13 March 2005

Malaysian Bloggers Forum Posted by Hello


  1. I've joined past few days ago. The boss is LiewCF right? Izzit LiewCF=DrLiew? Make sense also hor.

  2. Siewjeh is here, just that you know. How come no blog? tsk tsk tsk

  3. Siewjeh I orso constipations, got ideas no mood to write .... thinking of something else now ... *sigh*

  4. Come I kick you kasi lau sai.

  5. Hey, you baka wingz, try to steal referrers ah? still don't have official logo yet you try to steal my almost 400 post thunder?


    *kicks wingz while wingz is bending over*.....

  6. kljs : diusss i mana got say its the official logo larr .... i like itu logo so i post 1st la rather than put text link dem 9 lame ler... ape u saying bout wat 400 thunder post har ??? i dun understand ler

  7. Anonymous4:18 pm

    kljs,read proply ler nx taim.

    norbadee wanna still eyor tander. coz der iz not macha tander 2 still.


  8. Wei Ah Wingz suksuk backside only for me to kick. You stay away hor?

    And then hor, Jx2 apasal lu cakap macam itu sayap hor? One of him is bad enuff liao.

  9. Just kidding only lar......

    Don't get upset. Sorry about if I said something wrong. :)


  10. Anyway, what I meant was

    wingz was using unofficial logo to lure people lar.......
    and thus gains referrals.....

    about 400 posts thunder, that's about me insanely posting until now I have 400+ posts at the forum.

    Sorry if that was mistaken for something else. I should have type better next time.

    Sorry again. My mistake.

  11. releks brader kljs, dey all orso kidding jek hehe! but i still dun understand what you mean by gains referrals ar ? wat referrals u toking bout ? referrals to where ?

    Eh i really boh lure peeple here one lar, i post the logo there bcoz i think the logo dem cool .... lidat also knot meh ?

  12. I understand lar.......

    was just kidding about your posting that logo....

    I like the logo anyway too.....

  13. wah lau eh u kidding one horrrr !!! dius u make 9 me dem 9 blurr .. i thot u stealing wat refereal pulak kakakakakaka

  14. abuden......

    you will know if I am serious or not.....

  15. I meant...if I am serious, you will notice it......but, most of the time, I just try to go with the flow.............


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