8 July 2006

Rojaks Reality Check - MacDonald Spicy Beef Foldover? DIU!!!

Its our fastfood day of the month, we are practising this healthy diet thingy whereby we only allow ourself 1 (one) fastfood meal a month. Fastfood is not really good for your health you know?

Conversation in a car today :

Me : whats for dinner?
Her : Erm ... pizza?
Me : I prefer MacDonald than pizza.
Lil Devil : I wan Macdonald!
Her : ok MacDonald then! Since you decided ledi, next time dont ask me!
Me : What la? ... they got this new Spicy Beef Foldover mah ... it looks nice on TV
Lil Devil : I wan prench flies dip dip tomto sos!
Me : -_-""

At Macdonald order counter :

We ordered one set of 2 piece chicken and a set of Spicy Beef Foldover Value meal of coz ... Paid 20 bucks and all ready to grab a bite. (MCH eat sucky fast food also 20 bucks ... go Tsim Tung eat lagi best!!)

Then we all got ourself a table and begin to feast ler, skali i opened my Spicy Beef Foldover I notice somthing not very the RIGHT! WTF? Why all vege one? Where is the beef??? WHERE?! WHERE?!!!

Then it hit me like the Miri Girl kena hit by the St. Joe Mafia girls geng lidat ..... I been CONNED! Conned by who? u see for yourself lor ....

For larger image click on the pikture above

MCH!!! RM10 bucks for a vegetable burger??!!! diu lar! RM10 i can get 10 Benjo in the neighbourhood Ramly burger stall can eat till lausai! Dont call this new product Spicy Beef Foldover la the name is not up to it! Call it Spicy Vege Foldover would be more suitable!

MacDonald, you are slacking ok? We consumer not BAKA DESU! (stupid la) you keep doing this then u will end up like KFC you know? Anyone been to KFC lately? No right? thats because we have been taken for a ride too many times by KFC and most of us tulan ledi fark them no free!

So MacDonald, please brush up you act , your food arent very healthy and you should know that by now .... we would be healthier without your food you know? So, dont treat us like Goblok ok?

10 bucks for a farking Vege burger??? ... you must be kidding!! I'm Lovin it MY ASS!!

MCH gimme back my money!!!!



  1. McDonald, hanya boleh makan is BigMac! :D And its refillable coke!

  2. Anonymous12:44 am

    Diu! You didn't have to go all the way to McDonalds to find out. Next time you give me the RM9+ and I tell you.

  3. RM10? You gotta be kidding? So expensive meh?

    When I went to Thailand, I tried the prawn one. They need more veg and prawn filling but overall taste not bad

  4. Olang kaya kena tipu-ed. The only thing I eat from McD is their cheese burger for RM2.50 (no more offer) and now egg and beef burger for RM3.00. One coke, whole family share. Kehkehkeh.

  5. Anonymous1:42 am

    Kena conned one time oni wat.Next time dun go again la. Tiger fuck one time one wat. Nebermine, Cum cum we go eat steak at the Ship gua belanja.

  6. mc'donald and KFC?
    i tell you i prefet Burger King...
    you can order BK boiler or any value meal
    and the unlimited reload err.. refill any kind of their drinks...

  7. On the other hand, McD could come in cheap and handy if you go backpacking in Europe. And you don't have to pay the tips! Free toilet summore! (But some they lock it lar)

    But in food heaven Malaysia, why lar go and choose McD! Make it the last resort!

  8. Anonymous3:22 am

    McD & KFC..both same..expensive!!!better eat at mamak

  9. jason : mcb dun drink too much coke ... bad for kidney

    gbyeow : diuu might as well u gimme 9 bucks then i go experience it myself laa

    simmie : thailand value meal how much? oh yea u just reminded me to try the thailand's "ham"burger when i go there ... kl here tarak one

    5xmom : if olang kaya kalo then wont complen bcoz of 20 bucks meal lerr

    ace : sure anot??!!! ship on u wor! can bring family ar?

    pisang : Barger king also same la! all junks

    howsy : Ironic isnt it? here in msia McD kira is expensive food .. but when u goto uk kira cheap pulak lol same like ikea ... ikea in uk kira cheap furniture .. here malaysian treat them like king of furniture lol!

  10. Anonymous3:52 am

    McD's Quarter Pounder is teh best!

    Btw, look at lil devil's pic then look at the blog header, now I know you like pat leong kam so much until lil devil's hairstyle also the same.

  11. I also kena con! Basket, pay so much for sooo little beef.... Agree with PisangGoreng Burger King much better, but too bad, no burger king from whr i stay! Got to settle for next choice..McD's. TNS

  12. i tell u.. m'sian fastfood.. everytime i go back.. sure c they naik harga 1.. kanasai sial..

    bryan, that's bcoz his hair is cut by his dad.. lol!!

  13. Anonymous8:39 am

    suu the burger lah!!

  14. lucky i'm not keen in fark pood...i go kfc onli eat mashes potato and their wedges...and their ice limon t are ice lime t...cibai...ebely kfc same like malay stall u ordar ice limon t they gv u ice lime t...cipiet..

  15. Anonymous9:59 am

    support support.............people just kena brain wash by advertisements................

  16. worked there b4 in one of the outlet and I swear I only eat their beef burger. Lain I .......tak makan

  17. aiyo` the other day i went to KFc, I was surprised how small the chicken had shrunk` wakakakkak kolian lor` I eat liaw also feel pathetic` tsk tsk tsk

  18. Anonymous11:10 am

    Go to mamak stall, get a chapati, put in lots of beef rendang and some vege... RM3 max!

  19. bryan said...

    Btw, look at lil devil's pic then look at the blog header, now I know you like pat leong kam so much until lil devil's hairstyle also the same.

    LOL, ROTFLMAO!!!! Yes, got same oso. Hahahahaha.

    BTW, I posted a complaint about Pizza Hut and mail the link to their GM and Senior Mktg Mgr. Today, they phoned up. Send yr link to McD lah. At least it helps to improve and less poeple get cheated and bad services.

  20. Anonymous1:03 pm

    ONE DAY DIN READ ROJAKS WILL DIE!!i am NEVER a MCD fan wahahhahahaha.dai lei sei~~

  21. was told that actual costing of fast food at these outlets is never more than 20% of selling price. so they put in vege fillers to make it appear like big portion.

  22. pinvader : mamak rawks!!!

    bryan : wuahaha that is Wingz signature haircut!!!

    abuchak : mahchowhai!!! lets boikotek McD!!!

    crazygrrl : Wat to do? malaysia here suma lancau also naik!

    ahpek : su the burger for what? if want also su the kompeni laa

    ahnel : fark food eat ledi backside kena open fawer wan! lol

    anon : lu say sapot but put anon diu! lidat not sincere la!

    Foodcrazee : no wonder so little beef la!! the staffs ate them all!!

    a^ben : KFC Kecik Fried Chicken mah!!! thats why small lar!!!

    doc : sifu RM3 inclusive of teh tarik sommo!!!

    5xmom : pizza hut got gibe lu free voucher anot? if no free voucher i lazy mau email them.

    belle : oi u kambek from holidei ledi meh? got buy me plesen anot?!

    nyonya : those fast food patty all animal fats n soya beans n skins inside lar ... cost very cheap only, if not u think they got money to advertise so much mehh

    frostier : mch my adsense not enuff to employ indon maid also ok??!!!

  23. HAHAHAA can eat Ramli burger till lausai omg I'm falling off my chair! HEHEHE

    The only thing good about Mickey Dees is their fries...can't get the same anywhere else!

  24. haha - you never see the bloody fineprint ar - diu!

    "Illustration Purpose"


    "Suggested Serving"

  25. Anonymous9:29 pm

    I always wondered why people like McD. Probably their marketing and advertising strategies. I thought the burgers at BK is better.

  26. Anonymous9:53 pm

    GOT! i brought u penang smell WHAHHAHA~
    nothing to buy nia =( eat kuew diu onli huhuhu

  27. Anonymous11:49 pm

    They forgot to put in the beef issit? Mo kam low hei.

  28. Anonymous12:40 am

    Diu! I give you RM9 you go waste it on that shit for what? Like this la. We both take out RM9 and go buy 3 Ramli burger special each. Sure gao enjoy.

  29. dawn : u dun belif u kambek n try lar ... dun forget to invite me ... then i watch u eat till lausai ok boh?

    earl-ku : mahai where can lidat man?? nx time they put poison inside the put fineprint "for looking shiok oni ... not for makan wan" then we all mai hailat?

    Tenacious T : I swear i dun like McD anymore!! I SWEAR!!!

    belle : pui puii!!! stingy farker luuu

    hijackqueen : forgot? nx time u buy french fries from McD and they forgot to put fries how would you feel ler? kakakaka

    gbyeow : ya la mahai! use RM9 buy spesel double can eat till lausai!!!

  30. Anonymous7:11 pm

    if you think mcdonalds sucks then why are you still eating there? out of your fucking mind?

  31. my sis bought the other day and the beef so little only.

    kena conned kao kao

  32. lou : are you sohai or what? if i dont eat there how da fark i am suppose to know McD sucks? diu! sinkalingam lu!

    nevaeh : yalar kena conned kaw kaw sial .... nx time remember dont ever buy any farkover ops i mean foldover lol!

  33. Anonymous2:17 am

    PPL SAY I SMELL LIKE J'adore ok!! puki....pg really nothing to buy =(

  34. i dun lili like fastphood la...
    after u eat those hor... u oni will feel geli, plus d carbonate gas for softdrink filling up all inside your stomach. after u burp then u will feel hungry again...
    Nabeh!!! Fark u fastphood for making us fat, geli and conned!!!
    Boycott lu all!!!

  35. McD only good in fries... the rest so and so only. I just tried Grill Chicken Foldover and what? The taste was SUCKS!!! I can't eat beef so I don't know bout that but I heard from my friend said... SHIT!!!


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