26 July 2006

Annoying Phone Calls

Yesday was super busy day, I spent the first half of it in the car workshop and then anoder half rushing my work and taking phone calls.

I especially hate phones calls when I m in the middle of something urgent but i derno why they never failed to call me whenever I m at my busiest moment!!

Today i got 2 such calls, the first one is from a hotel promoting some kinda membership thingy .. it goes something lidis :

Hotel : Mr Han-sem Wingz?
Me : Yea Speaking, who is this speaking?
Hotel : Oh I m Ms. Kamlan calling from XXX hotel
Me : What can I do for you Ms Kamlan?
Hotel : Our hotel is having this promo, if you pay RM500 then we will give u 3 nights free stay at our hotel here in KL and 1 nite in our hotel in Penang. On top of that, we will give you 50% discount if you come and dine in our hotel plus we also giving you a few room vouchers with discount from 50% onwards from our publish rate.
Me : Tenkiu for the infos I m not interested and I dont want to waste your time.
Hotel : But sir, RM500 is a very good deal! The 3 nites free hotel stay alone is alredi worth more than that and if you bekam a member you also can come n use our gym also.
Me : I originated from KL, and do you happen to know that I m staying in KL also? I dont see the needs of me staying in a hotel in KL nor I do like that idea .... I m fine with my home.
Hotel : But if you got client or relatives kambing to KL they also can use the free stay.
Me : If got client come I doubt they wanna stay in your hotel also ... and as far as relatives is concerned I dont freaking care where they stay as long as its far far away from me!
Hotel : You can bring you frend to dine in our rest for free and use our gym facilities.
Me : Look Ms, I dont fancy hotel's food nor hotel's gym ... there is plenty of nice food around KL without the need to go to a hotel and there is also plenty of gym.
Hotel : But but ....
Me : look, you might have a lotsa time on your hand but I m extremely busy now ... so I m gonna hang up, better luck next time.

Then not even 30 minutes later anoder call from anoder farker, this time credit card pulak :

Credit Card : Sir! my name is Sohai and I am calling from XXX bank. We are having the promotion for this XXX credit card this month first year annual fees waved plus free gift upon approval of your Credit card application! On top of that you also eligible to join our 100 billions lucky draw contest also! Can I have your Fax number sir? I want to fax you the form now.
Me : No Thanks, I got enuff Credit cards ledi ..... I dont need anymore.
Credit Card : But Sir, our credit card got free gift sir! first year its free!
Me : Eh ... you new one har? Every bank also giving free gift and 1st year annual fees waiver one la!
Credit Card : But Sir we also got this lucky draw contest where you can win 100 billions wor!
Me : Fark u la! You think I derno meh? those contest bruff 9 ppl wan la! Your boss will choose his own relative to win wan mah diu! U think I Lobert ka?
Credit Card : Sir, our card also got free insuran if you use our card to buy air ticket wor ....
Me : Most card also have one lar!
Credit Card : Sir .... c'mon ler sir ... help me ler, today i notchet sell one card also and now alredi 4pm
Me : Wuah So cham meh? Sure anot?
Credit Card : Real one ler Sir, if knot get one card today I sure kena fark one ler ... help me ler
Me : Ok la Ok la .... I help you la
Credit Card : Tenkiu Sir! Can I have your fax number sir? I fax the form to you now.
Me : Eh dun fax to me ... this kinda things my wife handle for me wan ... you fax to her and she will fill it up for me ok?
Credit Card : Yes Sir! no problem sir! Whats your wife's fax number Sir?
Me : Later I married ledi I give you her fax number lar! *Hangs up*

Those 2 calls almost wasted 30 minutes of my time .... KNN!! Why do people choose to call you when you are busiest one har? How to get things done lidis??!!! DIU!!!!



  1. Anonymous2:12 am


    telemarketing like tat wan... i oso kena from a gym.. asking me to kolek a vip pass.. free 7 days gym.. @ the gym in 1u.. he say recommended by a friend of mine.. but nvr say who lah. stupid

  2. at least the last wan is honest but still kena fark!

  3. Anonymous2:28 am

    These type of calls are very anoying one. You say very busy also still those fellars want talk. Like toking machines wan tok tok tok non stop.

  4. And I'm very surprised that you actually spent 30 mins of your precious time on those liuliu calls???

  5. hahaha..too bad. i never had those calls.

  6. Hahaha. Wingz strikes again.

  7. just get the receptionist to take msg lah!

  8. lol...
    u more better than mine lar...i kena one are a little girl call me papa and i tol her i'm not ur papa still cal me papa...niama...
    last call i received last week are 1st time i "halo" he hangs up...cipiet...2nd time call again next day i dowan say anything but heard 2 girls speaking and 1 girls say"lei lou gong dou jao cho"...then i "wai"she hang up...knn...

  9. hehe... normally I tell them "another one of you guys already called me yesterday", they will give up one! LOL!

  10. You shud tell da credit card guy, u got 1 card ard..And the bank ard send me u lawya letter, ask for repayment. So stil can apply 2nd card ar??!!

  11. waahhh you very the fehmes leh. everyone know how to call u.

  12. Anonymous10:54 am

    You kena before 7 calls in a row anot? If and when I find out who give out my number, I'll go diu 9 dem.

  13. cincau : I understand their nature of work also but why do they hafta call when u r at your busiest ar?

    pisang : rushing work mah ... dem pressure ledi sommo hafta waste time on them.

    aceone : yar .. they will tok n tok n tok n tok non stop till u wanna tok also knot!!!!

    angel : yea i also knot belif it but they just keep toking even tho u tell them u r not free!

    mirror : your turn will kam wan ler dun worry!

    flaminglaambo : more like i kena stirke than i stirkes ler

    wuching : I m the receptionist ler

    ahnel : mch u dun bruff! that lil girl is really your doter la! neh ... 5 yrs ago that nite u n her in a ruined temple during a rainy nite lehhh

    eggy : thanks for the idea man! that shoud do the trick!

    youngbrat : wuah your idea also chun!

    ahpek : not fehmes laa ... i derno wtf they got my number one

    gbyeow : 7 calls in a row??!! wuah that rekod susah mau break man!!!

  14. These kind of calls I kena many time liao la... damn annoying lor! Hotel promotion la... Travelling promotion la... Credit Card la... Gym la... Insurance la...
    I think the mobile operator company sell off our our numbers. How can they get the name and number to call? or maybe our business card?

  15. when u tell them u busy they can ask u back when u not busy so i can call u back.

  16. Anonymous12:40 pm

    I've got the same thing out in my blog. I answer them even more keng cau leh. But it's how funny to trick them.

  17. kenny : its no use running!!! they are everywhere!!! i think they sure get the number from somewhere one la

    lmf : ya la then if u tell them "gimme ur number i'll call u back" they will say "knot" mch!

    hijackqueen : which post??

  18. Muahahahah I always tell them, can call back later ah.. I now in meeting cannot talk.. then hang up.. no need waste my time.. then when they call back i dont pick up.. Got caller ID mah!

  19. Diu, the price of fame lor.. lol

    Hey, I got the call from the hotel you're talking about. Is it the 'P' hotel opposite Sg Wang? lol

  20. i'll tell them i'm a student, no income wan.

  21. Count yourself lucky lor. Besides the calls, I also got people selling pots and selling religion also got. Mormons anyone? But I am more polite, I slammed the door on their face and they don't even get past the first intro, I hang up liao. Don't mess with silais hor?

  22. I oways tell them "give me your number and I will call u back when I am flee". Then nonid to call them back. If they call back, I reply "oi! u don't understand engrish ar? i said i call u when i flee. I still not flee why u call me??"

  23. I know what you meant...last time it always happened to me when I finally had a weekend off and wanted to sleep..sure the phone ring at 8AM, normally I politely said I am sleeping..asked them call me later. If they keep talking then I would just put the handset aside let the person talk to him/herself and i continue to sleep

    A couple years ago US government came up with DO-NOT-Call Registry which means if you register your phone number, telemarketers can't call you anymore and the service is FREE. I love that.....

  24. waaa so mean mer wingz! later married edi oni giv him.. *thumbs up* GOOOODD IDEA! these calls r so damn annoying!! especially calling askin u wanna buy stuff or not.. GRR

  25. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Still need to teach meh. Click la.


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