27 March 2005


I just been told by my regular Digi salesman that they will gimme a FREE Nokia6230 phone!!! Whoa !!! CHUN MAN!!! Thats the good news, the bad news is yesday, Mrs. Wingz goan soak my Bulutoot headset in the washing machine!!!

So, today we went to Cheras Leisure Mall to makan, then after that i paksa Mrs. Wingz to ganti balik my Bulutoot headset, we got this new Bulutoot headset from Sony Erricson shes paying!!! that will teach her to check my pocket first before throwing my clothes into the washing machine next time. Buden, its not all good also .... she goan buy herself a new phone!!!! Nokia3220 and guess whois paying for it ? ARGH!!! looks like i kena tipuED liow !!!! Rugi kasar this time .....

Saw this ROBOSAPIEN on Kahsoon's blog just now, actually i seen this toy on the T3 and STUFFS mags last month, i was wondering when it is gonna arrive here. Kahsoon told me that its here alredi and its available in KLCC Isetan @ RM399.00

I checked some website in USA and they are selling it at USD89.00 (bout RM 340.00) can save 50 bucks. There are also short movie clips to show some features of the robot (in Kahsoon's blog) but i personally felt that the movement of this robot is kinda sluggish (Kahsoon said the robot walks like a fucking baboon) as compares to Aibo buden again ROBOSAPIEN are so much cheaper if compared to Aibo, so cant say much lor..... hmmm .... to buy or not to buy ? *dilema dilema* Den if i buy i sure kena hantam by Mrs. Wingz one,*sigh* dun care lar ! Buy 1st! Die later! LOL!

Anibardee goin to KLCC tomlo ??? :)

Lesson learnt : next time if Mrs.Wingz broke anything, its wiser for me to goan buy it myself rather than to bring her along, just deduct the expenses from her nx months allowance. :P

*P.S. Anibardee wanna bili a soaked G2 headset ? still got gerenti tho but im not sure can claim anot la hehe ... Morah Morah jual ... mali mali !!!


  1. Anonymous5:00 am

    wah. short circuit liao still wanna sell ah. black heart leh.

  2. Jason : eh mebbe can claim gerentik lehhhh .... hehe or can use to "act" like u got Bulutoot lidat even tho your handphone tarak sapot. but handphone kena taruk poket knot show la. LOL!

  3. TNS, where got written wives must check the pockets for bulutooth? I check-check my 'how to be good wife' manual hor, it says only check for any lipstick stains (that doesn't look like the wife's colour) on the underwear wor. Or any long bulu that doesn't look like your husband's hair on his clothes wor.

    kehkehkeh, Have a nice Sunday Mrs. Wingz, Mr Wingz and supermodel Gerard.

  4. wingz you really "black heart" ah.......spoiled stuff also want to sell....heheheheheh...go sell in some second hand shop or something lar...or go fraud on ebay!!!! ;)
    heheheheheheheheh ;)

  5. Anonymous8:02 pm

    eh eh, same bluetooth handsfree ler with mine, mine is bluetrek g3 also. hohoho ;p

  6. Anonymous8:12 pm

    eh, salah. its bluetrek g2. :p sorry blather, blur abit

  7. surfnux : i found that G2 reception not really that good, its acceptable but not fantastically good. G3 shud be more expensive than G2 rite ? you rich barger!!! :P

  8. 5xmom : got lar !!! if not then all my dompet and credit card holder suma will kena soak also ler, so must add into houzwives handbook "must check all da pockets b4 soaking or waching the clothes" :P


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