18 March 2005


Caution : 18SX - Not for minors. Parental Supervision Required!

Today my work were a fucking disaster, anyway halfway thru the day a friend of mine sent me a link on my icq, and boy did it turn my day around! Anyway this post is not suitable for minors, so if you are under 18 please leave and if you decided to read on, dont accuse me of influencing you and your weird sexual behaviour!

This is what i saw in a well known "Malaysian Auction Site" - an article for sale! I really wonders are this kinda thing legal to be sold in Malaysia ? anyway thats not for me to judge, See for yourself and luff your ass off! LOL!

Are you thinking what im thinking ? - click to enlarge Posted by Hello

Then the Product Descriptions go something like this :

This is the ULTIMATE male conpanion
The item requires a waiting period to buy, it measures about 7-71/2 of woman, tits, pussy. Very nice to touch and the best part is, it vibrates and squirls and has a very horny noise of lovemaking.

Definitely a buy for the :
1.Lonely Student --> LMAO! STUDENTS!!!! bad advice dude!
2.Lonely Gentlemen
3.Loving wife and gf for their beloved husband and bf --> Why the fuck a wife wanna buy her husband this "thing" ??!!! LMAO!!!
4.A bachelor's gift
5.Imagination to let wild. --> Do you get this ? seriously I dont.

Same unit sells easily for more than RM700 in some novelty stores in Klang Valley. Now selling for RM210!!! Spesel Offer!!!

-The End of product descriptions-

Hey, Dont ask me what it means, i dont understand some of the yingrish myself. I just typed it out word by word. I m not the author ok ?

So, lonely souls out there, I just found you something "usefool", you are being blessED, treat her gently and kindly will ya ? And pls clean her on a weekly basis, DETTOL or CLOROX diluted in luke warm water will do just fine. LOL!!!


  1. *sigh....*RM700. What is the world becoming?

  2. Larling : actually the new plice is RM210 only after dixkaun !!! kakakaka!!! you wanna buy for me anot jek ? *wink*

  3. LMAO. serious shit.

  4. I think you do need one Wingz suksuk but I got no mani.

  5. RM700 for a fake one... Can get top class gals liao ler. :)

  6. 5xmum : maybe u can get it for your atm as birday plesen lol!

    Jason: Unlimited round wor! shes loyal n clean n she wont nags! LOL!

  7. Is that even allow in Malaysia in the first place?.......

  8. kljs : i very much doubt so

  9. I am pretty sure those are banned in Malaysia....... :)

  10. hehe, targeting at kids...

  11. wingz should rate this posts as 18SX.......

    but who cares with the ratings anywayz?......hehehehehhe

  12. kljs : got rate mah ... on top of the post there ... u dint see meh ? *thinks kljs busy admiring the picture*

  13. i didn't notice it though....but I wasn't busy looking at the picture....


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