17 March 2005

Confucius Entry No.2 - Yapun(ise)

Few days ago, i heard from somebody that the new manglish term "Yapun(ise)" is already listed in google and it was even linked to the word "Japanese"

Yapun - Japan

Yapunise - Japanese

A check into the Dictionary reveals indepth infos about Japan, read below for the correct version and originates of the word Yapun.

"A country of Asia on an archipelago off the northeast coast of the mainland. Traditionally settled c. 660 B.C., Japan's written history began in the 5th century A.D.

A.D. 670, to be preciseJapanese scholars who had studied Chinese created a new name for their country using the Chinese phrase for “origin of the sun, sunrise,” because Japan is located east of China. In the Chinese of the time (called Middle Chinese), the phrase was nzyet-pwun. To this the scholars added the Chinese suffix -kwuk, “country,” yielding a compound nzyet-pwun-kwuk, “sun-origin-country, land of the rising sun.”

The consonant clusters in the word were not pronounceable in Old Japanese, so the form was simplified to Nip-pon-gu or *Ni-pon-gu, the latter developing by regular sound change to Ni-hon-gu. The forms Nippon and Nihon of today are the same as these, minus the “country” suffix. Interestingly, the Chinese themselves took to calling Japan by the name that the Japanese had invented, and it is from the Chinese version of the name that English Japan is ultimately derived. In Mandarin Chinese, one of the forms of Chinese to develop from Middle Chinese, the phrase evolved to Rìbnguó, an early form of which was recorded by Marco Polo as Chipangu, which he would have pronounced as (ch-pän-g) or (sh-pän-g). The early Mandarin word was borrowed into Malay as Japang, which was encountered by Portuguese traders in Moluccas in the 16th century. These traders may have been the ones to bring the word to Europe; it is first recorded in English in 1577, spelled Giapan. "

Below are the screenshots i got from Google, Click to enlarge and find out how you can further explore the usage of the manglish word Yapun(ise) brought to you by yours trulee :)

Yapunise - Click to enlarge Image Posted by Hello

Yapun - Click to Enlarge ImagePosted by Hello

Images courtesy of Google


  1. Interesting... And I tot that Yapun(ise) is just a word created by Doc for his Yapun trip.

  2. Aiyaks~ Doc bikin one meh ? diu lor diu lor malunye aku ~~~~ *dig hole n hide face*

  3. I check liao, google listed doc's blog on March 2 2005 but really wor, it is wingz's comment wor. So, I think wingz is right lor.

  4. *still with head in the hole* nebermidn nebermind ... it belongs to averibadi .... no nid discuss who bikin wan wokeh ? :)

  5. hmmm.......isn't it just cantonese using english to pronounced?

  6. kljs : manglish is a fusion language of all our fellow malaysians. All the laguage added up together to produce something beyond chinese, BM, tamil and Yingris. Dat my frend ... is Manglish!

  7. yeah, I know about manglish.....really lar....but I try not to use manglish all the time....... :)

  8. kljs : fair enuff, you totally have the rights to do that while others might think aderwise too. There is always 2 side of a coin. :)

  9. I only use manglish when I want to blend in....other than that, i use purrfect engrish.....hehehehehe....or so I think....


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