck in the jam and you saw something lidis :

Dont be alarmed ok? That message prolly posted by me to whore for traffic! Whore for *traffic* gedit??!!


in case you wondering, no lar i still in kl .... tues oni leaving!



  1. go go go france fried... :P

    u win i sure eat u owes no matter which fark pood outlet or mamak stall...

  2. Anonymous4:56 pm

    I'm back to the 1st !!11oneone

    I tot u pigi holiday liao? Come back blog for what?

    Where is my seashell?

  3. Anonymous4:57 pm

    fark! ah nel beats me!


  4. wuah gays club ah? Hehehe, I baru realised ah nel is a guy. Ah nel, tks for the nice pics hor?

    I SAPOT ITALY because the team play a nicer game than France. France only got Barthez the goal keeper and Zidane. ITALY, ITALY, ITALY.

  5. Anonymous7:37 pm

    don't forget to shoot lotsa rojaks pictures ok?

  6. italy!! france is useless with players like henry

  7. i oso want france to win becoz i dont want italy to win! cant stand the blardy italians in carlton here, macam hooligans! if they lose they'll cry but i'll be very happy!

  8. lol!!! choi khor lei..... FRA 2- ITA 0.....suppose 2 be terbalik....FRA 0- Ita 2...baru betul....

  9. ahnel : French flies rawks!!!

    bryan : diu lar notchet go la ... tues only go

    5xmom : Italy is going down man!!! DOWN!!!!

    toxicle : dun say shoot piktures la .. shoot sperm also can! lol

    ee wei : Italy sarks wei!!! dun say i no tell you ... if you bet on italy hor .. she 9 sei lei ah!!!

    wuching : YESH!!! FRANCE FRANCE FRANCE!!!!

    jason : diu bruff u for what? tonite u see lar! FRA 2-Ita 0 !!!! wuahahaha

  10. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Gua sapot Italy. Go Italy..Italy..!!

  11. Anonymous2:11 am

    MCH tot u leave d = =" whoring for traffic.no footie fan zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    faster leave la wingz

    jk don go small gassy orh

  12. Anonymous2:12 am

    oik wat happened? u dowan me to comment isit or this whatever "type wahtever letter u see " thingy got problem? i typed 3 times onli succes..grrrrr

  13. bryan:u stay #1 too many times liaw so must let me... :P

    lilian:apuuu...long time i din hear that d as i cut my hair...last time long hair people mistaken me a girl... :)


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