28 March 2008

Together Gather 2 (TGG2) Kambing Soon??!!

Been asked by quiet a number of bloggers as to whether there will be any Together Gather Bloggers party anot this year ......

For infos on TGG1 2007 please click this here and here

Ladyboss, Dale, Ckyeo and Suanie having a TGG2 blen storming session

Does this photo answer your question ledi?

We got a few meetings and brain storming sessions ledi .... met a few sponsors ... other than that we dont habe much infos to gibe yet and whether this year TGG2 will bekam a reality anot ... I think thats pretty much depends on you guys lor ... Do you wanna have a TGG2 this year?


  1. count me in!!!ahahaha

  2. this year i cannot. I tengah bersenget.

  3. we wan tgg 2! we wan tgg 2! *holding banners walking around dataran merdeka*

    we wan tgg 2! we wan tgg 2!

  4. Anonymous12:14 pm

    count me in, i bring all my blogger friends come!

  5. wah wah! *changes into tgg outfit and brings helium balloons*

    when when!??! I'm ready!!

  6. I sappot with both hands and legs... and maybe another leg... LOL!

  7. Anonymous12:27 pm

    After attending the first one, how to miss the 2nd wan leh? Bring on the party man!

  8. Fuyoh! Got gathering! I wanna come!!!

  9. Phooiyo! I miss the 1st wan leh! This is exciting! Make sure it's weekend ah!

  10. Anonymous12:41 pm

    I coming also.

  11. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Count me and KIDCHANSTUDIO in! We will sponsor the photography!1!

  12. Anonymous12:45 pm

    this was hot!!! let rocks it on!!!

  13. i want!! i want!!!

    u promised me b4 that u will bring me too!!!

  14. wah kidchan! must take more chicks photos OK!! give half ball ok!! :P

  15. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Sounds great!!

  16. wahh. I wanna go!!!!!

    Last one I missed la, this one cannot miss!!!

  17. so many peeple kam togeder is it called 'illegal gadering' ah? nanti kena water kenen how?

  18. When arr? If I am in KL I want to cum!

  19. Anonymous2:37 pm

    dun wan la, last TGG so boringgggggggggggggggg. fuck a 2 week old out of the water fish also more exciting. but since u r having it, i'll cum. heh!

  20. i hear abt this from kenny on our last meet up. Hope I can come over to join you all. Hear it's going to be a more grand one, har? I can go and sell cake there kah? hehehe..........

  21. ILL KILL YOU AND CUT OUT YOUR FLESH make burger for your fans IF M NOT IN.
    and make sure got alot alot of lengcais in the list if not..ill still kill you and cut out your flesh make burger for your fans

  22. Anonymous4:28 pm

    count me in =) ill sponsor the fun

  23. Lin Peh volunteer jaga the pintu and do QC so only leng looi can cum in. Uncle Uncle Lin Peh kasi send to next door....MLM punya seminar! ;-)

  24. Anonymous5:18 pm

    oi tailou..remember to reserve a place for me wo..i wonder if 5xmom will sponsor students again this year *stares in blank* :P

    add another 50 more seats la..baru la fun..sure ke-ba-boom wan..

  25. Anonymous5:22 pm

    I'm sure Tgg2 will be more fun than the first! Hooray~

  26. Anybody also can go wan ah? If can, I WANT!!!

  27. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Sure.. I missed the last one.. this time won't miss kua?

  28. Anonymous7:08 pm

    HO ho ho ! I will come back purposely for this :) Take leave also come back :>

  29. sure want la..i also wana come..hehe..

  30. Anonymous12:34 am

    I'm here coz belle asked me to call you a fat ass!!

    Of course we want TGG2!!

    I wanted to go there so badly last year!

  31. yikyang : start counting edi! One!

    Janicepa : Two!

    Sasha : you mia which side senget la? left or right? come i kasi bikin balik! lol

    huei : u hold banner got wear miniskirt anot?

    ahkwong: bring 10 get one free wei! lol!

    swifty : Counting!

    cincau : bring helium is ok .. dun bring "rumput" can?

    eggy : you got raise your "3rd" leg anot?

    hijackqueen : u last year where got kam la?

    pinky : Ahlian! brong ahbeng kam too!

    pablo : you mia pasal we do weekend wan!

    fat4 : ok still counting ... 101 ... 102 ...

    kidchan : Kidchanstudio rawks!!!

    fattien : chun!!! bring you biggest camera ok?!

    fuckster : bring la bring la ... u make sure u kam! i book hotel room for lu at rumah tumpangan kiew kiew ok?

    mahaguru : u kambing anot wan?

    lokter bernard : pls bring some happy pills to be used in the party ok? lol

    jasonmumbles : bro you our VIP leh! must kam la!

    KY : you can review the food at the venue also! lol

    sengkor : with you there ... who dare to water kenen lu?!

    horny : if u drive to kl then u will be in kl what?! lol time n date n venue notchet set ... wanna see hows the response 1st ma.

    dsaint : u farked a dead fish b4??!!!

    erina : u can seponsor kek la!!! 5 layers kahwin kek!!! set anot?!

    belle : niahma u make sure this time u show more than half ball ok? last year u show half ball ledi so this year must have improvements!!! lol!

    tingtitlei : ok i kasi lu one slot for u to do bogel dance to make those aunties sexcited!

    linpeh : MLM is lampa barger izzit?

    yatz : u want sponsor? we got this scholarship program one leh! but u kena spend a nite with linpeh la! lol

    bryan : taikor u can bet on it!!!

    pamsong : anybodi also can kam! tarak discriminsyen mia!

    zaramama : yar so long no see u liow ... must show face lar u!

    Cely : bcoz u say lidis ... i will book for lu the presidential sweet at rumah tumpangan kiew kiew!!! lol

    sue : you say wan har! u dun ffk har!

    zephyr : of coz can la! in TGG everyone is welokam! everyone is equal!

  32. I was there the last time un-noticed and I will be there un-noticed as well this time. Mahahaha...

  33. Going... Going... Going... Going... THERE! Err... where is everybody?!

  34. Anonymous2:57 am

    if date correct sure come. ooo come...go, i mean ;) ha ha ha ha. tks for invite... ;)no dodgy sponsors right... ;)

  35. i want but EAST SIDE GOT KA!?

  36. Anonymous11:31 am

    Can I come? I can bring homemade Oreo cheesecake - pure heart attack and stroke inducement!

  37. i miss the 1st TGG
    time time i could join it.....

  38. Anonymous3:11 pm

    what's the update-ler. so excited...ler....can meet the famous bloggers....like rojakz and kid chan...ke ke ke ke.

  39. boss... dont need my support la... as u can see... a lot of support already lor....

  40. lin peh.....this year got lim peh jaga...u no need jaga pintu ..u can jaga longkang muahhahahah!!!

  41. Fai tit, fai tit, I charter bus down liao.

  42. YaY!!! can't wait for it liao

  43. I'll fly back from Dubai! kam tong mou?

  44. sponser 5 tier wedding cake???? Lu kahwin kah? Can ................ Apa cake mau???? U tell me wat i can help u lar. No problem keh

  45. Anonymous10:19 am

    I was too shy to turn up at the first TGG even though I knew about it. I wanna come for TGG2!

  46. I dunno wan to cum or not la...
    Any suggestions?

    last time TGG1 I didn't cum also.

  47. hey people, together gather is BACK!!!



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