5 July 2006

The Impact of Worldcup on our Daily Life.

SiaoTiger blogged about a very interesting topic today, thats is exactly what i wanna say but he beats me to it! KNN!!

I derno whether you guys realise it anot but yesday i thought i somehow got into another dimension alredi, I drive home at around 7pm and normally by this time the road will still be jammed like fark but yesday the road farking clear.

Then I go makan also economy rice la, that kopitiam would normally be packed by that time but yesday there is only a few fler in the kopitiam oni, then I thot to myself "where da hell is all the peeple man?"

On the way back i stop by 7-11 to get my supplies of ciggies and to my suprise there are lotsa parkings still available and for the first time in history there is no customers in the store!

OMFG!!! how freaky is that?!!!

then i kambek home only sengkor told me yesday 3am got Germany vs italy at that time only i realised

MAHAI!!! no wonder la!!! all those farkers go home erly erly to sleep then set alarm to wakeup at around 3am just to watch football!! MCH!! you all farking FREAK ok?!!!

Diu lor ... when is everything gonna be normal again ar?



  1. tiu.. 4 years once mah.

    gu gu ci bai.

  2. next week back to normal lor.

  3. wah, where u stay ar??!! Look like everywhere you go also must pack with ppl 1 wo. Road full of cars, kopitiam 7-11 aso full of ppl. Which part of malaysia??!!

  4. Now all like robots liddat, me oso.

  5. Anonymous5:13 pm

    After this Sunday no more fever, no more nasi kandar at 3am, no more blowing water til 11am. *sigh*

  6. DOn't want to talk about empty streets and ample parking space.... all i wanna know is

    tonight who win? Portugal or France?? lol

  7. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Portugal must win all because of a kopi-o bet with LinPh

  8. tiu... World Cup mah... is a WORLD event wat..

  9. You think that is bad? I don't have regular sex since the world cup started bcos when it is the 'scheduled' time because my atm needs to sleep to replenish for the 3-5 am session. Tiu lor, like that how to become 6xMOM? Lucky somemore few more days only or else, or else, or else....yam koong lor. LOL.

  10. thot u said if everyday caught in trapik jam you'd rather die. now no jam and it freaks you. susah lah ini macam.

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  12. Anonymous11:17 pm

    wahahhahaa cis onli few more days nia~
    when everything come back to normal,u don cry!!

  13. spiller : WTF?? you only diu once every 4 yrs? kakakakaka!!! kidding jek!

    piffles : wei! back to normal means no more period izzit? LOL!!

    youngbrat : I staying in a house ler! then where u stay if not in a house?

    dreamie : bantai la! wear makeup thick thick knot see one! haha!

    bryan : diu lor ... u mean starting from nx week u going back to your tfk habit again ar ?

    helen : FRANCE!!!!!

    9393 : diu la! why u dun take FRANCE la?!!!

    kahwee : diu! then apasal itu Euro cup we malaysian also kepoh watching lar?

    5xmom : nvm lar u got rechargable dildo at your serbis mah! lol

    nyonya : abit not used to it ler ... suddenly so empty sial ... like lotsa ppl just died lidat lol!

    belle : ok lo i dun cry ... i want hughug can anot?!

  14. Anonymous9:37 am

    *Wingz is a smoker! Wingz is a smoker!* :(

  15. chiu... means i so stupid go out at 11pm for drink & karaoke till 3am to watch football.

    i should have sleep till 3am

  16. even my aunty 60 years old did that. i bought some drinks for her, couldn't wake her up (she's not dead ah). My other aunty say, "she will wake up later 3am to watch football bah"...*speechless*

  17. hijackqueen: no ler im not a smoker, i buy ciggy for my dog only :P

    lmf : wuahahahaha lu sohai lar ... shud sleep till 3am only wakeup mah!can save money also

    mirror : wah lan eh 60 yrs old also gila bola? sommo its aunty!!

  18. wingz: well, now they proposed to go to aunty house by 3am and big big happy family all watch football together...of cos, i'm still thinking about it. 3am drive to her house, in the middle might meet ghost. nah..not going.

  19. Anonymous12:47 pm

    hug hug? tak bleh la.badan besar my hands not enough long =PPpppp


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