31 March 2008

TGG2 Sneak Peak Bideo By Simontalks!

My brader from Simon Talks made this sneak peak Bideo for TGG2 ... its very teh Kancheong wan!!! Must turn speaker loud loud and watch ok? If you tarak turn speaker loud loud then tarak kancheong ledi wan!

You dun briff you watch then you no la!

Wokeh brader! This year I make sure got mehnee mehnee food in quantity and varieties wan! So much so untill can tahpau bwing back as sunday mia blekfas wokeh? This year also must habe more helium so everibodi can sound like donald duck!

Wuah I can feel the heat ledi! Very Kancheong ah!!!

Change Yo Lifestyle la!

Last time, every Sunday morning me n my wife will bring Little Devil go out makan blekfas wan but beginning March we stopped doing that edi.


I still remembered our last blekfas in this kopitiam somewhere in bandar baru ampang .... this is what I told my wife ...

Me : eh ... wheres the change from the wantan noodle? I wanna pay drinks leh
Wife : What change? she give back how much only? where got enuff to pay for drinks?
Me : Huh? Wantan meen is how much now?
Wife : RM4.50 each!
Me : HARRR?!!! WTF?!!! Last time my mum sell wantan meen that time only RM1.50 per plate!
Wife : You eat rice derno rice plice la!

Then I ask the kopi fler how much is the drinks la ....

Me : How much?
Bangla Kopi Fler : RM2.50
Me : HAR?!!! 1 teh ais and 2 air kosong RM2.50??!!! Got kira salah anot?!
Bangla Kopi Fler : Korek boss ... Teh Ais RM1.50 and air kosong is 50 sen each .. so RM2.50 la
Me : Air kosong is 50sen each??!!!
Bangla Kopi Fler : Yes boss ...
Me : plain water is 50sen each??!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bangla Kopi Fler : Yes boss ...... u dun briff u ask my taukeh la

All in all that day i spent RM16.50 on blekfas for 3 in a kopitiam. This is not kopibin or starfark kopi ok? this is the local Ahbeng kopitiam oni! If you count lidis .... family of 3 every morning go kopitiam eat blekfas for 30 days a month it will cost you :

RM16.50 x 30 days = RM495.00

Thats just blekfas ok? if 3 meals a day also eat outside ... then

495.00 x 3 meals = RM1,495.00

a month on meals alone!

This is exclusive on house installments/rents, rokoks, teh tarik at mamak, karaoke, groceries shopping, skool fees, electrisiti bills, water bills, phone bills, car installments, insurans bla bla bla bla bla ...

If lidis kira kalo ... how much money do you think is required? Lidis 9hai la! RM5libus also not enuff!! Thats why i told my wife edi ... we no more makan outside from that point onwards! In order to keep on living we must change our lifestyle! We eat at home and we really need to stock up on foodstuffs!

Hence we bought ourself these ....

One month supply of instant noodle!

I briff I m not alone in this ... alot of ader peeple also kena jialat lidis .. especially those who got family wan lagi 9hai!

So change your lifestyle! Ubah Gaya Hidup! Downgrade! dunno how to change lifestyle? Watch the video below la!

Will have to start shopping for 2nd hand bicycle ledi ... safe money mah!

So if you see my brog got ads rite .. pls click abit to sapot my Maggi Cintan Mee Fund ok? Tenkiu!

What is gonna happen if price keep going up lidis ar? RM10 for a cup of kopi in kopitiam? RM35 bucks for a plate of wantan meen? .... *SIGH* ....

29 March 2008

NASA Is Amadika ... Msia one is call what?

Was reading Susan Loone's blog and come upon this Post here which were generally toking about the Malaysia "ass-tro-nuts" case wan and from that I got this Lingam to make this post ....

In Amadika their spave agency is called NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and if we in Malaysia were to have our own space agency in the future ... what do you think we should call it?

Dunno ah??!

Scroll down below for the answer la!

We call it MASA la! Whats MASA stands for?

MASA stands for .....


Why Makan angin? Space tourist mah! we tumpang go there kai-kai makan angin oni what? LOL!

28 March 2008

Together Gather 2 (TGG2) Kambing Soon??!!

Been asked by quiet a number of bloggers as to whether there will be any Together Gather Bloggers party anot this year ......

For infos on TGG1 2007 please click this here and here

Ladyboss, Dale, Ckyeo and Suanie having a TGG2 blen storming session

Does this photo answer your question ledi?

We got a few meetings and brain storming sessions ledi .... met a few sponsors ... other than that we dont habe much infos to gibe yet and whether this year TGG2 will bekam a reality anot ... I think thats pretty much depends on you guys lor ... Do you wanna have a TGG2 this year?

26 March 2008

Welokam to China Holympics!!!

We bish you welokam to china holympics too gero gero eit!

Ayam your tour gai Misiter Loyaks .... below is the place which i m going to bwing you go see ok?

You no unlersten enkulis? No Taking Petin la!

Pick one step! Pick one step!!! Which part of pick one step you no unlersten?!!

Shopping in this shop very honesty wan!

We dunwan to be rude but if you choosed to fall .. pilis slip carefully ok? dun damage public properties!

Err .. this one i really dunno what they trying to say ... lemme check with the beijing municipal council then get back to you ok?

Girls!!! no kick balls can??!!! spare those guys pilis!

The Sea FUCK Goods!!!! OMFG!!! How to FUCKK??!!!

Again .. china is about gracefoolness ... even if you tripped ... pilis fall cafefully ok?

We chainis very honest ... no beating around the Amadika president! (Bush) .... if only for piss means only for piss! kenot shit wan!

FIRE COCK!!! LMAO!!! Beware of the FIRE COCK!!! it will spit FIRE WAN!!!

That concludes today tour of China Holympics too gero gero eit! .... next week I bring you sommo chun stuffs wokeh?!

25 March 2008

Where In The World Is Mat Selamat??!!!

Before the story begins ... its very important that you get this part before you read the rest of the story ... if not later u wont understand the joke wan! In our beautifool country we got mehnee mehnee race living under one roof .... we got malays, indians and chainis! .... Lemme tell lu how we call our malay comrades. If his name is Mat Shah then we will call him Shah or if his name is Abdul Rahim then we will call him Rahim .... gedit?

One day (right after the Mat Selamat escape from Sinkapoh jail incident) 3 Ahbeng (Linpeh, Cocka and Ahdale) were having yum char session at their faberet joint ... The "SETARBAK KOPI"!!! they are toking about Mat Selamat mia case .... the conversation goes lidis wan ...

Ahdale : Eh .. u got heard about Mat Selamat run away from jail in Sinkapoh ledi?
Cocka : I got! I got! I stay johor wan of coz i got la! I got read in the internet hor .. that fler run to batam indon ledi wor! I think kenot catch him la! They taruh his pics everywhere big big .... lidat also ha can run ... terror lar that Mat Selamat!

Linpeh : Not only that! they make mugshots of his piktures and they included all his possible disguise also leh! .... nah i show u pikture u see for yourself la!

Cocka : Wuahhh ... got one disguise got look like Phuah chu kang wan leh!
Ahdale : I think he is more Phuah Chu Kang than Phuah Chu Kang himself leh!
Cocka : Eh ... u think this fler alredi arrive at Jakarta ledi anot by now?
Linpeh : Farkiu la! Go Jakarta for what la??!!!
Cocka : If not Jakarta then go where?
Linpeh : Kam Malaysia la!
Ahdale : Kam Malaysia for what?
Linpeh : Bcoz we inbite him to kam mah!!!
Ahdale : Where got inbite him to kam?! who inbite him to kam??!
Linpeh : I dunno who la ... but there is a big big sign board at the Johor imigrsen departmen there big big inbite him to come to Malaysia wan!
Cocka : Niahma! dun bruff la! The sign board say what wan?!!
Linpeh : They signboard say hor ... "SELAMAT, DATANG KE MALAYSIA" lah!

Cocka & Ahdale :KAKAKAKAKA!!!! luffing

Note : Tenkiu Cely for letting me abuse your ORI post lol

24 March 2008

Suprise Party Went Wrong .... or maybe not?

18SX - Small bois n girls ... go do your homework! Dun read! go play PS2 or PS3 or Wii or PSP or hello kitty or hello puppy or anything as long as u dont read this post can edi! If you die die also wanna read ... then call your mum/dad at work and ask for permission 1st ok?
Oh! and its NSFW too! Its not for the Faint hearted neither! Pls do not proceed if you have a weak heart ok?

Note : NSFW means Not Safe From Work .... so, if u kena fire bcoz you read my blog at work ... u dun kam find me ok?

I think everyone knows what is surprise party .... but of coz in this world still got peeple who been living in the jungle who just granted internet access .... so then lemme explain to you .... suprise party is when you planning a party for someone without letting them know about it till the last minute ... in other word you wanna gibe him/her/them a surprise!

I found this video on a Surprise party for a fler colleague that went awfully wrong ... i would suggest that you watch till the end coz ... it doesnt quite have the ending that you always expected.

The moral of the story is .... dun frown just yet when you kena screwed .... maybe after u kena screwed ledi ... u will get screws wan! In other words ... those wise wise mia peeple say its something like blessing in diguise lidat la! LOL!

But seriously folks ...... dun take off your clothes in the public (applicable to guys oni la! Girl is welokam to take off anything they want from their body anytime!!!) ... especially when i m innit ok? Tenkiu ....

23 March 2008

Sunday go Kopitiam with Nice View for Blekfas

Water front view with fishes swimming in the 'river' ... nice aromatic coffee in the moAning .... cool breeeze blowing against our face... where we find this chun place for sunday moAning blekfas? its at Uncle John kopitiam in mines shopping mall!

Uncle John Kopitiam, mines wonderland.

See the view? which kopitiam got this kinda view wan u tell me?!

Little Devil Feeding the Fish at Uncle John Kopitiam

cheap and delicious coffee and blekfas ... and not forgetting .. FREE WIFI! mana mau cari?! ngam for Ahbeng familee like meW

21 March 2008

a Good Friday Post ...

I often forgot how fortunate I am compares to many others and yet I am still complaining and ranting whenever something goes wrong, when things dont turn out the way I want them to be .... instead of appreciating what i have and make full use of the current situation.

Today is good Friday and I actually do not know the meaning of Good Friday ... but I do know one thing, Its never too late to learn. Life is full of lessons, sometimes you learn some other time you dont learn a shit but nevertheless our whole life is a learning process. Today lets learn how to appreciate what we have and not to complain about what we dont have ok?

The below video is about a 5 years old girl who is blind and never took any muscial lesson before, despite all that she is able to play the piano like a saint ....

Please watch this video and I hope you will learn something from it today .....

Have a great weekend peeple!

19 March 2008

If you Watch too much Youtube .... you will be lidis!

If you do lidat in Kolumpo ... i think rite after u sked your first victim you alredi can be pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital! LOL!

17 March 2008

Wingz go Nuffnang Pajama Parteh!

I arrive quite late bcoz I shy ler .... I sked if i go erly erly then ppl see me they will ask "Uncle ... you company your son kam party ah?" wah lau eh!! malu man!!!


When I arrive I was greet by 2 familiar face it was Robby and YeeHou then after registration they asked me to goto find this 3 kinky girls and get my tag .... while i m getting my tag the maid and the policegirl spank my ass!!! I was SHOCKED!!! .... I looked at the polisgirl with a very serious face and said "Can you please do it again but hit me harder this time?" She burst into luffters and she pull me into somewhere more discreet and gimme some really good spanking!! TENKIU Polisgirl!!! I LAP YEW!!! :P

After much spanking The first fler I met at the party is Edison Chen! He came in a mask becoz he dunwan peeple to recognise him! He also passed to me some really juicy piktures ... those you dont get to see online wan!

Then i met fehmes blogger FA and Kidchan ... FA with her signature post kena cut by kidchan.

Kidchan, Suan and The Chipster Dude .... Davidlian its easy to remember his name bcoz this Ahbeng got Ahlian mia name! LOL! ... anyway this farker won a Nitendoh Wii ok?!!! Mai pray pray!

His KKC there got write HOT n SPICY wei!!!

Kidchan Getting lucky!!!

I swear to god ... this pikture not I take wan! FA took this pic becoz she dem adores that polisgirl mia ass!!!

Sekailer, FA, Pink Pao n Kidchan

Bend over you bitch-es!



The super chipchick girl!!!

Boss of the day! Tim and Ming

It is TEH BEST PARTY with lotsa free booze, free food, mata to cucis and lotsa great prizes won by nuffnangers I dunno bout you guys but I m already looking forward to the next nuffnang party ledi!

16 March 2008

HTC tytn ii - Photopost

Weekend is teh sienz .. so i post some piktures of HTC tytn ii which i took sometime ago, yet to do a review on this PDA phone coz there is just too much to write about ... one fine day lar i will publish the review but till then just got piktures oni la!

Like my usual photopost, all photos are click-able so that you could get a bigger version of it.

From the front this is how the PDA phone HTC tytn ii looks like, quite bulky if you are not used to PDa phones but compares to all the features they managed to chuck into this unit ... I m suprised they managed to keep it small and compact.

There were complains from all over the world that the HTC logo comes out after a while but mine still intact after 3 months of abuse.

Call, START and Internet Explorer Button on the left

Hang up, OK and Email button on the right

Directional joypads and buttons

Screen in Tilt Position

HTC tytn ii Keyboards


Not state of the art 3.0 mp Digicam with no flash

GPS nagivation Antenna

Horizontal Screen closeup

HTC tytn ii desktop mode

Caps lock and fn (function) status indication lights

Grayscale HTC tytn ii

Is this HTC tytn ii is as powderfool as everyone thought it is? Well .... u kena wait for my FOOL rebiu la! lol

15 March 2008

Nuffnang Pyjama Party! Ayam here!


free booze! free food! mana mau cari?

everyone else too busy dancing, eating and getting drunk ... so here I m the first fler to blog about this party live!