29 March 2005

a MAN is a MAN

I wanna tell a story i heard last time when i was lepaking around Petaling Street collecting PouWoo (protection) fees on behalf of my Taikor.

There is this couple, the husband (TowPahKeong) is those TaiJek-Kong (talk cock) type, he always boast bout his younger days and how he beat the hell outta 12 Kuwakjais (gengsters) one night at belakang mati. The wife (Lilian) is also ex-HakSehWooi TaiKahJeh, dem fierce and good in Wengchun Kungfu too!

One day G-Yoke and Pai-Kuat (both are TowPahKeong buddies) goto TowPahKeong house to ask him come out for teh tarik. As they walking towards the main entrance of TohPahKeong house, both of they heard Lilian is shouting at TowPahKeong. G-Yoke being curious go around the house for a better audio and video receptions with Pai-Kuat behind him, finally they found an opened window where they can see and hear what is going on.

It appeared to them that Lilian are insanely angry at TowPahKeong bcoz TowPahKeong was caught sniffing his mader-in-law underwear.

Lilian : Wat da fark u doing sniffing my mader's underwear ???!!
TowPahKeong : I thot it was yours!

Without warning Lilian got hold of the penyapu buruk and whacked TowPahKeong right on the face. TowPahKeong was screaming in pain and ran towards the window trying to avoid being hit again, at this moment TowPahKeong saw both G-Yoke and Pai-Kuat and he felt dem blardee degraded kena bully by his wife lidat. Lilian is still chasing TowPahKeong with the broom. To avoid being whacked further by his wife and to save his face TowPahKeong decided to crawl and hide underneath the bed hidden away from his buddies view.

Lilian : Come out and let me beat your ugly face till you looks like G-Tau!!!!! (Pig's head) Come and fight me like a man!!!
TowPahKeong : NO! SEICHOWHAI !! (smelly pussy) I WONT COME OUT!
Lilian : I said come out you NAHPET!! (Faggot)
TowPahKeong : a MAN is a MAN, if i say i wont come out that means i wont come out!


  1. Hahaha, Wingz, very farny. Like that MAN oso can call MAN. Lucky you did not add a 'an' to Lili's name or else, I pak-pak sei kena label as ex-HakSehWooi TaiKahJeh.

  2. Tiusss, I spoke too soon! Now Lili become Lilian pulak.

  3. lol....funny! :)

  4. ahaha man lan la.. so ironically funny!!

  5. had a good laugh :P

  6. gonna show the other towpahkeong your blog. our towpahkeong is truly man ok!!!!!!!!! wont sneeze underwear unless it's mine! nyahahaha

  7. 5xmom : hehe u tok too soon ledi :P

    Bm : kakakaka!!! wait till our TohPahKeong see this!


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