28 March 2005

No Skool One

Cheras, thats the name of the place im staying in. If any of you are familiar with this place you would know that there is a lotsa phuacking trapik lights around Cheras. Some as little as 10-20 meters apart. What the phuack is the town planner is doing ? I dont have any phuacking idea at all, buden again today i wanna tok bout the Drivers not the town planner.

I dont know izzit because most of the peeples who are populating this area are mainly made of chinese (ahbengs) or generally all malaysian drivers are lidat ..... EVERYTIME i stop at the trafik light Q-ing up nicely waiting for my turn, some asshole (mostly ahbengs/chinese drivers and occasionally ah yoon driver also) will try to jump the Q by trying to squeeze-in in front of me!!! EVERY PHUACKING TIME !!!! They all NO SKOOL ONE! (Thats what Mrs.Wingz call them) What the phuack is their pobem anyway ??? why da phuack dey cant wait in line like everyone else ? Where da phuack are they rushing to ? rushing to hell to register their death ar ? phuack those muder phuackers!

I really doubt that they went thru the *proper* written test at all before they got their driving lisen. Obviously they dunno that you are suppose to Q up and wait for your turn, its just so phuacking anoying !! I wish their car will overturn and the everibadi in the car will hamkahchans!

I have been thru this kinda situation too many times till i am WELL TRAINED to out maneuver this kinda suckers at any given time! Thanks to the daily training provided by those phuackers!!!

There i said it! if you are one of those phuacker dat dont Q up at a trapik light, go let cow hit !!! May u rot in hell !!! POOHKEYMARK LU!!

P.S. : Another trapik related post in my Biaomui's blog It happened in the Cheras area too! So, if you are driving around this area, be very cautious !!!


  1. I oso terror to squeeze them out lar. So long as don't drive new car can oredi. Last time I refused to let one mini bus cut in from my left. You know what the bus did? The bas conductor took his tong sampah and poured the sampah on my car! Traffic jam mah, so he put his head and hand out and just dropped all the rubbish. Damn thrilling you know, giving the finger sign. I kena chase before too but I drove into to my office building, got guards.

  2. I have never been in this kind of situation before.
    but if I was chase, I would outrun them anywayz. I have l33t outruning skillz.........or so I think!

  3. Anonymous2:37 pm

    if i continue to readyr blog..i fear i might lose all sense of the english language!.


  4. I am also a Cheras citzen. Just imagine I have to cross the road to my school with those Mat Rempek flying along the road everyday. But students like me crossing for 5 years oledy jadi biasa. None of my bulu got hurt before:)

  5. continue read wingz blog, engrish can get worst..... hahahahahhaah....

    best word is bulutooth.......


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