16 March 2005

Blog a Blogger Day

Tuesday is Blog a Blogger day, Today i wanna blog about a vehlee goot goot fren/jiejie of mine her lame name is Liulian Lilian.

We (me n Lilian) we belongs to a different group of blogger, shes a Macro blogger and im a Micro blogger. Lemme elaborates :

Macro blogger : dey alwaz toks bout the big issues like global warming, extinction of sharks, World peace, acid rains, world mum's welfare, world's hunger, Adopt a child program, Save the gorilla, feed a monkey banana program etc ... you know, those kinda BIG matters.

Micro blogger : We blog bout semal semal petty issues like, who da fark messed up our life today, wats our neighbour's dog name is, how old is our neighbour doters is, what your mum nagged about, whose dating your gf/bf behind your back, your sexual prefrences, your "APRIL FOOL" pranks, your favorite jokes, your fav books, musics, fashions, makeups, idols etc ... you know, those kinda small issues that adds up to what your life is consist of.
-The End of Explaination-

I m a micro blogger, i blogs about me, myself and I. I never wanna say anything bout world piss peace nor global warming. I just wanna toks bout me, myself and I and of coz my family too! Erm .. since today is Blog a Blogger Day lets not tok bout me anymore.

My target Blogger today is Lilian, shes a regular contributor to local media on big issues like those i mentioned above, her face also regularly appears in the public media also, so i think you can categorise her as a Celebrity. Buden shes not lansi at all, in fact shes one humble lady dispite all the pubic public exposures/appearances. One thing I really admire about her is all the energy that she has, she told me once she is exhausted but I never did see her stop offering advices and helping peeples in needs. Where did all that energy comes from ? Maybe the satisfactions she got from the smiles given to her by those she helped before are fueling all her efforts over and over again ? Well only God knows!

A word of encouragement : I just wanna tell you Lilian larling/jiejie, keep going, keep walking forward, the light at the end of the tunnel, well its there waiting for you! it had always been there and always will be there for you. I salute you! *Amen*

Soli for the kamsingness today but its my blog lar diusss ... i get to say watever i wanna say LMAO!

Here's her vehlee da fehmes blog, feel free to drop by anytime! opens 24/7 just like 7-11 ! :)

Liulian Lilian Mia Blog Posted by Hello


  1. *find tissue, cannot find, borrow Wingz's collar and sleeve pfroootthhhh, blow nose.* Ahem, Ah Wings suk-suk, so kumtung liao. I am going to keep this post in my favourite bookmark. Every time I boh lat liao, I read, ok?

  2. I have been ordered to come here by 5XMom to come and boost your traffic becos you said all these nice things about her. Hehe. I like your profile photo lah Ah Wingzs Suk Suk. Perpetually "Nyek Nyek" like dat.

  3. hmm....regular traffic-ker here.......

    Wingz needs more traffic!!! ;)

  4. come come help pasang lampu traffik

  5. Wah lau eh ... now my thots all jammed up liow man ... too many trehpik lait in my bolok, err i mean blog :P

    tenkiu vehlee machi! roti capati on me!


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