21 March 2005

Who Jump ?

This cerite happened in Amalika, its about a black baseball star name Ben. One day he and 2 of his corporate execs was flying over the Rockies in a small private jet, on his way to make a commercial on the west coast. The pilot, a racist had made the trip highly inpleasant with his racist ramarks.Ben also kinda tulan with the pilot also but he try to act cool bcoz his life pretty much depends on the pilot and he dont wanna pissed him off. Suddenly the plane mia engine caught fire, the pilot got the plane under kontorol but begin to lose altitude.

Den the pilot tells everyone in the plane "we kena lose some weight if we all wanna survive. One of you will have to jump to save the rest of us. It cant be me, coz i have to fly the plane. So it will hafta be one of you guys. I will ask you all a question each and who got it wrong will have to jump"

"wait a minit" says Ben, "thats not fair. I know you tulan me bcoz i am blacks"

The pilot thot for a few secs then said "I'll make it fair, all the questions will be about baseball"

Ben thot since hes the only professional baseball player on da plane he should have no problem with the answers and he agress to it. "Fair enuff", Ben said.

The pilot turned to the first corporate exec and asked him "Who won the 1986 World Baseball series ?"
The 1st corp exec answers "The Mets"
"Correct!" says the pilot.
He then truned to the 2nd crop exec and asked him "How many peeple attended the last game of the series?"
The 2nd Exec thot hard and hesitantly answered "about 50,000 peeples ?"
"Right!" the pilot said.
Then now sampai Ben mia turn liow,Ben very nerves, then the pilot turned to Ben and asked "Name Them!"

*P.S. No blacks are hurt in the making of this setori, BTW Ben is still alive also. :P


  1. Anonymous1:53 am

    Omfg. This is a good one ! Hahahaha

  2. What antibiotics are you taking huh? So many setori to write wan?

  3. what antibiotics?

    wingz on steriods lar!!!!


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