28 July 2006

My Favourite Car Wash Place

Belif it anot, this car wash is rumoured to be located in Kuala Lumpur Bukit Bintang area .... This is one Car Wash I dont mind to go to .... DAILY!!

I m wondering ... you think they charging how much per wash ar? You think they only wash cars or they willing to wash the driver skali ?

Piaoker come come I wash you clean clean!!!

Wuah this one looks like my dreamgal ... Pak Suet Kung G

Look at that pairs of headlights!!!!! Laubeihuet SIAL!!!!

Phuiyo!!! siap posing doggy style SIAL!!! Mun lei Sei erm SEI!!!!

Korkor!!! come ler we wash car together gether ......

Rear View .... i mean the car lar!!!

This pic triggered my internal alarm system and my whole body goes

Korkor jai u wait har ... very soon your turn liow ler ....

Korkor-jai ah .... you want me or Kelly to wash you your car jek?

Rub rub rub ..... stroke stroke stroke up, down, up, down

WUAH!!! you see! The Queue behind us so long ledi!!! whole Bukit Bintang
Traffic jam!!!
Thanks to Rojaks Daily for the free advertisement!!!

Seriously, I derno where this place is ... if you know please lemme know ok? we go wash car together gether!!!!

Who want go with us pls sign up in the comment section!!!! We convoy go Wash Cars!!!!

Thanks to LMF for the tips and pics



  1. *cough* *nosebleed*

    i wanna join! but can i wash them instead? :P

  2. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Wuahhh..dis car wash saloon chun. Anybody knows where this place is?

  3. OMG.
    Is this place for real?

    Hey.... Not fair lah.
    How come they don't have buff guys washing the cars too?
    Only bikini girls?

  4. tell lar where the place. the black car looks suspiciously like yours, no? LOL

  5. wei..where is dat... i wan them to have buff guyz version too..=p

  6. Anonymous3:35 pm

    omg..wth is that? r u sure that's in malaysia??

  7. sckty u so TAI PHAU ?

  8. I saw the pics before from my email, too bad they only wear bikini on top... how much per wash ah??? I always send my car to the lorong car wash by Indians only... sien lor!!!

  9. Anonymous4:38 pm

    That car wash is in Singapore. Anyway, heard that they will be coming here soon. Saw a recruitment ad in Jobstreet looking for pleasant looking and 'fit' girls age 18-25 for car wash service... Can't recall the company name though.

  10. i've seen this somewhere before. If i'm not mistaken it's not in malaysia ler..in singapore if i'm not mistaken :)
    you think malaysia will allow this kind of car wash meh? :S
    any sporeans here?

  11. Anonymous4:53 pm

    wahhh...i wanna b that indian guy always wash with the chicks.hahahaha...i prefer wash those chicks

  12. Like that skali the wiper, aerial (is that what you call the batang that go up up up when you turn on radio?), honk, headlight went bonkers because the driver inside busy wanking. Especially the batang that goes up up up and then, somemore got...that water outlet also spray water. Choy, the water for the washing windscreen wan lah, you think what i tokking about? Somemore, later driving time, you skali tarik the signal lights and handbrake batang until come out. Hahaha.

  13. Somemore got, the girls wanna have buff guys issit? Easi oni mah. You all tip those banglas RM10, they sure telanjang for you all wan.

  14. bad taste.. lidat u can call dream girl ar? omg... *faints*

  15. Nice car washer..S'pore only ar...M'sia elek meh?!

    Wash Car RM20.00
    Wax Car RM20.00
    Wank Driver RM20.00
    Wash Driver RM20.00
    Wash PiauMei RM20.00
    Total RM100.00

    gerenti evything clean ar

  16. a big thanks to you wingz...u help me promo the car wash...its in my hometown lar...u want to shipped ur car here to wash??? :P

    not forgotten they will help u serbis ur batang also...

    i mean batang hidung lar...don simply think but i like what u think... :P

  17. ok, i go kl tomlo..rent a car & have my car washed all day, everyday!

  18. LMF dunno where isit meh?
    I wnna go wash every part...

  19. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Your whole body goes
    *TING! TING! TINGGGG!!!!* ????

    You tot you crazy frog is it?

  20. piao mei washing car? bisnes no good leh?

  21. Anonymous12:27 pm

    wah...ccb..i want i want!!! mana??

  22. spiller : u wash them? later they give u a bangla to wash then u happy lar lol

    ace : i also looking lar ... u know where anot?

    j : rumoured to be real but since u a girl no use to u also what? buff guy I tarak supply ler

    nyonya : my car not black kaler wan ler

    ming : oi u kecik kecik alredi hamsap!!!

    pinvader : my course said its in msia ler

    foodcrazee: sckty is mud ah?

    kenny ng : i also looking ler .. u found ledi lemme know!!!

    shin : aiyah!!! singkapoh ka? diuu!! so far!

    sharon : why malaysia not allow wor? in malaysia ada wang suma boleh!!! malaysia boleh!!!

    frycrab : wah lan eh got chick there u dun mind to turn into indian la?

    5xmom : hahaha u tips those banglas RM10 b4 izzit??!!! lol!

    sand : me old man mah wat to do ... long time no see lenglui ledi lor!

    youngbrat : u wear bikini and wash our car for that price izzit?

    ahnel : u dun bruff kok la! u show me pics lar then i belif lu!

    wuching : kam kam!!!

    sotongking : lmf gone missing ledi ... prolly washing her car there everyday

    bryan : ting ting ting means emergency ler

    pisang: piao mei wash car lar business good!

    simplefreak : i heard somewhere in bukit bintang

  23. Anonymous2:37 pm

    i dun have car can i wash my
    motorcycle there!!~ aahahaha


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