25 March 2005

Extreme Sports Fanatics

1st story - a Golfer's Respect
Four retired Old fart, Ah Beng, Paul Maniam, Hamdan and Ah Keong are Hardcore Golfers that will play golf everyday without fail, be it rainy or sunny days. So one day four of them were woking down the 7th fairway they sadenlee spotted a funeral procession travelling slowly down the road that ran along side with the course.

Ah Beng, suddenly stopped, removes his golf cap, placed it over his heart, and stared at the ground for a moment in silent prayer.

Seing this Paul Maniam waited for him till he was through then said "Ah Beng Old frend, that was a very nice gesture."

Ah Beng with his abit wet mia eyes shrugged, "It is the least i can do. We would have been married 41 years next month."

2Nd Story - Basketball Ticket
At a high profile basketball match in USA, Adam were found sitting at the VIP seat with a empty seat besides him. Anoder basketball's fan besides him (Dan) are curios why is the seat not taken and asked him.

Dan : Hi! Is that seats besides you taken ?
Adam : Yes, its my wife's seat.
Dan : Oh, where is she ?
Adam : She passed away before she could watch this game.
Dan : I m sorry to hear that. But this is a very high profile game, maybe you can pass the ticket to your one of your relative rather than to put it to waste just lidat.
Adam : I cant, all our relative are at her funeral now.


  1. Anonymous3:57 am


    crazy sport fanatics

  2. Insane sports fanatics!!!!

    even wife's funeral also can missed!

  3. Choy....like that oso can. Hope Ah Beng and Adam go to Sports Heaven next time.

  4. hmmm.....they probably will still be crazy about their love of their sport even on their death bed.

    insanely fanatically sports fanatics!


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