26 July 2006

Lately ......

Lately life is not treating me very well ..... I m under lotsa stress and pressure. My thoughts are very messy and there is a war going on in my head most of the time.

I guessed life is lidat one .... fulla obstacles and challenges, actually I m a very simple man that loves to laugh, I do not have complicated lifestyle nor I have unlimited needs nor am I greedy. Somehow, somewhere god must think I m too comfy ledi and decided to add some excitement to my life.

Peace is a very rare commodity in my life right now, its very much sought after and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

The only time i felt peace is when I m asleep ... that also if I dint dream of anything nasty thats related to my current situation. At first I thought I would feel better if I go on a vacation and I did, but it didnt help much ... as soon as I got back to my usual life it struck me again.

This morning I found peace again, or should I say peace found me .... I bet you all always hear ppl saying that music is therapeutic right? It is true you know? I had tears in my eyes when i first heard this song.

I stumbled upon this blog by chances and found this song that actually granted me with a moment of peace in the middle of a battlefield .... I wanna share it with everyone whom soul are as lost as mine.

This song is by Enya ... Calm Wind

I will continue to make peeple laugh as long as I can, for I hope your laughters will heal my sorrows ....



  1. i agree wit you...music really helps a lot...thats how i get over my stress...i owes wonder why god gv me so hard task till smts i nearly breakdown...thinking dead d best way but tats a stupidity thought...

    i understand ur situation as i'm having it since last years n nth really get along my way...

    i'm only happy if all people around me happy... :)

  2. this shall also pass

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm

    normal la bruder..sometime we need our own 'space'

    Lets Dance...

  4. Anonymous3:04 pm

    wingz...stay tight...hang on and life goes on no whether u like it or not!

    so...i really appreciate your blog!

    Keep it up!

  5. may the force be with u bro..

  6. *throws rope for wingz, pull, pull, pull* Oik, not moving one jek? You put on weight after drinking oh kau and eating seafood with ahpek issit? LOL. You got give my french kiss to ahpek anot?

  7. Cheer up! Here's a little motivating message for you who likes to make others smile.

  8. Aiseh man, my link not working. Just copy and paste address on your browser lah.

  9. Anonymous3:56 pm

    peace to you, ahwingzsi... hope you have more happy days than stressful and sad ones!

  10. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Man most fear obstacles...Work, Woman and Money. Bro you are in which one?

  11. Anonymous4:06 pm

    -__- *pat pat wingz*

    i have her latest album, beautiful songs..do let me know if u want it k..

  12. Take care and all the best. :)

  13. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Cheer up, brader! Look at the bright side and you'll be a lot more happier.

    Btw, nice song.

  14. Trials and tribulations will make you a better person after you have gone thru them. It is hard but you will not be put to something beyond what you can bear.

  15. aiyo lidat ah? take it easy lah boss! it'll be ok lah, it always turn up good lah..

  16. Think positive wingz, You will get over it !~
    In life, got ups and downs wanna.
    *success is not measured by man's accomplishments, but by his battles and his courage*

  17. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Be strong bradah...and may peace be with you.

  18. thanks for sharing the music, everyone's life have the up and down... and i understand your situation, as I have those down times too. Hope your situation will get better soon.

  19. wah..getting sentimental. :)
    i love enya song also.

    After the rain, there will be rainbow or the sun will shines again.

    Look at the ++bright++ side.

  20. so kesian... but hor
    will aiways be true learning each day that the right time

  21. Thank you for all your kind words and valuable advices .... I will survive .... I must!

  22. Nothing to comment until i found this:

    if we got what we want, its our luck, if we lost our precious, its fate!!
    so nothing is forever,
    be appreciate while can!!

    Jika kita dapat yg dihajat, itu tuah. Jika kita hilang yg bernilai, itu takdir!
    Tiada yg berkekalan,
    Hargai selagi boleh!

  23. I hope the daily dose of laughters that you have been providing to us, will come your way soon. Hang in there.

  24. Anonymous1:31 pm

    I think you are lack of sex. A good hot sex.

  25. Musics really play a major role in our life... I'm a heavy music freak and some of the musics really can make me cry coz it recall back my past. Try to listen more on happy tune musics, it helps to motivate your life.



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