15 March 2005

Grand Canyon Nevada

It has been quite some time i havent been posting any pics and i am kinda in the lazy mode also, therefore posting this picture i taken during my chopper excursion to the Grand Canyon in Nevada might be a good idea after all. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures !

Taking off from the private airstrip with MGM Grand in View Posted by Hello

Private Airstrip - Las Vegas Nevada Posted by Hello

Chartered Chopper Excursion - 5000 ft below the highest peak in Grand Canyon Posted by Hello

Wild Horses (Black Dots)- 600 ft above the ground Grand Canyon Posted by Hello

Hoover Town - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Hoover Dam - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Hoover Dam - Top Down View Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Copper Mine - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

Remote Fueling Station - Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

The Canyon, The Sky, THE SIGHT! Posted by Hello

Champaign and Wine at the bottom of Grand Canyon anyone ? Posted by Hello

From the bottom of Grand Canyon Nevada Posted by Hello

More of Grand Canyon Posted by Hello

Up Close and Personal with Grand Canyon Posted by Hello


  1. I don't think I see any horses. -.-"

  2. Ei, I am very sure I left a comment earlier wor. You censored issit? I said : Some blogger show off Japan, you show off Grand Canyon and all I see when I look up is tempurung. sniff, sniff.

  3. kakak soli soli just now the post not completed yet geh kakaka ....

    i not showing off la aiyoo .... i lazy mau type la so i post pics lo ... im just showing off my arial photography skill only.

  4. Wow.....you been to grand canyon.........

    wonder when would I have the chance to go there.........

  5. Anonymous3:08 am

    Very cool pictures !

  6. Anonymous11:18 am

    hoho nice nice nice... like the one that shows the sky. very nice.... Bila u pigi grand canyon?

  7. Jason : The horses are those tiny dots, we are at 600ft off the ground you see ...

    Liulian : soli that time post not completed yet

    kljs : actually i take the pics from net only kakakaka

    Jxt2J: Tenkiu tenkiu~~

    Surfnux: hehe like you i also dem addicted to taking pics orso ler hehe

  8. Oi, come, come we gang go take photos? My favourite is macro shots. Chey...small fart like me challenge people with SLR wor.

  9. surfnux:I was in Vegas Aug Last year

    Larling : i using disposable camera only ler :P

  10. Las Vegas ah? Did you meet the CSI's?....hehehehe....

  11. ooo, so nice. did you tunggang kuda like the marlboro boys? ;)

  12. buaya69 : eh nice to see you here, thanks for coming! I didnt ride the horse but i did ride the girls ala "Marlboro boys style" LOL!

  13. Anonymous9:45 am

    hohoho same same la hor.. :p But, I always out of topic for blogging when busy with college. haha

  14. Surfnux : i got about 29,598 more ideas to blog, i just dont have the time and im kinda lazy sometime lol!


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