11 March 2005

One for All, All for None

Hence the chinese saying "yarn yarn wai ngo, ngo wai yarn yarn" meaning more or less same with *One for all and all for one*. You know kinda like the *3mouse-ketiaks* mia motto. Well those were the old days. City living is totally not so related to that kinda plektis anymore.

You see, a while ago this so call "neighbour" came to me to ask for a favor. He need to use my forklift because his FUCKlift forklift kaputED ledi and he needs to load a bloody container urgently to meet his shipment schedule. Without further delay i asked my guy to drive our forklift over to their place and i even ask him to stay and help with with the loading, that were 2 months ago.

Today, our forklift refused to start (a sohai told me he forgot to top up the battery water). We desperately needed to move some raw material to our production site to start making stuffs.

So i walked over to my "neighbour" office and told him i need to borrow his forklift for a while to deliver something from my warehouse to the production area, it would only be for a while prolly less than 15 minutes (2-3 trips max). You know what the fucker said to me ? "Eh my FUCKlift forklift busy now ler, we are doing some loading and unloading, can you come back in the late afternoon" FUCK! which part of *desperately* he dint understand ?

Upon hearing that i gave him a *fake smile* and walk off.

I came back to my own place and instructed my boys to move those materials manually, one bag at a time. Its slow but at least i dont have to beg some selfish misaiEd *ai jai* cina ahpek for his help! Fuck him, i hope his place caught fire and i wont even gonna lend him my phone to call bomba! I curse 9 his place kena rompak, brutalised and vandalised. I will then celebrates with lion dance and expensive champagne with chinese acrobats doing summersault in front of my entrance!

How i wish i were Tehjiu-nang coz they are traditionally trained to be " kee kee koo kee kee" from young! I think my *neighbour* are tehjiu-nang also....

PIG: Cast :
Neighbour (this selfish misaiED Chinese Dwarf who owns a fucktory lot located on the same scretch as mine, our business are kinda similar in a way)

Glos·sa·ry - Manglish
3mouse-ketiaks : The Three Musketeers geng.
TehJiu-Nang : Teohjiew Peeple.
Fucktory : Factory
Dwarf : Ai Jai (pendeks/shorty)
Plektis : Practice
KaputED : Originated from the word Kaputt which means Incapacitated or destroyed.
MisaiED : The hair growing on the human upper lip - mustache
Sohai : Retarded worker with low IQ and movement equivalent to a sloth
Prolly : Shortform for Probably
Fake Smile : Originated from the chinese idiom which means "skin smiles, flesh no smile"
Kee kee koo kee kee : an idiom to reflects Selfishness, self centered bastards in Teohchiew Dialect

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