3 March 2008

Who Will Most Likely FFK You ... this Kambing Erection!

WARNING : By all means ... this post is not a political post as to which party I will sapot in the kambing erection ok? its just a joke can?

Was having a conversation with my oldman the ader day about the hotest current topic ....

Fader : I tell you hor .... the erection now is a joke la!
Me : Why Pa?
Fader : Niahma ... they terang terang tell you they will Fong-Fei-Kei (FFK) you befoh you vote them and yet they still asking you to vote for them!
Me : Har? Got such a thing meh? Which party is doing that? How come I dint know geh?
Fader : It was in the newspaper what? They show big big pikture in the front page!
Me : Har? Serious?
Fader : Yar ... go blog bout it! (yea .. me oldman reads me blog too ... *HI fader!*)
Me : Ok ok later i go look for the piktures online.

After a few minutes of browsing the news sites ... i finally know what my dad is toking about ....

So .... you wanna what my dad means by the "Party thats gonna Fong Fei Kei (FFK) n advertise big big wan"?

See fer yerself la!

This fler is building a "JET" for his party .... its a "JET" so can ffk alot faster la! lol

Another Fei Kei in Batu Pahat .... a big one too! Its prolly a super sonic jet .. so its faster than the speed of sound ... and you kena ffk ledi also u derno! LOL!

Teh lepot says that this is a helicopter .... but it looks like a jet to me la! but if its leehly a helicopter .. then this is not only a case of Fong Fei Kei oni! Got Fong Jik Sing Kei too!!! New TErm coined!! FJSK!!!! kakakakak !!!

Photo source : The Star

I wonder if there is any other party(ies) that showing their FFK style in the kambing erection? If you got see any FFK piktures .. lemme know wokeh?

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  1. Huh...that plane costs 1 thousand? What a #$%@ waste.


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