31 March 2005

Many years ago, Today

Long entry, PLEASE BITCH !!!!!

Ah! April fool brings back so many fond memories of the past. WongTaiJung a.k.a. WongBigBell (WTJ), I can still remember the day he come to join our class. I was in lower 6 at that time when our headmaster bring in a new comer to join our class. He introduce himself as WongTaiJung from Langkawi. He is send here as the ambassador of Langkawi chinese society to study in the CITY and bring back precious knowledge to Langkawi people! LOL!

At that time me and my bunch of frends was like "HUH? Langkawi ??? WTF hes doing here ???" Anyway we ended up as good friend, i even asked my grandma to rent him one of her vacant room and he has been staying there throughout form 6. My grandma lives a few blocks from my dad's house so we always hang out together.

Hes is fun and i mean hes really funny! he would not be angry if we guys play jokes on him, infact for the entire 2 years we are together i never seen his angry face at all. I guess thats the reason we love to make fun of him. Another reason is, he came from Langkawi, and at that time Langkawi is really still an "ULU" place. No KFC, No McD, No A&W, no cinema, and the entire island only got 1 (ONE!) trapik light !!! So, to him this big city if fulla excitements and he will try his best to learn the culture and the lifestyle just to fit in, so i guessed hes just holding back his angers in order to have frends around him ? well its just my guess.

Whenever there is skool holidays he will go back to Langkawi to see his folks and friends there. Of coz we will be the one who will fetch him to Kota Raya to board his bus and everytime he go home he will ask us to bring him to KFC to makan 1st before embarking on his journey home. Why KFC ? lemme tell u why ...... last time KFC they put 1 bottle of ketchup and cili sos on each table one, and everytime he will "kebas" (steal) those ketchup and cili sos to be given to his frends back home in Langkawi as souvenir!!! He told us in Langkawi no KFC if i bring this back and give to my frend, they will be very very happy! can put in the house's display shelf and proves they been to K.L. before! LMAO!!!!

He also cant communicate very well with us, this is bcoz he cant speak no shit canto when he 1st arrive in KL, and most of the chinese boys in our school are from malay school. So, we cant speak no shit mandarin too. He got no choice but to learn canto from us. We of coz teaching him all the wrong stuffs instead of the one he is asking for lar!

On this day many moons ago, our form Tcher Cik Lau so ngam (coincidently) cant make it to skool, so we are without tcher that day, Our monitor YoonTai (YT) were in charge of our well being. YT were feared by all bcoz she got this bouncer like body and dem blardee fierce! Buden dunno why this WTJ got a thing for her, really dunno what he sees in her also. Anyway, WTJ wanna go pee and he asked us how to say that in canto so that he can impress YT with it.

The Conversation :
WTJ : eh how to say "i wanna go to the toilet" in canto ar ? *he tok in Mandarin+canto*
WE : Ngo yew hooi tah fei kei ( it means i wanna go masturbate)
WTJ : Eh u all sei jai paus (jerk) dont bluff me har, if not i boh chance mau kau (court) her ledi and my reputation will sweep the floor.
WE : No no we swear!!! thats real one! we know u shiok (likes) her one mah, we wont humiliate you in front of her geh *everyone nods*

That time YT we sitting at the Tcher's desk in front of everybody, so WTJ also confidently walk to her and tell her aloud in his mandarin slang canto.

WTJ : YT ngoh yew hooi tah fei kei duck mow? (YT can i go masturbate ?)
YT : *Stunned the face gradually turn from normal to blackish*
WE : *luffing like fucking mad donkeys kena histeria banging our head on the desk with tears flowing down from our eyes*

Oh boy, do i miss my skooling days .... and Man we all missed Mr.WTJ! WTJ if you are reading this, we all tried to contact your but you moved ledi! we dint have your new contact number!!! leave me your contact in comment section ok ?

Happy April Fool's day everyone!

Rite Place, Rite Time

I been blogging for exactly 2 months today! Talking about being at the right place at the right time, the day we felt the quake we went to a bloggers chatroom (#quakeblog in dalnet) organised by MACK from BRAND NEW MALAYSIAN and this morning i was informed by LILIAN jiehjieh that our names/nicks appeared on a newsite! - Sun2Surf

Among those mentioned are :
loRd_VaMp - Ex Blogger (but kambing back to the blogging scene very soon!)
lilianchan of http://chanlilian.net/
kimberlycun of http://kimberlycun.blogspot.com/
JxT2J of http://buangmasa.net/wp/

and ME!
Wingz of http://www.rojaks.blogspot.com/

For full story please click this link --► HERE

What a nice gift! baru blogging 2 months alredi kena masuk HALL OF SHAME ledi ... aduh ...

Below is some screenshots i took from the site :

Click on the image to enlarge it

Click on the image to enlarge it

29 March 2005

a MAN is a MAN

I wanna tell a story i heard last time when i was lepaking around Petaling Street collecting PouWoo (protection) fees on behalf of my Taikor.

There is this couple, the husband (TowPahKeong) is those TaiJek-Kong (talk cock) type, he always boast bout his younger days and how he beat the hell outta 12 Kuwakjais (gengsters) one night at belakang mati. The wife (Lilian) is also ex-HakSehWooi TaiKahJeh, dem fierce and good in Wengchun Kungfu too!

One day G-Yoke and Pai-Kuat (both are TowPahKeong buddies) goto TowPahKeong house to ask him come out for teh tarik. As they walking towards the main entrance of TohPahKeong house, both of they heard Lilian is shouting at TowPahKeong. G-Yoke being curious go around the house for a better audio and video receptions with Pai-Kuat behind him, finally they found an opened window where they can see and hear what is going on.

It appeared to them that Lilian are insanely angry at TowPahKeong bcoz TowPahKeong was caught sniffing his mader-in-law underwear.

Lilian : Wat da fark u doing sniffing my mader's underwear ???!!
TowPahKeong : I thot it was yours!

Without warning Lilian got hold of the penyapu buruk and whacked TowPahKeong right on the face. TowPahKeong was screaming in pain and ran towards the window trying to avoid being hit again, at this moment TowPahKeong saw both G-Yoke and Pai-Kuat and he felt dem blardee degraded kena bully by his wife lidat. Lilian is still chasing TowPahKeong with the broom. To avoid being whacked further by his wife and to save his face TowPahKeong decided to crawl and hide underneath the bed hidden away from his buddies view.

Lilian : Come out and let me beat your ugly face till you looks like G-Tau!!!!! (Pig's head) Come and fight me like a man!!!
TowPahKeong : NO! SEICHOWHAI !! (smelly pussy) I WONT COME OUT!
Lilian : I said come out you NAHPET!! (Faggot)
TowPahKeong : a MAN is a MAN, if i say i wont come out that means i wont come out!


Indonesians ride motorcycles to higher ground Tuesday, March 29, 2005, fearing a tsunami after an earthquake shook the region.The magnitude 8.7 quake struck at 11:09 p.m. local time (11:09 a.m. ET) on Monday and was centered off the west coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

A family in Sri Lanka that survived the December 26 earthquake and tsunami listens to a radio for updates Tuesday at a temporary shelter in Colombo.

Geophysicist Al Duba looks at a seismograph Monday at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The seismograph records the shaking of the ground measured at stations around the world.

Residents evacuate high-rise apartment buildings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after the earthquake Monday night.

Kerry Sieh, a geology professor at the California Institute of Technology, speaks at a news conference Monday afternoon in Los Angeles. Sieh said Monday night's quake was the "same type of earthquake" that struck southern Asia on December 26, 2004.

Residents of Hadyai, Thailand, move into the streets Monday night, March 28, 2005, after an earthquake shook the region.


TIME : 12:12AM
DATE : 29th MARCH 2005

Exactly at 12:12am i felt dizzy, suddenly i was like gonna pass out like that! i tried holding on the the wall for support but to no avail my conditions did not improves, I try standing up but still ended up dissapointed, I am still very giddy and dizzy, my vision are not focused. Something is very wrong with me! I gathered all my energy and walked towards the living room, i pass by my marine aquarium i can see as if something is shaking the whole aquarium and the water level are swaying from side to side! OMG! EARTHQUAKE !!!!

I quickly rushed to wakeup Mrs. Wingz and ask her to evacuate the house. We grab our wallet and car keys and dashed out of the house. Before that i send a message to my Sifu via ICQ "EARTHQUAKE!!!" then I get the hell outta my house.

Mrs. Wingz called our nanny, shes living in a high rise building and Mrs. Wingz told her bout the EARTHQUAKE! and that we are on our way to pick up Gerald. On the way we keep calling everybody we know and inform them of the EARTHQUAKE! I drove like a Phuacker! I run a trapik light, I turn in a double line road and I even drove into a one way street! I am phuacking worried of my 2 yrs old lil devil!

We arrive at nanny's place to find out that Gerald is fine, we got him back to our house now. On the way back i managed to snap this few pics from a condominium called Putri Court. You can see all the resident are being evacuated and waiting for further instructions at the main entrance.

Residents of Putri Park condo eagerly awaits further instructions Posted by Hello

The Main Entrance are being blocked by the crowds Posted by Hello

Was in Msn with some of the bloggers and sifu, this is part of the conver :
Some IM messages:
paul says:
paul says:ok
paul says: they detected it liao
paul says: northern sumatra
doc says: yup
paul says: magnitude 8.2

36336 2.0 4 541.41 3.15 101.77 Ampang Jaya, Malaysia, got this from Kenneth, the red figure indicates the richter scale

REUTERS Posted by Hello

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Lets all pray and wish there wont be any life being lost on this one. *Namoamitabha*

28 March 2005

No Skool One

Cheras, thats the name of the place im staying in. If any of you are familiar with this place you would know that there is a lotsa phuacking trapik lights around Cheras. Some as little as 10-20 meters apart. What the phuack is the town planner is doing ? I dont have any phuacking idea at all, buden again today i wanna tok bout the Drivers not the town planner.

I dont know izzit because most of the peeples who are populating this area are mainly made of chinese (ahbengs) or generally all malaysian drivers are lidat ..... EVERYTIME i stop at the trafik light Q-ing up nicely waiting for my turn, some asshole (mostly ahbengs/chinese drivers and occasionally ah yoon driver also) will try to jump the Q by trying to squeeze-in in front of me!!! EVERY PHUACKING TIME !!!! They all NO SKOOL ONE! (Thats what Mrs.Wingz call them) What the phuack is their pobem anyway ??? why da phuack dey cant wait in line like everyone else ? Where da phuack are they rushing to ? rushing to hell to register their death ar ? phuack those muder phuackers!

I really doubt that they went thru the *proper* written test at all before they got their driving lisen. Obviously they dunno that you are suppose to Q up and wait for your turn, its just so phuacking anoying !! I wish their car will overturn and the everibadi in the car will hamkahchans!

I have been thru this kinda situation too many times till i am WELL TRAINED to out maneuver this kinda suckers at any given time! Thanks to the daily training provided by those phuackers!!!

There i said it! if you are one of those phuacker dat dont Q up at a trapik light, go let cow hit !!! May u rot in hell !!! POOHKEYMARK LU!!

P.S. : Another trapik related post in my Biaomui's blog It happened in the Cheras area too! So, if you are driving around this area, be very cautious !!!

27 March 2005


I just been told by my regular Digi salesman that they will gimme a FREE Nokia6230 phone!!! Whoa !!! CHUN MAN!!! Thats the good news, the bad news is yesday, Mrs. Wingz goan soak my Bulutoot headset in the washing machine!!!

So, today we went to Cheras Leisure Mall to makan, then after that i paksa Mrs. Wingz to ganti balik my Bulutoot headset, we got this new Bulutoot headset from Sony Erricson shes paying!!! that will teach her to check my pocket first before throwing my clothes into the washing machine next time. Buden, its not all good also .... she goan buy herself a new phone!!!! Nokia3220 and guess whois paying for it ? ARGH!!! looks like i kena tipuED liow !!!! Rugi kasar this time .....

Saw this ROBOSAPIEN on Kahsoon's blog just now, actually i seen this toy on the T3 and STUFFS mags last month, i was wondering when it is gonna arrive here. Kahsoon told me that its here alredi and its available in KLCC Isetan @ RM399.00

I checked some website in USA and they are selling it at USD89.00 (bout RM 340.00) can save 50 bucks. There are also short movie clips to show some features of the robot (in Kahsoon's blog) but i personally felt that the movement of this robot is kinda sluggish (Kahsoon said the robot walks like a fucking baboon) as compares to Aibo buden again ROBOSAPIEN are so much cheaper if compared to Aibo, so cant say much lor..... hmmm .... to buy or not to buy ? *dilema dilema* Den if i buy i sure kena hantam by Mrs. Wingz one,*sigh* dun care lar ! Buy 1st! Die later! LOL!

Anibardee goin to KLCC tomlo ??? :)

Lesson learnt : next time if Mrs.Wingz broke anything, its wiser for me to goan buy it myself rather than to bring her along, just deduct the expenses from her nx months allowance. :P

*P.S. Anibardee wanna bili a soaked G2 headset ? still got gerenti tho but im not sure can claim anot la hehe ... Morah Morah jual ... mali mali !!!

25 March 2005

Extreme Sports Fanatics

1st story - a Golfer's Respect
Four retired Old fart, Ah Beng, Paul Maniam, Hamdan and Ah Keong are Hardcore Golfers that will play golf everyday without fail, be it rainy or sunny days. So one day four of them were woking down the 7th fairway they sadenlee spotted a funeral procession travelling slowly down the road that ran along side with the course.

Ah Beng, suddenly stopped, removes his golf cap, placed it over his heart, and stared at the ground for a moment in silent prayer.

Seing this Paul Maniam waited for him till he was through then said "Ah Beng Old frend, that was a very nice gesture."

Ah Beng with his abit wet mia eyes shrugged, "It is the least i can do. We would have been married 41 years next month."

2Nd Story - Basketball Ticket
At a high profile basketball match in USA, Adam were found sitting at the VIP seat with a empty seat besides him. Anoder basketball's fan besides him (Dan) are curios why is the seat not taken and asked him.

Dan : Hi! Is that seats besides you taken ?
Adam : Yes, its my wife's seat.
Dan : Oh, where is she ?
Adam : She passed away before she could watch this game.
Dan : I m sorry to hear that. But this is a very high profile game, maybe you can pass the ticket to your one of your relative rather than to put it to waste just lidat.
Adam : I cant, all our relative are at her funeral now.

23 March 2005

Blog a Blogger Tuesday

My victim target today are JxT2J , hes also da Vice Plesiden of the Manglish Developement and Sapot Clan!

This guy can write in very good yingrish and he also can write in very good Manglish! not to mention he is KauKouTai, WaiMang, YingChun and SiewSah. He blogs about stuffs he stumbled upon on a daily basis at a very interesting angle.

If i were given the chance to categorise his blog, I would say Light and Happy. His style is kinda like a cross between Micro and Macro bloggers, something in between.

Hes Da MAN! JxT2J!!! *applause*

His buangmasa blog is not so buangmasa at all!

22 March 2005


Its my guys nite out day! so a group of us were sitting kat mamak stall toking cock, then i suddenly come out with this cool invention idea! So we all get a few piece of papers and start putting ideas on em! the below diagram is the result of our perfect draughtmanship!!!

SOLAR TORCHLIGHT® !!! [click image to enlarge]

Benefits of this invention :
1.No Batteries Required!
2.Eco Frendly! (No Battery = No Mercury)
3.Light Weight! (No batteries)
4.Superb 200W Bright Mentol!
5.Weather Proof with All Weather Rubber Grip!
6.Maintenance Free! (No battery to replace)
7.Heavy Duty! (Made from Titanium Alloy)
8.Approved for "JAGA/GUARD" use!

Direction of use :
The SOLAR TORCHLIGHT® Must be used in a well lighted area, will not work in the complete DARKNESS or place where light source are not adequate enuff to pahwer the solar cells.

In case of total darkness please use a battery operated torchlight to provide light source to the SOLAR TORCHLIGHT®. Aim the Light beam from the battery operated torchlight dileklee onto the Solar Panel and the SOLAR TORCHLIGHT® should be able to function like normal again.

Anader Creative Creation Brought to You By PARIASOHNIC®!

*PARIASOHNIC® We're always One Step Ahead!*

*Thanks to Dave for the idea for this post!

My Sifu's related post FARADAY TORCH

21 March 2005

Marsilee (Mercedes)

Let me introduce you to a 16 yrs old kid, his name is Kelvin, and not that i got any grudge against him but hes really really, really really Dumb/Bodoh/Stupiak!

One skool's holidei he goto Tropicana golf and country club to look for a job and ended up being assigned as the caddy for one of the member, the member name is Mr. Kok.

Mr.Kok tell Kelvin "C'mon, you pollow me to the car and take my golf clubs."

So, Kelvin pollows Mr.Kok to his New Gleaming Marsilee (Mercedes) convertible. Mr. Kok open the trunk and Kelvin go behind the car to take the golf clubs out. When he reaches in to the trunk for the golf bag, a few golf tees falls out.

"What is dis?" asked Kelvin, Mr.Kok replies "Those are tees, I put my balls on them when i drive."

Kelvin nods showing that he understand Mr.Kok's explaination, then Kelvin says "Wah biang eh! Those Marsilee (Mercedes) peeple dem terror leh! they even think of where to put the driver's balls when they drive!!! "

Who Jump ?

This cerite happened in Amalika, its about a black baseball star name Ben. One day he and 2 of his corporate execs was flying over the Rockies in a small private jet, on his way to make a commercial on the west coast. The pilot, a racist had made the trip highly inpleasant with his racist ramarks.Ben also kinda tulan with the pilot also but he try to act cool bcoz his life pretty much depends on the pilot and he dont wanna pissed him off. Suddenly the plane mia engine caught fire, the pilot got the plane under kontorol but begin to lose altitude.

Den the pilot tells everyone in the plane "we kena lose some weight if we all wanna survive. One of you will have to jump to save the rest of us. It cant be me, coz i have to fly the plane. So it will hafta be one of you guys. I will ask you all a question each and who got it wrong will have to jump"

"wait a minit" says Ben, "thats not fair. I know you tulan me bcoz i am blacks"

The pilot thot for a few secs then said "I'll make it fair, all the questions will be about baseball"

Ben thot since hes the only professional baseball player on da plane he should have no problem with the answers and he agress to it. "Fair enuff", Ben said.

The pilot turned to the first corporate exec and asked him "Who won the 1986 World Baseball series ?"
The 1st corp exec answers "The Mets"
"Correct!" says the pilot.
He then truned to the 2nd crop exec and asked him "How many peeple attended the last game of the series?"
The 2nd Exec thot hard and hesitantly answered "about 50,000 peeples ?"
"Right!" the pilot said.
Then now sampai Ben mia turn liow,Ben very nerves, then the pilot turned to Ben and asked "Name Them!"

*P.S. No blacks are hurt in the making of this setori, BTW Ben is still alive also. :P

20 March 2005

White Thunder

Many moons ago (Long Time ago b4 olangs putih even existed in Amalika), In Amalika exist a clan of LED Yindian (Mohawks). The chief (Penghulu) mia son, well, his name is White Thunder. So it is almost time for the chief to pencen ledi and pass all his machais and kerbaus and lands to White Thunder, buden befoh dat White Thunder kena pass exams dulu. White Thunder kena pass so many test that would ambik lebih korang 2-3 tahun to go thru (kinda like a degree course lidat la).

Now i mau tell u about Bitchy Cat, shes White Thunder mia bini, Shes one hella chun chicka! buden White Thunder sapuED her ledi as bini and lotsa aders Led Yindians Boh song sama White Thunder. Den in this story, White Thunder orso got a chilhood frend named Big Bear.

The Cerite

So White Thunder last nite with Bitchy Cat, they have wild and passionate sex the LED YINDIAN style. When the sun kam out White Thunder kiss Bitchy Cat goodbye and left to do his Degree leaving Bitchy Cat all alone for the next 2-3 yrs. They both agrees to keep in touch with smoke signals and sending each aders letters with arrows. (Kinda like bulutooth/WiFi and sms nowadays la)

- 3 Yrs Later -

White Thunder Dapat Degree liow and quickly rush home to see his bini, Bitchy Cat. White Thunder see Bitchy Cat mia tummy dem big liow, he says to himself "How come ? Thats definitely not me bikin mia"

Then this conversation took place :

White Thunder : HOW COME ??!!!!
Bitchy Cat : *Pretends to be blur* "What how come ?"
White Thunder : *Furiously pointing at her stomach* "This how come ?"
Bitchy Cat : *Sked liow kena tell the truth*
Bitchy Cat : Many many moon come, you no come, Big Bear come, This how come!



*P.S. No Led Yindians was hurt in this story either!

My Health OK Doc?

Yesday me and Mrs. Wingz pigik visits our family klinik to pay Dr. Sow a visit. Actually I need to get somemore sleeping pills from him as i just took the last one the nite befoh (that stuff he gave me were so fucking "G-O-O-D!"). We arrived at the klinik around 11a.m. lidat. Nobody around also, i think doc also ngam ngam open klinik dats why tarak olangs.

Anyway, the nurse asked me to go into the consultation room rite after i registered, so I go in with Mrs.Wingz lor. As usual Dr.Sow would gives us a warm welcome smile and would ask us how we both and our kid is doing n stuffs lidat. We are more than doctor patient relationship by now, we are long time buddy! So i sat and i told him there is nothing wrong with me and i asked him to put away his "headphone" (stethoscope). I am only here to pickup somemore of that sleeping pills you gave me the other day, that pill made me sleep like a dead corpse and i like it! LOL!

Doc Sow, he did adviced me against being too dependent on sleeping pills and i should look for others remedies. I said "OK, but gimme dat pill 1st, i'll look for other remedies later. Gimme more this time you only gave me 5 bijiks the last time!" He gave me 10 bijiks! YESH!!!
Then Mrs. Wingz start to komplen sama Doc.Sow, Of coz lar he cant sleep, everinite online till "3 kang pun yeh" then smoking non stop how to be able to sleep peacefully lidat?

Wah lau eh .. dat time I diam diam only ... sked kena tembak sommo. Buden Dr.Sow come to my rescue! He said "Mrs. Wingz ar, lemme tell you one story lar. "I got this patient who comes in regularly, I mean very very regularly and always tell me he suspek his body something wrong, here sakit, there sakit. Everyweek he suspek himself got new illness one. So one day he come for a regular checkup after he complained hes having some kinda breathing pobem. After the checkup I told him everything is fine with him and told him not to worry too much. Then he asked me a few questions"

The Story
Patient : Doc ar, you sure there is nothing wrong with me ar ?
Dr Sow : your are even healthier than I m! What could be wrong ? Dont worry too much lar, its all in your thoughts. You want me recomend you for counseling ?
Patient : No, no thanks Doc I think I am fine now.
Doc Sow : Good lar lidat, you should always think positively mah.
Patient : Doc ar I wanna ask you hor, you think i can live untill 70 yrs old anot?"
Doc Sow :*paused for a few secs* "Do you smokes?"
Patient : no no no i hate rokok one, i dont smoke at all!
Doc Sow : Do you gamble ?
Patient : No No No I hate gambling! those are disasterous hobby!
Doc Sow : Do you consume alotsa alchohol ?
Patient : No No No I dont drink neither! I hate the taste of alchohols.
Doc Sow : Do you fool around with women ? you know whore house, niteclubs & char kuat yuen kinda place ?
Patient : No No No. Vice is one of the thing i hate the most!
Doc Sow : Do you like to speed when you are driving ?
Patient : No No No, i am a law abiding and very good citizen, I always obey the speed limit one!
Doc Sow : Hmmm .... Since you dont do all that, why the hell do you wanna live untill 70 year old ar ???!!!

After Doc Sow finish the story he said this to Mrs.Wingz, " a man got to have at least a few bad habit to be able to live long one you know ?" Mrs.Wingz also diam diam ledi! kakaka I AM SAVED TO LIVE YET ANOTHER DAY !!!!

19 March 2005


An institution for the mentally retarded arranged for its inmates to attend a baseball game. The director spent days training the retards to obey his commands so there wouldnt be any trouble.

The day of the game was bright and sunny, and the group arrived just before the first pitch. When it was time for the national anthem, the director yelled,"Up nuts!" and the inmates immediately rose.

When the national anthem was over, the director yelled, "Down nuts!" and the inmates sat.

The game proceeded, and the inmates were well behaved. When the home team made a good play, the director yelled, "Clap nuts!" and the retards applauded just like normal fans.

Things were going so well that the director left his seat to go get a hotdog and a beer. But when he came back, there was a riot going on because the inmates were pissing on the crowd. the director finally located his assistant and demanded "what happened?"

"Everything was fine" the assistant said, "until some guy came over and yelled "Peanuts!"

*GRINS from left ear to right ear*

*P.S. No nuts inmates were hurt in the making of this story.

18 March 2005


Caution : 18SX - Not for minors. Parental Supervision Required!

Today my work were a fucking disaster, anyway halfway thru the day a friend of mine sent me a link on my icq, and boy did it turn my day around! Anyway this post is not suitable for minors, so if you are under 18 please leave and if you decided to read on, dont accuse me of influencing you and your weird sexual behaviour!

This is what i saw in a well known "Malaysian Auction Site" - an article for sale! I really wonders are this kinda thing legal to be sold in Malaysia ? anyway thats not for me to judge, See for yourself and luff your ass off! LOL!

Are you thinking what im thinking ? - click to enlarge Posted by Hello

Then the Product Descriptions go something like this :

This is the ULTIMATE male conpanion
The item requires a waiting period to buy, it measures about 7-71/2 of woman, tits, pussy. Very nice to touch and the best part is, it vibrates and squirls and has a very horny noise of lovemaking.

Definitely a buy for the :
1.Lonely Student --> LMAO! STUDENTS!!!! bad advice dude!
2.Lonely Gentlemen
3.Loving wife and gf for their beloved husband and bf --> Why the fuck a wife wanna buy her husband this "thing" ??!!! LMAO!!!
4.A bachelor's gift
5.Imagination to let wild. --> Do you get this ? seriously I dont.

Same unit sells easily for more than RM700 in some novelty stores in Klang Valley. Now selling for RM210!!! Spesel Offer!!!

-The End of product descriptions-

Hey, Dont ask me what it means, i dont understand some of the yingrish myself. I just typed it out word by word. I m not the author ok ?

So, lonely souls out there, I just found you something "usefool", you are being blessED, treat her gently and kindly will ya ? And pls clean her on a weekly basis, DETTOL or CLOROX diluted in luke warm water will do just fine. LOL!!!

17 March 2005

Confucius Entry No.2 - Yapun(ise)

Few days ago, i heard from somebody that the new manglish term "Yapun(ise)" is already listed in google and it was even linked to the word "Japanese"

Yapun - Japan

Yapunise - Japanese

A check into the Dictionary reveals indepth infos about Japan, read below for the correct version and originates of the word Yapun.

"A country of Asia on an archipelago off the northeast coast of the mainland. Traditionally settled c. 660 B.C., Japan's written history began in the 5th century A.D.

A.D. 670, to be preciseJapanese scholars who had studied Chinese created a new name for their country using the Chinese phrase for “origin of the sun, sunrise,” because Japan is located east of China. In the Chinese of the time (called Middle Chinese), the phrase was nzyet-pwun. To this the scholars added the Chinese suffix -kwuk, “country,” yielding a compound nzyet-pwun-kwuk, “sun-origin-country, land of the rising sun.”

The consonant clusters in the word were not pronounceable in Old Japanese, so the form was simplified to Nip-pon-gu or *Ni-pon-gu, the latter developing by regular sound change to Ni-hon-gu. The forms Nippon and Nihon of today are the same as these, minus the “country” suffix. Interestingly, the Chinese themselves took to calling Japan by the name that the Japanese had invented, and it is from the Chinese version of the name that English Japan is ultimately derived. In Mandarin Chinese, one of the forms of Chinese to develop from Middle Chinese, the phrase evolved to Rìbnguó, an early form of which was recorded by Marco Polo as Chipangu, which he would have pronounced as (ch-pän-g) or (sh-pän-g). The early Mandarin word was borrowed into Malay as Japang, which was encountered by Portuguese traders in Moluccas in the 16th century. These traders may have been the ones to bring the word to Europe; it is first recorded in English in 1577, spelled Giapan. "

Below are the screenshots i got from Google, Click to enlarge and find out how you can further explore the usage of the manglish word Yapun(ise) brought to you by yours trulee :)

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16 March 2005

Blog a Blogger Day

Tuesday is Blog a Blogger day, Today i wanna blog about a vehlee goot goot fren/jiejie of mine her lame name is Liulian Lilian.

We (me n Lilian) we belongs to a different group of blogger, shes a Macro blogger and im a Micro blogger. Lemme elaborates :

Macro blogger : dey alwaz toks bout the big issues like global warming, extinction of sharks, World peace, acid rains, world mum's welfare, world's hunger, Adopt a child program, Save the gorilla, feed a monkey banana program etc ... you know, those kinda BIG matters.

Micro blogger : We blog bout semal semal petty issues like, who da fark messed up our life today, wats our neighbour's dog name is, how old is our neighbour doters is, what your mum nagged about, whose dating your gf/bf behind your back, your sexual prefrences, your "APRIL FOOL" pranks, your favorite jokes, your fav books, musics, fashions, makeups, idols etc ... you know, those kinda small issues that adds up to what your life is consist of.
-The End of Explaination-

I m a micro blogger, i blogs about me, myself and I. I never wanna say anything bout world piss peace nor global warming. I just wanna toks bout me, myself and I and of coz my family too! Erm .. since today is Blog a Blogger Day lets not tok bout me anymore.

My target Blogger today is Lilian, shes a regular contributor to local media on big issues like those i mentioned above, her face also regularly appears in the public media also, so i think you can categorise her as a Celebrity. Buden shes not lansi at all, in fact shes one humble lady dispite all the pubic public exposures/appearances. One thing I really admire about her is all the energy that she has, she told me once she is exhausted but I never did see her stop offering advices and helping peeples in needs. Where did all that energy comes from ? Maybe the satisfactions she got from the smiles given to her by those she helped before are fueling all her efforts over and over again ? Well only God knows!

A word of encouragement : I just wanna tell you Lilian larling/jiejie, keep going, keep walking forward, the light at the end of the tunnel, well its there waiting for you! it had always been there and always will be there for you. I salute you! *Amen*

Soli for the kamsingness today but its my blog lar diusss ... i get to say watever i wanna say LMAO!

Here's her vehlee da fehmes blog, feel free to drop by anytime! opens 24/7 just like 7-11 ! :)

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15 March 2005

Grand Canyon Nevada

It has been quite some time i havent been posting any pics and i am kinda in the lazy mode also, therefore posting this picture i taken during my chopper excursion to the Grand Canyon in Nevada might be a good idea after all. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures !

Taking off from the private airstrip with MGM Grand in View Posted by Hello

Private Airstrip - Las Vegas Nevada Posted by Hello

Chartered Chopper Excursion - 5000 ft below the highest peak in Grand Canyon Posted by Hello

Wild Horses (Black Dots)- 600 ft above the ground Grand Canyon Posted by Hello

Hoover Town - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Hoover Dam - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Hoover Dam - Top Down View Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Copper Mine - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Remote Fueling Station - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

The Canyon, The Sky, THE SIGHT! Posted by Hello

Champaign and Wine at the bottom of Grand Canyon anyone ? Posted by Hello

From the bottom of Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

More of Grand Canyon Posted by Hello

Up Close and Personal with Grand Canyon Posted by Hello