31 March 2005

Many years ago, Today

Long entry, PLEASE BITCH !!!!!

Ah! April fool brings back so many fond memories of the past. WongTaiJung a.k.a. WongBigBell (WTJ), I can still remember the day he come to join our class. I was in lower 6 at that time when our headmaster bring in a new comer to join our class. He introduce himself as WongTaiJung from Langkawi. He is send here as the ambassador of Langkawi chinese society to study in the CITY and bring back precious knowledge to Langkawi people! LOL!

At that time me and my bunch of frends was like "HUH? Langkawi ??? WTF hes doing here ???" Anyway we ended up as good friend, i even asked my grandma to rent him one of her vacant room and he has been staying there throughout form 6. My grandma lives a few blocks from my dad's house so we always hang out together.

Hes is fun and i mean hes really funny! he would not be angry if we guys play jokes on him, infact for the entire 2 years we are together i never seen his angry face at all. I guess thats the reason we love to make fun of him. Another reason is, he came from Langkawi, and at that time Langkawi is really still an "ULU" place. No KFC, No McD, No A&W, no cinema, and the entire island only got 1 (ONE!) trapik light !!! So, to him this big city if fulla excitements and he will try his best to learn the culture and the lifestyle just to fit in, so i guessed hes just holding back his angers in order to have frends around him ? well its just my guess.

Whenever there is skool holidays he will go back to Langkawi to see his folks and friends there. Of coz we will be the one who will fetch him to Kota Raya to board his bus and everytime he go home he will ask us to bring him to KFC to makan 1st before embarking on his journey home. Why KFC ? lemme tell u why ...... last time KFC they put 1 bottle of ketchup and cili sos on each table one, and everytime he will "kebas" (steal) those ketchup and cili sos to be given to his frends back home in Langkawi as souvenir!!! He told us in Langkawi no KFC if i bring this back and give to my frend, they will be very very happy! can put in the house's display shelf and proves they been to K.L. before! LMAO!!!!

He also cant communicate very well with us, this is bcoz he cant speak no shit canto when he 1st arrive in KL, and most of the chinese boys in our school are from malay school. So, we cant speak no shit mandarin too. He got no choice but to learn canto from us. We of coz teaching him all the wrong stuffs instead of the one he is asking for lar!

On this day many moons ago, our form Tcher Cik Lau so ngam (coincidently) cant make it to skool, so we are without tcher that day, Our monitor YoonTai (YT) were in charge of our well being. YT were feared by all bcoz she got this bouncer like body and dem blardee fierce! Buden dunno why this WTJ got a thing for her, really dunno what he sees in her also. Anyway, WTJ wanna go pee and he asked us how to say that in canto so that he can impress YT with it.

The Conversation :
WTJ : eh how to say "i wanna go to the toilet" in canto ar ? *he tok in Mandarin+canto*
WE : Ngo yew hooi tah fei kei ( it means i wanna go masturbate)
WTJ : Eh u all sei jai paus (jerk) dont bluff me har, if not i boh chance mau kau (court) her ledi and my reputation will sweep the floor.
WE : No no we swear!!! thats real one! we know u shiok (likes) her one mah, we wont humiliate you in front of her geh *everyone nods*

That time YT we sitting at the Tcher's desk in front of everybody, so WTJ also confidently walk to her and tell her aloud in his mandarin slang canto.

WTJ : YT ngoh yew hooi tah fei kei duck mow? (YT can i go masturbate ?)
YT : *Stunned the face gradually turn from normal to blackish*
WE : *luffing like fucking mad donkeys kena histeria banging our head on the desk with tears flowing down from our eyes*

Oh boy, do i miss my skooling days .... and Man we all missed Mr.WTJ! WTJ if you are reading this, we all tried to contact your but you moved ledi! we dint have your new contact number!!! leave me your contact in comment section ok ?

Happy April Fool's day everyone!


  1. Ah Wingz - Happy April Fool!

  2. man, you guys were mean! bwahahahaha!

  3. Bwahhahaaa!! Me n my frens did that b4 to our fren too!! But of coz not about tfk lar.. :P


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