30 July 2006

Knot Post This!!! Knot Post That!!! Farkiu La!

This post is a spesel dedication to those ungrateful mofo who has been komplening and setting rules on my blog of what i shud and shud not post. Normally i would just ignore those trolls but tonite i dem sien and looking for ppl to fark! So if you are not one of the trolls then no nid to read .... no nid to waste your time ok?

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Recently I have been getting this kinda comments in my posts, I derno when, why or how they suddenly became my blogging boss ledi without me knowing it but one thing for sure .... I dint get a farking cent of salary from them either. Now trend heng self proclaimed Boss ka?

I post it here 2 of the latest *spesel* comments for you guys to read.

Long Fu Mun said...

Dear Wingz:
Stop posting your vacation photos. I thought this was a comedy blog, it is now being ruined by your self-centeredness.
If I wanted to see this slice of life kind of shit I'd visit Xia Zue's blog, not rojaks.


Anonymous said...
What an irritatingly moralising post.
Your blog used to be funny but it has really jumped the shark as of late.

Like i said too many times before, i love to make people laugh .... but these kinda people do not understand one thing about jokes.

Everytime 10 people laughed at a joke there will be 10 others who will think the joke isnt funny at all. So a joke can be funny and unfunny at the same time depending on what angle and what kinda mood u r in when you are reading the joke (also depends on whether u love that kinda jokes anot la)

On top of that I wanna tell you guys that I m not God of Laughters .... I CANT post farkingly insanely, hillarious jokes every single day! If you think you can do exactly that, then please go ahead and create your own funny blog and gimme the link ... i will make sure i goan read everyday and then at the end of the day i dont farking care how much effort you put on that post i will fark u kaw kaw!!! Then we will see who will have the last laugh.

You go watch movie also kena buy ticket lar! that one also no gerenti you will come out laughing, if the movie is not funny then too bad you aint getting your money back either! if lidat u komplen then acceptable la! at least you are paying to watch the movie right anot?

This blog totally FOC wan .... come read, luffed ledi pat-pat your ass straight logoff ledi (some nice flers will leave comments) majority (99.9%) are silent readers, they do not leave any comments ..... I m fine with that but now getting abit lebih ledi ...... now they start requesting and start making rules of what i can post and what i cant post liow wor!!! Lidat i might as well change position with them la! They blog and i read la! After i finish reading then I start making sohai request lar ok anot? How? chun boh?

If not lidis lar ... you (Lung Fu Mun) make me an offer lar, you tell me how much you gonna pay me per post IF I post according to what you want to read lor .... ok anot lidis?

I eagerly awaits your lucrative offer ok? faitit make your offer!!

If not then FARKIU la!



  1. to long fu mun
    where are you from?
    do you know what is rojak! HA!
    bloody farker you!
    if you're not from malaysia DO come to here and try our famous food called ROJAK, and you should know why this blog called rojaks daily.

  2. *bring super cold water for wingz to har for* dun so angwy k? :D

  3. eh...long fuck timun

    ppl blog u komplen so much 4 wat?not satisfied dont read...so easy...MCB

    btw u those farking komplainer show urself dont used anjingnymous...

  4. Anonymous9:25 am

    farkem, farkem all.
    come, dring some har foh tong, good for u... :)

  5. Anonymous9:27 am

    lol very true, its up to wingz whether to post what kinda ingredients in his rojakz forum. He already tried his best to make everyone luff, and he shares his life with us makes us feel closer to him . This is his blog and is up to him what he want to post.

    Wingz, i'm sure u noe even the world most popular website also got people complain about it, even the world most popular person also got ppl dislike him/she. When your site become more and more popular this kinda people surely appear wan. As long as majorities like what you jokes, we will continue to appreciate all your efforts in your post eventhough most of us are just silent readers.

  6. Tan Sri. Lin Peh also wan komplain la ! Komplian about your PD picture no bogel leng looi showing neh neh wan ? LOL! and YES! Lin Peh

  7. Anonymous9:42 am

    Wahlau Mr Fark gets angry.

    This comedian kennot take critism one mah so in future don complain just shoot!

    Sorry for tat comment Mr Tiu, don mean to hurt u.

  8. Anonymous9:50 am

    Oi, stop posting hate entry like this! I thought this is a comedy blog. If I wanted to see this kinda of hate shit I'd visit Xia Zue's blog, not rojaks.

    I apply like this can or not? LoL...

    Btw, I like the phrase "flower bridge".

  9. relek brader! just ignore saja lah! have an ohkau..

  10. Anonymous11:45 am

    fark fark here fark fark there

    here fark there fark

    everywhere fark fark

    old macdonald had a rojak

    e i e i o!

  11. Wah Wingz angry now!!!!

    Cool down and drink lor hon kor!!!

    Joke joke jokes!!!! This one is also funny too!!!

  12. Anonymous1:01 pm

    well said!! kick some asses!!! these people read FOC also want to be so rude with their criticism?? I feel for you man!!!

  13. chill la wingz, dun care those sohais la! ask them blog something better to challange u lor hahahaha

  14. Cool down brader... no use to be so angry, go yam seng to chill up yourself.

  15. I enjoy your blog very much although I am one of the "silent" category. Do it the Wingz way lar - you bring a lot of cheer to ppl looking to be cheered! Those sohais can go f themselves for being plain rude.

  16. Muahahahar....last time I fark ppl, you say I am like auntie in the pasar. Now you kena lah. These people hor, we cannot kasi climb on our head one. People tend to think they rule our life and our blog. So fark 99 until everibodi come here must sit down diam-diam, think first then oni comment.

  17. hey i also have that nuclear explosion middle finger picture.
    yar...farkiu la.i support wingz.

  18. Long "bitter mosquito".
    Rojakz is entitled to post whatever fark he wishes since this is his blog.
    This is freedom of expression.
    Likewise, his comment box is not regulated and you are welcome to make comments. But when you make comments like this, be prepared to lube your anus well!

  19. Anonymous2:54 pm

    His comment box is not regulated? COOL!

    So I guess he won't delete this comment when I say Lung Foo Mun is a hamgaling sohai lanchat uber-boring motherfucking anuslicking penis suckinh teabagging scrotumstretching asshole fuckface who rapes donkeys and sodomizes little children?

    Hooray for free speech! (<--Satire)

  20. pisang : mahai u tell me tulan anot la!!!

    crazygrrl : cold water also no use!! i dem shiok farking these kinda ppl ledi!!!

    ahnel : these sohais say oni dun like .. but everydei stalk 9 my blog read 9 my post ... read ledi curi curi go one korner n luff ... mahai u say they binthai anot la!!

    may : *shocked* wuah u also so vulgar one meh??!!! I very the like ler!!! when u gonna make me the har foh tong jek?

    leo : tenkiu -leo- its nice people like u that makes all my efforts worth while.

    linpeh : bogel pic got leh! but its a bogel pic of me wor! u want anot? can see nehneh wan also!! kakakaka

    anon : eh can use a name anot? anon dem balless ok? btw i m not hurt ... i just looking for ppl to fark oni!

    bryan : oh so u now lafu Xia Zue ledi larrrr

    wuching : after i fark 9 him i dem rileks ledi ... lol jom ohkau! when u kambing bek?

    decypher : u taken ur medicine ledi anot?

    maverick : Doc i not angry ler ... my blood pressure tarak naik also ... i dem happy after i fark 9 those trolls wuahahahaha!!!

    tux : tenkiu brader! yala ppl kasi read free sommo so much demand ... they think their fader open wan this blog!

    typolation : i must fark them!! only after farking them i will bekam happier lol!

    kenny ng : yam seng u blanja can ar? I ajak ahpek skali

    anak merdeka : tenkiu sama lu eh sapot!!!

    5xmom : actually hor ... dem them lidis dem shiok u know??? i m gonna do this more often liow!! kakakaka

    cnigel : i try to go to your blog but got sesatED half way ler ... wheres your blog ler?

    cocka : my komen box got regulate wan ler ... starting from now when i see trolls mia komen i will delete!! lol

    ks : u sapot who lehhhh??

    anon : yar i agreed with what you said!!! Lung Foo Mun is exactly like what you said he is! wuahahahahaha!!!!

  21. Heng Tai...Kau meng ah!!!!! I baru just fark one commentor. We declare today as 'FARK THE STUPID COMMENTORS DAY' ok?

    We give out cork to stuff their assholes so they don't think and talk with the assholes, ok?

  22. Anonymous5:43 pm

    personal posts or jokes, i still read... i look forward to your updates everyday! u r doing a good job, keep it up.
    screw those idiots out there.

  23. they all talking like no nid capital wan. ignore saja la.

  24. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Wingz, cum cum we go drink "leong sui" and go eat "lok lok".

  25. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Brader, that finger sign on fire ler!!


  27. of coz i sapot u la... sial!

  28. vzaiyks, get free stuff to read somemore wan to complain.. too much man u.. all those bloggers dun have the responsibility to make you laugh u know..

    you talk so much u own them ar? u pay them for blogging ar? =p

    neway, rojak is nice, rojak is a combination of a lot of fruits, so it's normal when wingz post up different kind of blogs ma, everyday make u laugh mer? huiyo

  29. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Wahlaueh, I go away for a weekend and so much shit happened.

  30. Anonymous5:16 pm

    wah, be careful wingz's fire finger!!! latest killer kungfu shaolin move.!

  31. Anonymous8:06 pm

    mr wingz, your blog is still the best so just continue what you do best. I think some people are just being jealous.


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