21 March 2005

Marsilee (Mercedes)

Let me introduce you to a 16 yrs old kid, his name is Kelvin, and not that i got any grudge against him but hes really really, really really Dumb/Bodoh/Stupiak!

One skool's holidei he goto Tropicana golf and country club to look for a job and ended up being assigned as the caddy for one of the member, the member name is Mr. Kok.

Mr.Kok tell Kelvin "C'mon, you pollow me to the car and take my golf clubs."

So, Kelvin pollows Mr.Kok to his New Gleaming Marsilee (Mercedes) convertible. Mr. Kok open the trunk and Kelvin go behind the car to take the golf clubs out. When he reaches in to the trunk for the golf bag, a few golf tees falls out.

"What is dis?" asked Kelvin, Mr.Kok replies "Those are tees, I put my balls on them when i drive."

Kelvin nods showing that he understand Mr.Kok's explaination, then Kelvin says "Wah biang eh! Those Marsilee (Mercedes) peeple dem terror leh! they even think of where to put the driver's balls when they drive!!! "


  1. Anonymous2:27 am

    Goodness. Kelvin is really very the stupiak.

  2. LOL......

    really dumb lar....

  3. My goodness. Kelvin stay at Ampang also ah? If yes hor, I must pack my bag up dy.

  4. Anonymous9:15 pm

    hohohoho that one suppose to be a true story or a make up story? But really ler, haha funny. :p

  5. JXT2J : Hehe dis one orso fiction story only .... no unlimited web so dont dius me LOL!

    Jason : hehe ... dun so rude ler ... kesian dat guy :P

    5xmom : Kelvin is a gay boi i know from IRC!!!

    kljs : Well i guess there is one lidat in every community!

    Mango Tan : Thank god hes not staying here! if not i will move faster than u do! kakaka!!

    Surfnux : You can belif in what you wanna belif in. Tru or Fohs doesnt matter wat ? :P


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