31 March 2008

TGG2 Sneak Peak Bideo By Simontalks!

My brader from Simon Talks made this sneak peak Bideo for TGG2 ... its very teh Kancheong wan!!! Must turn speaker loud loud and watch ok? If you tarak turn speaker loud loud then tarak kancheong ledi wan!

You dun briff you watch then you no la!

Wokeh brader! This year I make sure got mehnee mehnee food in quantity and varieties wan! So much so untill can tahpau bwing back as sunday mia blekfas wokeh? This year also must habe more helium so everibodi can sound like donald duck!

Wuah I can feel the heat ledi! Very Kancheong ah!!!


  1. Anonymous11:17 pm

    bwahaha quality like 80's videotape cetak rompak...!

  2. I sapot! I missed the first gathering edi, this one cannot miss liao!

    *hopes the date doesnt clash with classes or exams*

  3. nabeh i kenot go ler...the engine on my sampan rosak...and my paddle also broken...

    here sarawak dun have poikeeteo...
    so everyone kenot fry....sibeh sien...u ppl have fun la!

  4. Anonymous9:49 pm

    EGG2 - More EGGs and BALLs to come!! me also wanto cum.

  5. can i come? even though i don't know anyone and nobody knows me!?


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