7 March 2005

Epidemic Outbreak of Bloggers Withdrawals

There is an outbreak of influential, famous and legendary bloggers (My Sifu & Micheal Ooi ) quitting the blogging scene since yesday. Why is this happenin ? god knows, anyway they should have their own good reason for that so pulez leave'em alone okay? dont play papalaisee!

What they gone thru will be a great asset for us in the future. Cyber space is not a place where you can do whatever you want and get away with it, every action needs to come with certain degree of resposibility. (No. i am not saying they done something wrong, i am just saying there are cyber laws that governs the cyber space!)

Behold fellow bloggers, the future is yet ours to endure! We still have a war to fight!

More infos and advice can be found at the below mentioned links :



*Namo-oli-tohfud* - God Bless Em

*No i m not high on antibiotics anymore!


  1. Oi, you need to get your thoughts corrected first wor. One minute you god bless, next minute you namo. They don't ngam wan. Abuden, got the best of both worlds oso la. No more on antibiotics? Now kena auntiebiotics liao. muahaha

  2. buden i dunch know which religion dey belongs to mahhhh ... so i hantam both sure kena one wart ? LOL!

  3. Wingz, go read Michael's blog...and take back your wishes.


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