27 July 2006

Traffic Sign We All Ignored

Quote of the day : He Hu Luffed Loudest is the Saddest - Wingz 2006

Before you go any further, I want you to do 2 things ;

1.) Look at this Road Sign :

2.) Ask yourself this : In the absent of a traffic light, how many times have you actually stop at a "STOP Sign"?

What you mean you dont know you are suppose to come to a complete halt when u see a STOP sign? If no nid to STOP then why make a STOP sign? Which part of S T O P do you not understand?

Lemme explain ... its lidis wan, Lets say one day you were caught red handed by a Pohlis running a STOP sign and you were pulled over. Then the Pohlis walks toward you and signalled for you to wind down the window and then the below conversation took place :

Pohlis : Encik you just run a STOP sign, misti kasi saman tau?
You : What saman saman?! I got slow down u know??!!! then i see no car so i no need to STOP la! You knot saman me!
Pohlis : Why knot saman you?
You : Because I got slow down and I see no car then i jalan la! If you saman me then I will repot 9 you!
Pohlis : Oh! so slow down is the same as STOP lar now?
You : Yalar! Knot ah?

Then the Pohlis dragged 9 you outta your car and start slapping your face silly.

You : Oi! Oi! Why you slap 9 me?!! STOP!!! STOP!!!!
Pohlis : Eh ... you actually want me to Slow Down or STOP ah?


Moral of the story : Pulez dun run STOP sign ..... your kid might be crossing the same road.


  1. But hor, we must stop one meh? Really ah? I oso never notice stop signs before wor. Thank you for the reminder hor.


  2. normal la malaysian ca do a 'U' turn at place no got U turn sign.....

  3. hahaha..true. At stop sign but we never really stop. we just slow down the speed up if no car. But do they have slow down sign? if they have kids crossing the road, just put kids crossing sign lo. Sign acts as reminder to me. Apply only when situation needed.

  4. i neba stop b4 at stop sign even no ntry n no u turn i oso hantam...hehe...

  5. Must halt ur car when u see a STOP sign (Buku undang2 jalan-raya m'sia). But m'sian buta huruf 1 ma..Duno wat it mean, so nvr stop.. But if kena pohlis, kena saman + potong markah 1

    * For the amount of saman & demerit point, refer to Rojaks Forum*

  6. Wingz punya message yat lau! Salute! Salute!

  7. Kopi license la!!! According to Undang-undang Jalan Raya we MUST stop. My friend buta-buta kena saman before coz he never stop. Sometimes I can see the stop sign change to 'Lap-lah'... hahaha that's why we don't stop... just Lap la.... vrrrooommmmmm.

  8. Anonymous11:36 am

    So, next time your bini asks you to STOP while doing something, you have to ask her whether wanna stop or slow down. Kkeke...

  9. Anonymous12:06 pm

    I'll be pissed if the police pulled me over for not stopping and just slowing down. This flers ah ... always waiting to strike on you at stupid places. Just like fishing. There was once I got stopped and I asked the police .. "Memancing ka?"

  10. Tat sign too general ledi.

    for wat?

  11. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Let say if you are at a cross junction. Your side of junction has the STOP sign, when the rest of the junction has on coming car, you have to give way to the rest. and let say if accident occured. 2 cars head on. If you junction has the STOP sign, then you are at the wrong cos you are supposed to give way. Betul tak?

  12. LOL at Bryan's comment. Dat wan hor, no stop or slow down. Only got don't stop and faster-faster.

  13. 5xmom very the naughty ler ;p

  14. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Good post. :D Well, what else can we say about Malaysian drivers. There's actually something I hate more - cars double parking or parking on yellow lines. My place here dem alot of flers parking on the road like their grandfather's wan and causing massive jams, usually near the shopping mall. RM1 also want to save. Shit... really KNS.

  15. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Lilian, you are right also lah. Hehhe...

  16. thanks for the communidy serbis....

  17. kalu kena like dat pinya polis....die man.

  18. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Bro , got STOP sign meh? I saw BERHENTI sign oni wor !

  19. 5xmom : yar must stop wan ler

    pisang : normality doesnt mean its lawfully correct wor

    mirror : no slow down sign, never seen one before but if the STOP sign is there .. there must be a reasoin geh

    ahnel : lidis knot mannn!!! if everyone also do lidat our road is not gonna be a safe place anymore

    youngbrat : our drivers all no go skool one ler ... how to read?

    pablopabla : tenkiu tenkiuu .. later i kanna sue you defend me for free anot??!!!

    kenny ng : Alot of ppl notchet kena dats why nobody is stopping at the STOP sign

    bryan : diu we toking bout road signs ler suddenly jumped to bini pulak sial!

    Toxicle : but u r wrong in the 1st place for not stopping what?

    sotongking : too general doesnt makes it lawfully correct to ignore it wor

    hijackqueen : BINGO!! BETUL!!! anda memenangi sapuh libus linccit!!!

    tenacios t : KL drivers broken all traffic laws there is ever written ... those that you mentioned are only the minor minor one only

    pk : tenkiu for reading :)

    foodcrazee : hahaha that pohlis only for illustration purposes only

    aceone : *slap forehead!*

  20. Anonymous2:55 am

    What an irritatingly moralising post.

    Your blog used to be funny but it has really jumped the shark as of late.

  21. Anonymous2:56 am

    What an irritatingly moralising post.

    Your blog used to be funny but it has really jumped the shark as of late.

  22. Wingz is blogger celebrity and law abiding citizen...betul tak? Country sure riot if you kena sue.

  23. Sarah : tenkiu for your comment, after a while of blogging i finally realised there isnt a joke funny enuff for everyone. Every jokes have a different set of audience, some like it light and some love it complicated so its kinda like a coin for 10 ppls who love the joke there will tend to be anoder 10 persons who would hate it. just my 2 cents

    pablopabla : me blogger celebrity? you wanna put me on table and see me kena weck izzit?

    Riot? wuahhh ... u wan me kena ISA meh?

  24. Wingz, your face oredi so hensem, of course selebriti oredi lah. Internationally recognisable face mah!

    I smell ISA very soon coming liao...


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