11 July 2006

Befoh I Ciao ......

I was double checking our suitcase just now when i found it to be alot heavier than I packed it on Sunday, so i open it up and see whats in there.

You know what i found?? a whole bloody set of cosmetic and facials stuffs! THE WHOLE BLOODY SET YOU KNOW??!!! Big botols, semal botols, big jars, semal jars, aerosol type, pump type suma got! That bloody set must have weight at least 5-10 kilos!!!

Then I asked my bini :

Me : oi! you go pesyen show ka go holidei wan?
Her : Why?
Me : your cosmetics and facials stuffs u bring all for what la?
Her : Hafta bring lar! i everynite also got use one mah
Me : U everynite use facial stuffs only rite?
Her : yar, so?
Me : Then those makeups bring for what lar? you know how heavy anot? You gonna carry the briefcase izzit?
Her : Eh I makeup also for u ok? I leng leng then u also proud got leng bini.
Me : If you leng then u no nid makeup also leng one la! if not leng then makeup also no use, so you dun add extra weight to the beggage can ar?
Her : @#$%^^!!@! nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag @#$^%&&@!!
Me : *Pretend dint hear anything ....*

On anoder incident, got ppl ask me why no more post my crappy lame jokes ledi? ok la ok la ... i post one before i ciao ok?


Once upon a time in this town live this tycoon Ahpek , this Ahpek very rich one he drive Marsilee and wear LOLEX watch, he also got big big shop selling seafood one, his business is very good and many many customers buy seafood from him.

Thats how he got so rich la, even tho he blardee rich ledi but still he very the farking Kiam Siap/Stingy wan, 5 sen bigger than bullock cart type! Ahpek refused to hire anyone to work for him and force his wife, son and doter to run the shop.

Then one weekend Ahpek drive his big big Marsilee to KL to find piao mei to karaoke, on the way he kena accident and were sent to the hospital by passer-by.

Ahpek was unconcious when he arrived at the hospital and when he regained his conciousness the day after he panicked!

Nurse : Uncle releks uncle!!! you kena accident lar uncle got peeple send you here wan.
Ahpek : Accident??!!! How my Marsilee?? HOW MY MARSILEEE??!!!!!
Nurse : Soli uncle i heard your Marsilee total lost liow.
Ahpek : Diu lor Diu lor DIU LOR!!! MY MARSILEE AHH!!!!
Nurse : Uncle you just lost your right arm you knot be so tension one leh! If not later kena stroke one leh!
Ahpek : My right arm? Eh! Where is my LOLEX??? Who see my LOLEX? WHERE?!! WHEREE???!!!
Nurse : Aiyo uncle cool down lar! LOLEX only mah next time buy new one lor! You cool down first I ask your family come in to see you ok?
Ahpek : My family here? fast fast ask them comeeee!!

Actually Ahpek 's eyes also hurt during the accident so he knot see very clear lar .... then his family all kam in the room ledi

Ahpek So : Ahpekkkk!!! I KAM LEDI!!! you see me anot??!!!
Ahpek : Wife is that you ar?
Ahpek So : yar yar its me, i kam see you ledi dun worry.
Ahpek : Who else is here? Ah chai is here also?
Ahchai : Laubeh Ahchai here I kam see you also, dun be sad you will recover wan.
Ahpek : Ahchai you also here .... Ahmoi here anot?
Ahmoi : Laubeh I also here! dont worry too much lokter say you will recover very fast wan.


Thanks to Jessieling for the story

Last but not least .... you all think Zidane is very bad for heading that sohai (derno wats his name ledi) with his *Shaolin Tit Tau Kung* then you actually derno half of the story!

I receive news from my smallfly in Berlin, he receive this news from a reliable source that actually that sohai who kena whacked by Zidane is gay one! He molested Zidane! he char 9 Zidane's nenku and char 9 Zidane's sifut!

Mahai if got gay low char 9 me lidat i also tulan wei!!! I will give him more than "Shaolin Tit Tau Kung" !!! I give 9 him mou ying kiok also!!!

U dun belif me? dun werry we got visual prove, see for yourself la .. see how that gay low molest 9 Zidane and char 9 him! Watch carefully!!!

Got see anot?? got see anot??!!! I no bruff 9 u wan geh! that sei gay low molest 9 Zidane! thats why he tulan lar! Italy main tipu!! Italy send gay low molest ppl to win wan!!! MCH!!!

Ok la ... 2am ledi ... i got sleep la! Dun miss me so much can?? baibai!!!

Many tenkiu to Tenaciou T for the video link


  1. well happy holiday ar.. wingz... dun forget to get some dolpin piktures for me...
    and if you travel with plain i think you kanot take aerosol in plane leh...

  2. ah pek kena again.. lol!!

  3. Anonymous7:48 am

    Don't forget my seashells ah!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. hapi holideh...

    dont pee in the sea later all pish die and catch some starpish 4 me... :P

  5. Anonymous9:57 am

    You don't understand women la. We want to look best possible during holiday and that is when we took lots of photograph wat. Luckly she didn't bring 3 pairs of shoes to match her baju. Then you lagi pengsan.

    I think Zidane rawks too!!!

  6. Anonymous10:56 am

    Have a good trip wei. When you come back we go yam cha.

  7. Anonymous11:34 am

    Don't forget my souvenir ah!
    hahahaha... the sholin tit tau kung video no longer available.! lol

  8. 0i Wingz....dun forget the treasure!! and do have a jolly good time !!!

  9. Aiyaa... the youtube file no longer available!

  10. Niamah...neber thanks me for the inspiration ar? hahaha...

  11. Anonymous5:00 pm

    jibet! before going oso so much to talk.
    careful of the sharks when you go diving!

  12. Anonymous5:01 pm

    i hope the jelly fish sting your backside when you go diving.

  13. i knew it! i saw it yesterday. i claimed to ppl say he was been touched at the chest. My mother heard that some people kick his leg. My aunty say the guy kick his leg. My dad say dunno wat wat liao. Yeah I am the right one! kena char ning ku la....hahaha
    the refree shouldn't give him red card la.

  14. Anonymous8:23 pm


    vid link

  15. You really got funny story! Go Hong Kong to see Chow Sing Chi lah... he needs a sidekick, now!!! Very Urgent. Please call.

  16. Anonymous1:14 am

    buaahah kns!
    anyway FOR THE LAST TIME...wingz have a nice trip!!!! make sure shark don eat u hor,its an endanger species.don make it less =p


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