1 March 2005

Pukes Blood Monday

After hectic exhibition last week this week as i walking into the office this morning, i expect everyone to be very very busy working their ass off getting to the leads we got from the show. There i was just about to sit down on my comfy director's chair my partner barge into my room looking pale all over. *shit shit* he says ....

In short, one of the more capable staff just gave him a resignation letter and hes all freaked out! I chased him outta my office asking him to come back later after i finished my cuppa coffee. Frankly people do come and go, there is nothing much you can do about it BUT we just bought her a new car 2 months ago !!! DAMNIT !!! I M SO GONNA KILL HER !!! eh .. maybe rogol 1st before kill LOL!

Anyway, i managed to make her stay with no increment or any other empty promises. Just plain Ol honesty :P

Monday dont seems to be so bad after all rite ? wait till u hear bout tuesday!

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